KandyPens Rubi Review - Rubi Red
Build Quality90%
Vapor Quality82%
80%100Overall Score

The KandyPens Rubi is an ultra-compact vape which uses the pod system that acts as the tank and atomizer at the same time. The big difference which the Rubi has against its competitors is the ability to refill the pods with your own e-liquid which should make for a more economical solution overall. But how does the Rubi compare against its like in terms of vaping performance and overall quality? Let’s find out in the review below.

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Product Pros

  • Refillable Pods
  • Extremely Compact
  • Premium Construction

Product Cons

  • Looser airflow doesn’t capture the signature feel
  • Pod doesn’t come pre-filled


KandyPens Rubi Review: Breakdown

KandyPens Rubi double


Build Quality

Build Quality

As the availability of pod-style devices is increasing, it’s understandable that our expectations also rise. After all, after numerous iterations of the same style of mod, its expected for some refinements to be made in the overall design and construction over time. The Rubi delivers this in spades.

From the first glance, the outer chassis of the Rubi practically bleeds quality thanks to the solid metal frame, giving it a svelte and luxurious texture evident from the first touch.

Standing slightly taller than the JUUL at 101mm in length, it’s not the most compact out of all the pod-style vapes, but the difference is almost negligible with a margin of less than 5mm overall. The entire kit consists of the main body which holds the battery, the pod tank which the mouthpiece is affixed to, and a micro USB charging cable used to top off the 280 mAh battery.

The mouthpiece easily comes off to reveal the refilling port of the tank which holds up to a maximum of 1ml of e-liquid. A rubber stopper which is also included in the kit is used to seal the pod off to ensure that no e-liquid leaks out, making the Rubi leak-free just like the other pod-style mods.

The major advantage the Rubi holds over the JUUL is its ability to let you use your own e-liquids when topping off the pod tank. The JUUL uses a proprietary pod system which doesn’t allow you to vape your own e-liquid and limits your choices of e-liquids to what the JUUL is offering. This characteristic of the Rubi alone makes it a better choice for those who’d like to vape on a budget as purchasing your own e-liquid to use instead of purchasing separate pre-filled pods is likely to be cheaper.

One area where the JUUL does trump the Rubi is that the JUUL already comes with a pre-filled pod out of the box, whereas the Rubi doesn’t. This means that you’re going to have to source your own e-liquids to use with this mod.

The main body of the Rubi uses a singular LED light to indicate battery life. The LED lights up when the mod is activated, shining a bright white light to indicate that the battery is fully charged/close to fully charged.

When the LED shines red, this means that the battery is close to needing a charge, and finally a flashing red indicator means that the battery is in need of immediate charging before the Rubi can be used again.


Vapor Quality

One of the biggest differences between vaping on the Rubi compared to the JUUL is the airflow. The latter features a restricted airflow design which closely mimics that of a tobacco cigarette while the Rubi has a much looser airflow.

Which of the two airflow types is better is mostly left up to preference although I have to give points to the JUUL in this regard as these pod-style mods are mostly designed with the person making the switch in mind and the JUUL captures the mouthfeel and airflow of the alternative more closely than the Rubi does. On the other hand, the looser airflow of the Rubi produces a slightly more voluminous cloud which can be more satisfying.

Flavor and cloud production hits the mark when using the Rubi and I believe this is mostly due to the ceramic coils the Rubi pod uses. Flavors come through crisp and clean with every puff, and you would hardly believe that this is a pod-style mod thanks to the generous vapor production.

Refilling the pod is a no-brainer, simply slip off the mouthpiece, take out the rubber gasket and drop your e-liquid filler straight into the pod and fill ‘er up. Take note that e-liquid bottles with larger tipped drippers might have some issues fitting into the filling hole.

Since the Rubi lets you use any e-liquid you want, its also good to keep in mind that this is a low amperage device, so if you’re coming off from smoking cigarettes, its best to use a high nicotine salt solution to ensure you get the required amount of nicotine without experiencing any harshness in the throat.

KandyPens Rubi tank and mouth piece




Just like the other pod style mods, the Rubi doesn’t offer much aside from letting you select your own e-liquid. The buttonless operation is neat and works just as well as other auto-puff devices. The mod is air activated so the moment you start puffing, the ceramic coil will activate to instantly produce vapor.

Another great thing about the Rubi is it allows you to taper off on the nicotine levels, which is a great option to have for vapers who would like to quit their nicotine addiction altogether. This stands in contrast to the JUUL pods which only come in 50mg/ml nicotine solutions.



The Rubi doesn’t have problems in this regard. Slip it into any pocket or tiny sized bag and the mod will easily fit. Just be mindful of where you keep it as the mod is pretty easy to misplace thanks to its diminutive size.

Battery life should last for the better portion of a full day, but it might need recharging towards the late afternoon if you’re an early riser. Luckily, charging the device is simple and quick, thanks to the easily accessible charging port located at the bottom of the device.

KandyPens Rubi inclined view


The Rubi is the perfect device for those who enjoyed the simplicity and ease of use of the JUUL, without the constraints of not getting to use your own e-liquid. Just keep in mind that the Rubi kit doesn’t come packaged with any e-liquid unlike the JUUL, so you’re going to have to pick that up separately.

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