Kanger Pangu Starter Set - A good start?
Build Quality73%
Vapor Quality70%
71%100Overall Score

Today we’ll be reviewing the Kanger Pangu Starter Kit by Kangertech! This kit sits on the upper end of the low-cost starter kit market. While low-cost kits don’t offer much in the way of versatility, they do have their purposes.

Beginners like them as a way to test the waters before investing in more expensive equipment. Others like them as backups, relying on them in situations when they don’t want to take out their main units. If this is your first time buying a vape, be sure to check out our Vape Buyers Guide for helpful tips and information.

Product Pros

  1. Affordable
  2. Extremely easy to use
  3. Top-filled tank
  4. Convenient coil replacement

Product Cons

  1. No versatility (wattage variability, temperature control, etc…)
  2. Non-adjustable airflow
  3. Average flavor

Kanger Pangu Full Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This starter kit includes a simple base and the Pangu tank. The base is really nothing more than a 2500mAh battery and a button to turn it on. There are no extra features built into this like variable wattage or temperature control. These help deliver a more customizable experience and better vapor, but you have to spend more to get them.

The Pangu tank actually has a couple of cool features. For one, it’s top loading. This makes it easy to refill your tank because you don’t have to take it off the base to do so. Another thing I like about it is the way you replace the coils. You can easily close the juice-flow holes and unscrew them, even if the tank is full.

The tank doesn’t have any airflow control though. This can get a bit frustrating. There isn’t much restriction, but there is enough that you still have to work to get a nice, satisfying draw. There isn’t anyway to get more restricted draws, if that is what you prefer.


Vapor Quality

When we first tried the Pangu tank with the Kanger Kone, we found that the vapor was a bit dull. There was nothing actually wrong with it (no bad flavors or dry hits), just a lack of the vibrancy that you can get out of other tanks.

While we were hoping it may work better with this base, we still think that the flavor comes across as muted. This was surprising because a lot of the marketing for the tank suggests that flavor is one of its strong points.

I know that I’ve already said this once, but I would like to reiterate that the flavor is not bad. It just isn’t great.

With all this being said, the vapor is actually pretty good when you compare it to what other units deliver at similar price points.

Kanger Pangu Atomizer



Versatility is not this kit’s strength. Its designed to give an easy-to-use introduction to vaping, and it does that well. But as I’ve said before, you don’t get any control over wattage or temperature, let alone some of the more advanced modes that a few newer vapes offer.

You do get two options for coils. The first is made from stainless steel with a 0.5 ohm resistance, while the second made from NiChrome with a 1.5 ohm resistance. The first will deliver bigger clouds, while the second option will deliver better flavor. Still not as good as other tank/coil combos with similar specs though.



The portability for this combo is pretty good. The combined size is nice and small, making it easy to carry around with you throughout the day. The 3.5mL tank is big enough to hold enough juice for a day or two, plus the top-fill design makes it easy to refill while on the go.

The biggest problem that you might run into on portability is the battery life. The 2500mAh should be enough to last you through a day, but you’ll want to make sure that you always start with a full charge.


At the beginning of this review, I had said that the price of the Kanger Pangu Starter Kit seemed positioned at the upper end of the low-cost vape market. After testing it out, I’d say that the performance matches that initial assessment.

So what does this mean as far as whether you should buy it?

I actually like this vape if you are going to go with a simple, beginners option. It is easy and straightforward to use, and the vapor quality is better than most intro vapes. The flavor may be muted, but this is better than the bad flavor most low-cost vapes deliver.

So I wouldn’t consider moving down in quality from this, even if you just want a cheap vape to try for the first time. Kangertech is a reputable brand and makes much better vapes than most. This is a better option than those off-brand options that are less than $20 all over the internet. You will hate vaping if you start with those.

If you have the budget, a unit that offers variable wattage and temperature control will deliver a more complete experience. A better tank would also serve you well so that you can get the best flavor possible. Start by looking at the Kanger Topbox.

We always like to hear our reader’s opinions, so come back and let us know what you think if you try this vape…

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