Kanger Nebox Kit Review - Tanks for the Memories
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality80%
73%100Overall Score

Welcome to our Kanger Nebox Review, Kanger has been an industry leader for some time making notable units like the Kanger Subox which used to be one of the most popular starter units; today we will be looking at another unit offered by Kanger, the Nebox. The big selling feature to the Nebox is the large 10ML built in tank which means you will spend less time refilling your unit, which is very convenient. Read further for a full breakdown of this awesome portable vape.

Product Pros

  1. 10ML Built in Tank
  2. Slim design
  3. Temperature Control mode

Product Cons

  1. Can’t use other tanks

Kanger Nebox Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Kanger Products are known for their great manufacturing quality and the Nebox is no exception. The unit is beautifully constructed and well put together. As we noted in the intro, this unit has a very large built in tank, measuring at 10 ML in capacity. This is absolutely massive and one of the biggest I’ve seen offered, making this unit very convenient as you won’t have to constantly fill it.

Another feature included that we enjoyed was temperature control. This is a feature that is slowly becoming the norm in vaping culture as it helps prevent burned coils and the dreaded dry hit. Simply the set the unit to the temperature you wish to vape at and the unit will adjust voltage to ensure the coil never overheats.


Vapor Quality

As to be expected with Kanger units the quality of vapor from the Nebox was smooth, consistent and full of flavor. The unit comes stock with a .5ohm and 1.5 ohm organic cotton atomizers which gives you some flexibility in the available ranges you can vape at. The 0.5ohm coil is recommended for the cloud chasers and will provide bountiful clouds while requiring a higher wattage for optimal performance. While the 1.5 ohm coil is designed for a “mouth to lung” inhale similar to the technique already used with most smokers and will more resemble that sensation. Either coil provides excellent vapor, it is just a matter of finding which coil tailors to your vaping style. The Nebox, like other Kanger units also features an RDA re-buildable deck. This is for the more tech savvy vapor and allows you to build your own coils for customized setups or for a most cost effective session. While this feature is something that will be ignored by most new comers, it is nice that they include the option should you ever feel like tinkering around and building your own coils.




The biggest drawback to the Nebox is also it’s biggest strength, the 10ML tank. This tank is built into the unit which means you cannot swap it out for another tank like you can with other box mods. This limits you to only using Kanger coils and kanger accessories. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if it is you first unit as it does make the unit more user friendly. But for those who see this unit as a stepping stone and want the option to customize with new tanks and setups should consider a unit like the E-Leaf iStick 60W, which can be used with any 510 threaded tank. The Nebox really is geared towards users who want a very straight forward vaping experience.



Because the 10ML tank is built into the unit and is not protruding from the top of the mod like other tanks, the Nebox is much more portable than more box mods, fitting easily in your pocket. The capacity of the tank will ensure that you always have juice when on the go and will minimize the need to refill when you are out. Most bottles of e-juice are around 30 ML so theoretically you should only have to refill your Nebox 3 times per bottle. This is really convenient considering the average size of a tank is usually 4ML which means at you fill the tank at least 7 times per bottle. The increase in tank capacity cuts you amount of refills in half.


If you are new to vaping and want the power of a box mod but the simplicity of a pen vape then the Nebox may be a unit with considering. It gives you enough options to give you control over your session but has a relatively low learning curve and is easy to upkeep. The large tank means less refills and less spilled juice and the temperature control feature will help your atomizers from burning out too quickly. If you are a little more experienced or think you may want to tinker more with your setup then perhaps you will want to consider another unit like the E-Leaf iStick which allows for the use of 3rd party tanks and accessories.

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