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Build Quality50%
Vapor Quality53%
Look & Feel57%
Ease of Use70%
57%Overall Score

The KandyPens Waxxy is one of the cheapest little vape pens on the market that cost somewhere in the same neighborhood as a disposable pen. The Waxxy is easy to use and has been built with simplicity in mind. Considering the extremely low price of the Waxxy Pen you will be surprised to know that it comes with a lifetime warranty and a lifetime coil replacement program.

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Product Pros

  • Compact size
  • Simple to use
  • Very cheap/affordable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free coil replacement

Product Cons

  • Base model not for dry herbs
  • Conduction heating
  • Average battery




KandyPens Waxxy Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The cost of the Waxxy we have seen as low as $29. This low price point makes it one of the cheapest vaping devices on the market. The build quality as you would expect with any device priced at the bottom of the barrel is about average. The materials used are basic and the mouthpiece is a type of plastic.

The build quality of the atomizer is average and is built with a one coil design. The average usage time you will likely get from a single coil is about 2 months with moderate usage. The package comes with 2 coils and after that, you are able to request new coils.

I must admit I was pretty surprised to learn that KandyPens offers free replacement coils. I’m having a hard time figuring out how they can profit off of a pen that they sell for $29 and offer free coil replacement. I’m guessing that this does not include any of the shipping costs and somewhere in there, it will make more sense for customers to move on.

One of the main things that make up a vaporizer pen is the battery, and the battery in the Waxxy is a small one that will not get you a whole lot of usage.


Vapor Quality

The Waxxy build quality matches the price you pay. On the other hand the vapor production was actually better than I had expected it would be. This is what matters most, especially with a cheap vaporizer. I was happy to see that I could get some decent draws with the Waxxy.

The unit has just one coil in the atomizer and is not able to get super hot. The flavor is ok but when you spend less than $30 on a portable vaporizer you shouldn’t have the highest expectations.

For a very affordable device that you will be using on the go that you don’t care about if it gets lost or stolen the Waxxy does the trick.



kandypens waxxy review


Look and Feel

KandyPens Waxxy is very slim and very lightweight. The battery in it is very small which allows the entire pen to be one of the slimmest and compact on the market. The package comes with a micro USB charger, a concentrate jar, and a dab tool.

The Waxxy vape has the ‘K’ symbol located on the button which you use to operate it. You are able to get a the Waxxy in a bunch of different colors – Last I saw there was about 15 colors to choose from.

They do however seem to only have maybe a few color variations available at any given time. This may have just been while I was looking so perhaps I’m wrong on that and the full 15 color variations are available sometimes or at different retailers.



For a wax pen, the Waxxy is pretty discrete. As I mentioned above the Waxxy is compact and not super powerful. The small average sized battery means that you will not be producing super large clouds meaning that it is more discrete than some of the other more powerful pens on the market.

The size of the pen though is small enough that you can conceal it in the palm of your hand with very little sticking out the sides. It is also not very apparent to others if you have it in your pocket.

kandypens waxxy kit


Ease of Use

This device is very simple to use. The Kandypens Waxxy has just one button and no temperature settings. The plugs into a USB port located on the bottom of the device.

To turn it on and off you click the ‘K’ button five times quickly. When it’s on and you have your material in the chamber you hold down on the button to activate heating to take your draw.



The Waxxy is an extremely portable little device in terms of the size of the unit and is very lightweight. The battery is another story.

A small battery like the one used in this device will not get you to much use compared to some of the other more premium wax devices available. A small battery does go a lot further with a wax device then it does with a dry herb vaporizer, this is because you only have it heating when you’re taking your hit and it does not require as much time to preheat.

In comparison to other portable wax pens it falls a bit short on portability because of the battery it houses.


My overall thoughts on the Waxxy is that for an under $30 vape pen you can’t be too disappointed in its build quality or its performance. A device that has a lifetime warranty and offers free coil replacements does have value. If you are new to concentrates and this is your first device then I’m sure you will enjoy it. If you have used some of the more premium pens and had a taste of what they have to offer in terms of flavor and smoothness you may not love this one.

There are some strong competitors in the wax vaporizer niche. Some I would say are much better deals than the Waxxy by KandyPens. You may find it helpful to check out our vape pen section where we review the top devices in the industry. One popular device that may be worth looking into fits most budgets is the Thunder 2.

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