Kandypens Miva Review - Mama Miva
Build Quality50%
Vapor Quality55%
Look & Feel52%
Ease of Use63%
51%100Overall Score

The KandyPens Miva is a portable herb vaporizer that uses conduction heating through a ceramic heating chamber with precise temperature control. The Miva has a LED display and comes equipped with two mouthpieces to give you some personal preference. The Miva is a unit that is for sale under a few different names – another being the Atmos Vicod 5G which is the same unit branded by multiple companies. In this article we will touch on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and overall assessment of the KandyPens Miva vaporizer.

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Product Pros

  • Compact
  • Simple to Use

Product Cons

  • No Airflow Adjustment




Kandypens Miva Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Kandypens Miva with Mouthpieces

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Miva is a below average build quality vaporizer that a number of companies are rebranding. The quality of the build is not very impressive and is not a vaporizer that a brand has specially designed and put careful thought into. This is a generic build that is cost effective. The device has a glossy finish on it which leaves fingerprints.

The mouthpiece is easy to remove in and out from the device which allows you to load the oven chamber. After some heavy use this changes and the mouthpiece seems to get sticky as oil builds up and makes it tough to work with.

The Miva features an internal 2200 mAh battery, which is actually quite powerful and impressive for a unit this small. This battery gives the Miva about an hour and a half of vaping without the need for a charge. The Miva also features a micro USB slot for charging.


Vapor Quality

For best results we recommend drying your herbs first in a drying box. The vapor production is something that this standard device got pretty good. The vapor quality on the Miva is about average at low temperatures but quickly turns harsh when used at temperatures over 405 degrees F. When you use the stainless steel mouthpiece, vapor quickly becomes irritating on the back of the throat.

With devices such as the Miva which tend to get a bit harsh on the higher temperatures there is something that you can do.  A new product called the Zeus Iceborn is a vaporizer accessory that can be attached to most vaporizers which acts as a vapor cooler smoother. The Zeus Iceborn will turn the highest temperatures of the Miva into cooler more dense draws.

The Miva, as mentioned above, uses precise temperature controls which give you the ability to set the temperature of the device to precise individual degrees. This is always a welcomed feature and gives users the personal preference to find the experience that works for them. Those who enjoy lighter flavorful vapor or thicker clouds can adjust the temp either lower or high respectively. The Miva can be set anywhere in the range of 300 F to 435 F.


Kandypens Miva heating chamber


Look and Feel

Overall the look and feel of the Miva is one of cheap build and plastic parts. The Miva is a device that in my opinion is overpriced and should be around maybe the $50 mark. There is no special design done to this vaporizer and it is simple a rebranded vaporizer that companies slap their own logo on.

This is something that you should be aware of before purchasing this unit. I feel that if anyone does find this out before buying it they will simply turn their heads and look elsewhere. Likewise if a buyer of this product learns about this fact after they have already made their purchase they will likely lose respect for the brand they bought it from.



The Miva is small enough to conceal in your hand and the color options allow you to get one that is either discrete or more vibrant.

The ability to adjust the temperature within a wide range means you can choose a lower temperature to get more flavor while producing less vapor allowing you to be more discreet with your sessions.

Kandypens Miva Laying Down


Ease of Use

The Miva is a basic simple to use vaporizer. To load the Miva you just tug off the mouthpiece to expose the oven heating chamber, fill the heating chamber with your desired loose leaf, pack your material down a bit (not too tight to restrict airflow) then snap the mouthpiece back into position.

It is recommended to load the oven chamber about three quarters full to get the best results. Leaving extra rooms helps make the airflow feel more natural with your draws.

To turn the Miva on press the power button located on the front of the device five times quickly. The screen will turn on and display your last used temperature and automatically begin to heat up to that temperature again. You can adjust the temperature on the Miva using the up and down arrows to the individual degree. When you are doe with your session you can turn the Miva off by pressing down 5 times as well.



The Miva is a fairly portable unit that has a compact design. You can use a shorter mouthpiece to make it even smaller but the longer mouthpiece you can use is better for delivering a slightly more cooled down draw. The Miva is a small enough vaporizer that you can slide t in and out of your pocket easily and comfortably.

The Miva is as we mentioned above made using plastic and mainly cheap parts. It would be a good idea to get a protective casing for this unit to give you the peace of mind that it can take a ding or two without breaking.

The battery as we also touched on above is a 2200mAh which is an impressive battery for this size of vaporizer. The battery life can get you around an hour and a half of actual usage which if you had 10 minute sessions you would be able to perform 9 sessions throughout the day. This amount of time should get most cannabis users ample time with some left over at the end of a day.


The Miva in a decent little vaporizer when talking about its performance and vapor output. This is overshadowed by the fact that is made using cheap parts, gets sticky and requires constant maintenance. The Miva is a rebranded vaporizer that a number of companies offer the same unit with different logo’s on it. It is because of these reasons why I think many people will shy away and look to a more specialized branded vaporizer that a company has put more thought into manufacturing.

If you do end up or if you have already gotten the Miva you may want to think about getting the Zeus Iceborn as we touched on earlier. The Iceborn will help to cool down the draws and give you a more enjoyable vape session, especially on the higher temperatures.

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