KandyPens Slim Review - Slim Jim
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality70%
Look & Feel69%
Ease of Use80%
70%100Overall Score

The KandyPens Slim is one of the cheapest little vape pens on the market that cost roughly about the same as a disposable pen would. The $35 Slim is easy to use and has been built with simplicity in mind. You are able to get the KandyPens Slim model in black and white versions. In this article we will touch on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and overall assessment of the KandyPens Slim vaporizer.

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Product Pros

  • Compact size
  • Simple to use
  • Very cheap/affordable
  • No button design
  • Refillable tanks
  • 510 thread
  • Lifetime warranty

Product Cons

  • Weak battery
  • Atomizer replacements after about 2 weeks of heavy use


KandyPens Slim Review: Breakdown


KandyPens Slim atomizer

Build Quality

Build Quality

The cost of the Slim is under $35 price point making it one of the cheaper vaping pens on the market. The build quality is not bad and it is what it is. You wouldn’t expect to find a $35 vape pen built with space grade materials. The atomizer coils will not last forever and will need to be replaced as they get burned through.

The coil atomizer replacements are pretty cheap and I suggest purchasing a few at the same time to save a bit of hassle when one stops working efficiently. The pen is one of the most straightforward little wax pen vaporizers money can buy.

The build quality is about average for what you would expect. Surprisingly the Slim does come with a lifetime warranty which is comforting. KandyPens does stand behind there products and if you receive a defective unit or if something stops working that is covered under the warranty you can simply send in your unit and get a replacement.

The package with the Slim does come with two applicator bottles to store and to help load your material into the pen. These two bottles do not include liquid in them.

One of the main things that make up a vaporizer pen is the battery, and the battery in the Slim is a poor battery that will not get you very far. The battery is a 180 mAh battery which is perhaps the smallest I’ve ever heard of in a vape pen. It is on demand and operates with your inhalations as long as there is a charge. So with this, the battery does ok.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality for the Slim is much better than I had expected it to be. I thought it was going to be whispy with a tight draw resistance.

The Slim actually vaped my liquids pretty good and my oils had a not bad taste. If you are making your own concentrates out of thicker waxes you will need to make sure that you get them thin enough to work with the Slim’s tanks and atomizers.


KandyPens Slim exploded


Look and Feel

The KandyPens Slim is very a very lightweight compact vape pen. The battery mod is very small allowing the entire pen to be one of the Slimmest on the market.

One of the draws that I see for this model is that it does look and feel more like a typical joint or cigarette. People who are in a transition phase will find this more familiar and perhaps more enjoyable while they are trying to upgrade to a portable vaporizer.



For an oil and e-liquid pen, the Slim is pretty discrete. This is one of the Slimmest vape pens you can get and contains the smell of its contents pretty good as you’re not currently using it.

The small battery actually goes a long way and is able to produce clouds based on your length and strength of draw. So if you’re trying to be discreet then you can take a shorter hit.

KandyPens Slim kit


Ease of Use

This device is very simple to use. The Slim has no button and no temperature settings. You simply charge it with the included charger and when filled with either liquids or oils you inhale to activate.

The Slim work with 510 attachments liquid and oil cartridges. This is the standard fitting cartridge size which makes it easy to use with prefilled tanks.



The Slim is an extremely portable vape pen in terms of the size of the unit and the ultra light weight of it. The battery, on the other hand, is not very powerful. The battery is a 180 mAh which is one of the smallest I’ve heard of in a vape pen. A small battery like the one used in this device would not get you very many draws if it was a herbal pen, but since this is an oil and liquid pen and only operates at the time if inhalation it does go a long way.

If you are traveling and want a cheap pen that you can dispose of before crossing a border or something this is one of the cheapest options available. The fact that the atomizers will also last about 2 weeks on average to heavy use means it will require extra parts after this time has passed. So this is an ideal travel device.

Of course, you would only need to dispose of the cartridge if you were using a cannabis oil and were entering a place that does not allow this. The battery and e-liquid cartridge should be fine otherwise.


My overall thoughts on the Slim is that for an under $35 vaping pen it is something that meets the build quality and performance level you would expect. If you are looking for a good looking affordable pen for thinner concentrates and e-juice liquid that you can refill this is a good option.

There are a lot of great pens available on the market and some for every budget. You will find it helpful to check out our vaporizer pen section where we review the more of the industries top devices. A new device that KandyPens just released that is also for thin oils and e-juices is the RUBI which could be worth a closer look.

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