Kanger K-Kiss Starter Kit Review - Keep it Simple
Build Quality78%
Vapor Quality73%
65%100Overall Score

KangerTech is known for making quality made affordable vape mods that boost dense flavorful vapor. Here we will be taking a closer look at the Kanger K-Kiss starter kit and informing you on its build quality, vapor quality, versatility, portability, pros and cons and our overall thoughts on this vape mod starter kit. The K-Kiss Starter Kit comes with the K-Kiss mod and the K-Kiss tank and can be purchased in 6 different color options. Continue reading our review below to learn more.

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Product Pros

  • Compact size
  • Built in tank

Product Cons

  • No ability to adjust temperature
  • No airflow adjustment


Kanger K-Kiss Starter Kit Review: Breakdown

Kanger K-Kiss Color Selection


Build Quality

Build Quality

KangerTech is one of the most well known mod starter kit manufacturers and have been making mods for quite a while. The K-Kiss is one of the newer models and although it’s priced fairly low it’s performance makes it able to compete with some of the starter kits at the higher price points. The materials used and the overall quality of the K-Kiss is also very good.

Taking a look at the mod itself, it has an internal battery that you charge with a micro USB cord and is powered by a 6300 mAh li-battery. This is one of the biggest batteries that we have come across in a mod starter kit for mods that have internal batteries.

The K-Kiss is a simple to use starter kit and does not have the ability to control the wattage or temperature control. The mod has one fire button and on the top is a LED indicator for the battery life. The wattage as we mentioned is not adjustable and it will go off of what SSOC coil you have in it. The starter kit comes with the .2 ohm SSOC coil which correlates to the device running off of 45 watts when it’s fully charged.

The K-Kiss has a 4.5ml capacity with the tank it comes with and uses an airflow path coming from the bottom of the mod. In the Package you will get an extra replacement glass as well with some extra o rings which match the color of your mod. Lastly in the package you will get the USB charging cable which in total this give you a complete vape setup.


Vapor Quality

The K-Kiss is definitely designed for flavor and this is where it seems the device shines. The vapor production is pretty good and can be improved with personal experience and the ohm you use with it. Lower resistant tanks such as a .2 ohm or .3 ohm seem to work best with this mod to create good vapor. Using a .5 ohm or higher in my opinion does not provide as good of results as the lower ohms.

The quick firing action powered by the 6300 mAh battery definitely gives this unit strong vapor potential you just may have to find the tank that works best for you. The wattage will automatically adjust depending on the ohm you are using and will go up to about 1.5 ohm with the K-Kiss and a minimum of .15 ohm. Although the vapor quality is pretty impressive with the settings the device comes with, the inability to adjust the temperature does limit your personal ability to control the vapor production.

The lack of features in temperature control means there are certainly better options out there if personally being able to control vapor production is a top priority for you. Having said that if you are not the type of person who is that great at choosing the best temperatures when using devices that allow you to control the temperature than the K-Kiss will be a good choice for you. Since the K-Kiss will automatically adjust to the tank you are using and the wattage and temperature change accordingly it will be very close to what you would want it to be anyways.

The K-Kiss not having temperature options can be seen as a good thing in that the device has less moving parts meaning that less can get damaged or go wrong. When you are using a mod that you can adjust the temperature on, if the coil starts to overheat the device needs to regulate the current.

K-Kiss with tank disassembled




Versatility is something that the K-Kiss does not offer very much of outside of the different color options that the starter kit comes in. The battery is internal, there are no temperature settings that you can play with and the airflow is not adjustable. This does not mean the K-Kiss is not a great product and actually it’s quite the opposite. For the low price point the K-Kiss is offered at and the default settings and auto adjusting settings the K-Kiss performs quite well.

KangerTech has been making starter kits and listening to customer feedback for many years. The experience from being in the industry for so long has enabled KangerTech to be able to manufacture a device that pretty much runs on autopilot and functions as good as the K-Kiss does. As we mentioned earlier the wattage will automatically adjust and the devices electrical current is regulated to keep the device safe and operating optimally.



The K-Kiss is a very portable mod due to its small compact size and powerful long lasting battery. One area where the K-Kiss could be regarded as less portable is due to it having an internal battery and not the option to carry extra external batteries with you.

Secondly the inability to lower the temperature means that as you use the K-Kiss you will have less direct control over how to savor the remaining battery life. Having said these two points the K-Kiss does perform well and on a single charge will last quite awhile, at least a full day with heavy usage.

Kanger K-Kiss Kit


If you’re looking for a simple mod and you prefer sub low vaping and also mouth to lung vaping this is a good mod with its 6300 mAh internal battery. If you are big on temperature controls or higher wattage vapes than this vape may not be the one for you, but if you are a flavor chaser than this is a great buy especially at the low price point this vape is offered at.

If you are looking for similar mod but with a removable battery and wattage control be sure to check out the iStick Pico and if you are looking for one with a bit more power check out the Coolfire IV 100W,

If you already have the kit, let us know what you think of it! Did you find there were any problems with the kit? Did you find it as versatile as we did? Make a comment and share your experiences with the community.


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