Kanger Five6 Review - 6's & 7's
Build Quality84%
Vapor Quality82%
80%100Overall Score

This past year, Kangertech has been silent amidst a torrent of releases from its competitors seeking to push the boundaries in designing and manufacturing the latest new mods with the most features. And while most of these features were always a nice addition, most of them never really had any impact on the actual vaping experience. Kangertech is changing all of that right now with the release of their newest, most innovative, and most ambitious mod to date: the Kanger Five6, a monstrous behemoth that holds five (5!) 18650 batteries yet only goes up to 222 watts of power? So where’s all the innovation at? Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Massive 8ML Liquid Capacity
  • Holds 5 batteries
  • Works as power bank

Product Cons

  • Bulky
  • Requires charger with 6 bays


Kanger Five6 Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Before diving down into the usual details of the device, let’s find out what makes it such an innovative mod. The Kanger Five6 tank supports coil heads which contain three parallel coils in a 0.6-ohm configuration. Kanger engineered a tank that has its own chip that allows you to manually and individually select which of these three coils fire.

You can fire it in single coil mode, double coil mode, or even triple coil mode to fully unleash the full potential of the device. To new vapers, this might not seem like a big deal, but to those who know their devices, this is a one of a kind feature pioneered by Kangertech that just might change vaping technology in the years to come. What’s so important about this feature is it actually affects the quality of the vape in a direct way, unlike other innovations such as a pedometer, or customisable LED lights which have no real bearing on the actual vapor quality.

Before we get into the details of this feature let’s discuss the basics of the Five6 first. It’s a massive device that needs 5 18650 batteries. And that’s 5 fresh batteries, you cant simply borrow a pair from a dual battery mod such as the Smok Alien and three batteries from an Eleaf Tria. That simply isn’t safe. A 6 bay charger also becomes a necessity, as not only is it inconvenient to charge the 5 batteries across multiple chargers, but its also unsafe.

The mod measures out to 94mm * 40mm * 57mm, and while this is quite large, it’s not as big as you’d expect a 5 battery device to be, almost matching Wismec’s RX300 (which holds 4 batteries) in terms of dimensions. The Five6 fires up to 222 watts which is also surprisingly tame given the mods battery capacity, but I can see that Kangertech is deviating from the trend of developing devices that output more power, and instead focusing on how that power is used.

The Five 6 is mainly constructed from plastic with a zinc alloy shell thanks to the battery sled being the biggest component. This is also an agreeable and welcome design choice to help keep the weight of the device down, and while the Kanger Five6  looks and feels sturdy, if you’re getting this mod for its premium feel, you’d be getting it for all the wrong reasons.

The Five 6 features a full-sized female USB port which lets the mod double as a power bank out of the box. Simply press the button located next to the device to instantly switch the device over to power bank mode. A nice contrast to other devices that need accessories that have to be purchased separately in order to use said functions.


Vapor Quality

Whether vaping in single, double, or triple coil mode, let’s get this out of the way: The tank on the Kanger Five6 vapes phenomenally and is probably one of the best tanks to come with a kit in the longest time. It holds up to a massive 8mls of liquid so you’ll almost never have to refill on the go, and features an easy to open swivel top cap for easy refilling.

Flavor when vaping is intense producing thick clouds even using just the single coil mode. Using the dual, or triple coil mode kicks up the intensity and density of the clouds and flavor even more while never making it to overbearing thanks to the wide airflow options the tank offers.

Selecting how many and which coils you want to use is an easy affair. The base of the tank houses three plastic switches with a corresponding LED light. Flicking on the switch activates the coil on that side of the tank which is indicated by the LED. Using this you can choose which coils you want to vape on easily, on the fly.

It’s a truly innovative and one of a kind feature at this point, useful in instances where you can easily adjust the type of vaping experience you get. It’s also a great option for preserving coil life in the long run as you can simply turn off a coil that’s getting bad, then switch over to a new one.

The kit comes with a regular glass cylinder for the tank as well as a special heat sensitive glass that changes color as you use the mod. The tank has an enormous diameter of 29mm with room to spare on top of the device, meaning it’s possible to fit even bigger atomizers should you desire it. The threading found on the 510 pin is smooth making it a breeze to thread the tank onto the device itself.




The Kanger Five6 is a class apart from the rest. Having said that, it should be mentioned that it doesn’t support temperature control, but honestly speaking that really isn’t the point of getting this device.

Coil selection is where it’s at for this mod, and hopefully, we get to see this feature in future devices to come.

The massive atomizer compatibility paired with the 5 battery configuration ensures that you can run any custom build no matter how big or unpractical on this thing and have reliable battery life throughout the day.



It’s needless to say at this point that this isn’t the device to get if you’re looking to get something small and stealthy. The Kanger Five6 is big, proud, and isn’t afraid of that. It will definitely not fit in most pockets.

That isn’t to say that it’s a loser in terms of portability. It’s actually a great option for taking on long trips.

I envision it as the perfect outdoor camping vape thanks to its battery life that can potentially go for up to 4-5 days before needing a recharge, and with its easy to use power bank feature, also stands as an asset to other mobile devices when on the go.


The Kanger Five6 is a positive step in the right direction that vape tech needs to be heading in, and it’s great to see a company like Kangertech spearheading the innovation. While this is most likely not the right mod to get for beginners (unless you’re very adventurous), the Five6 stands at the pinnacle of vaping technology and with its ingenious design and great implementation of its features, cements itself as a must buy for vapers who know what’s what. Just be prepared to shell out equal amounts of cash for the batteries and charger that you’ll need.

If you are looking for something more portable and discreet be sure to check out the Vaporesso Aurora and if you are looking for one with a bit more power check out the SMOK GX2/4.

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