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Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality80%
79%100Overall Score

The Kangertech IKEN is the newest member of the AKD line, joining its bigger and meaner brother, the Kanger Five6. Marketed as a high-powered mod that’s friendly to both beginners and advanced users alike, the IKEN houses a massive internal 5100mAh LiPo battery which is used to power the device all the way up to a whopping 230 watts. With Kangertech’s recent resurgence in developing modern tech, one might feel that the company is wading in to new, untested waters. Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Monstrous 5100mAh Battery
  • Relatively Compact
  • Leak Free Design

Product Cons

  • Included Coils are Rated for up to 60 watts only


Kanger IKEN Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Packaged neatly in a revised box design that sports Kangertech’s new AKD line, I already had a good impression of the overall feel of the device. It’s hard not to be impressed when a company goes the extra mile in presenting you the product even after you’ve already purchased it. Bundled along with the IKEN mod are the IKEN tank, two SSOCC coils, a micro USB cable used for recharging the device, and the standard user manual.

Measuring out to 44mm * 42mm * 78mm (LxWxH), the IKEN mod is a remarkably compact device that rivals the footprint of the smallest and most ergonomic dual 18650 mods. Although it doesn’t utilize the 18650 battery technology, the IKEN’s 5100mAh battery promises longer lasting battery life and an even greater range of power delivery. Going all the way up to 230 watts, the mod is definitely not lacking in the power department, capable of powering the biggest and baddest coils anyone can think of. Considering this, it’s a pity that the two included coils that come with the kit are only rated for 60 watts maximum, disallowing the device to be vaped at higher wattages out of the box.

Weighing in at 211 grams, it definitely cant be considered hefty either. The Iken gives off a sensation when held that overall feels just right regardless of how big or small your hands are, thanks to the ergonomic shape of the mod which places your fingers in the perfect position to hit the clicky and responsive firing button. The up and down buttons are also easily accessible and feel responsive to press on, making any desired changes in wattage or temperature a breeze.

The front of the device is where you’ll find the large, clear, and crisp 1.51” TFT color display. While the resolution of the display is of a higher resolution compared to other devices, I found the colors to be rather drab or limited (Although this could be attributed to me being color blind, people who I’ve shown the mod to swear that there’s a hint of green in there somewhere). Colorful or not, the display is brimming with information that informs the user of the overall status of the device, whether vaping in wattage or temperature control mode.

The back of the device shows off a large and grippy carbon fiber sticker (no, it’s not real carbon fiber) which nevertheless feels great to hold against the palm of your hand, and gives the device a nice premium feel. Pairing this with the solid Zinc Alloy construction, the IKEN definitely feels like a durable and stable device that should withstand the harshness of time.


Vapor Quality

Kangertech despite creating all new designs for their mods, tanks, and even packaging, have chosen to stick to the tried and tested SSOCC coils which have been used dating back to as far as 2015 in their classic and world-renowned subtank atomizers.

It’s not a wonder why due to the SSOCC coil heads being one of the most popular and high-quality coils sold even up to this date. Almost needless to say that the flavor production of the SSOCC coils are outstanding in every regard, and while the airflow allows for more of a restricted draw, vapor production is still decent.

The new IKEN tank was designed to create a hassle-free experience for both beginners and advanced users alike. Thanks to the efficient dual top adjustable airflow design that pulls in air from the top of the tank, down to the bottom (Hence the U-Airflow nomenclature).

The biggest advantage that this design offers is it eliminates any possibility of the tank leaking at all. Majority of popular tanks in the market often use a bottom airflow design which promises better flavor and vapor production, but the drawback is e-liquid often pools up and leaks downward, out the airflow thanks to gravity. Kangertech has managed to create a top airflow design which rivals the performance of its counterparts without the annoying leaking problem.

The IKEN tank uses a top fill cap that is threaded on and off which reveals the adequate portholes for filling up with e-liquid, and with the sizeable 4ml reservoir, you won’t be needing to fill up the tank frequently when on the go.





The IKEN features all the typical functions we’ve come to expect from high-powered regulated devices… and then some. Temperature control supports the standard nickel, stainless steel, and titanium coil head, while pre-heat functions and adjustable TCR are also available for tweaking.

What sets the IKEN apart is its ability to go into what can be dubbed as a “Beginner Mode” that refines the user interface to only allow beginners to vape in power or wattage mode, filtering out the advanced functions only used by experienced users and thus creating a more user-friendly approach that’s easy to use for even the most neophyte of vapers.



Although compact, the IKEN does create a sizeable bulge in one’s pocket which might not make it the most pocket-friendly device. It definitely does fit though, but it might be necessary to remove all other contents from said pocket beforehand (its never a good idea anyway to store your mod alongside other objects, especially metallic ones)

The 5100mAh LiPo offers plenty of lasting power that should carry even the biggest power users throughout a full day’s use. Typical usage extends the battery life up to 2 or 3 days which is very promising for those who would rather spend more time vaping than charging their mod.


The Kangertech IKEN kit is definitely worthy of your vaping dollars. With its solid zinc alloy construction, strong wattage output, and long-lasting battery, it’s difficult to find any reason to dislike this device. The IKEN tank with its leak-proof design, and great flavor production is a great pairing to this compact powerhouse.

Users who prefer swappable 18650 batteries might automatically give the IKEN a pass, but for those who prefer the convenience of purchasing a kit that offers a battery of this quality, the IKEN is a definite must buy, both for beginners and advanced users alike.

If you are looking for something more portable and discreet be sure to check out the Vaporesso Aurora and if you are looking for one with a bit more power check out the SMOK GX2/4.

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