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Build Quality72%
Vapor Quality73%
74%100Overall Score

The Kanger TOGO Mini is an affordable and new, all-in-one starter kit that comes with a 3.8 Milliliter capacity tank. The Kanger TOGO is intuitively easy to use and compact. All you are required to do is to refill the tank, wait until the coil saturates, and begin vaping. This starter kit is easy to operate and fits well in hand even when using one hand. It’s a great purchase for beginners, and any vaping specialists looking for a simple and portable starter kit. This unit is great for vaping even when you are on the go.

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Product Pros

  • Extremely small mod
  • Built in tank

Product Cons

  • Too small for many people
  • Some learning curve


Kanger TOGO Mini Starter Kit Review: Breakdown

Kanger TOGO available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Just like all Kanger starter kits, The TOGO Mini is built with high quality materials. This small beauty is manufactured with an aluminium-zinc metal alloy (durable but lightweight) to enhance resilience, durability, corrosion and high resistance to rust.

The Kangertech Togo Mini’s body protects and houses the 3.8ml borosilicate (Pyrex) e-juice glass reservoir. Kanger engineer’s choice to use glass instead of plastic is a calculated move since glass is entirely impenetrable to the acid, unlike plastic which is vulnerable to the acids found in e-juice. This corrosion resistance ability of glass not only deters physical tarnishing of the tank, but also it makes for a cleaner, markedly purer, and truer flavor from the e-juices.

Another addition to the problem-free and user friendly configuration of this genius product is its wholly leak-free structure. Kangertech TOGO Mini has a top-positioned atomizer coil and cup-like formation e-juice glass reservoir that reduce the likelihood of leaking from the base as is the norm with other devices in the market. The upper-placed atomizer further enables mess-free and effortless coil changes without unscrewing the base of the tank.


Vapor Quality

The top placed adjustable airflow control valve further contributes to a leak-proof user experience and the capability to precisely fine-tune the amount of air drawn into the TOGO Mini as you take a hit.

By rotating the surrounding wheel counter-clockwise or clockwise, you can increase air intake for tighter or airier drags based on your personal preferences.

The versatile air intake is also quite useful in eliminating the gurgling or flooding that results when alternating between e-juices with different levels of vegetable glycerin.

Vapor and flavor production are very good, regardless of where you have the airflow control set. The organic cotton coils put out very pure flavor. The device itself is very comfortable to hold and the placement of the fire button makes it very easy to operate.

Kanger TOGO with atomizer removed




The product development team at Kanger probably never sleeps. They are always adapting and adjusting the existing items to develop new ones. Occasionally, Kanger gear portrays a charming blend of already available items, and Kanger TOGO Mini Starter Kit perfectly fitting this description.

This is an all-in-one vaping gadget for beginners and advanced consumers alike. As an ideal owner who is experienced with high-powered vaping equipment, I am comfortable changing coils with my TOGO Mini.



The Kanger Togo Mini is highly portable and easy to use. It is easy to hold even with one hand, which makes it ideal for users who are not too much into intricacies of adjusting a vape – think travelers. It’s a great purchase for anyone who has just started thinking about quitting tobacco. Vaporizing doesn’t get any easier than with Togo MINI Starter Kit.

This product embraces the Top-Down coil system. This means that the e-juice reservoir is held in a cup-like tank, thus eliminating leaking.

The adjustable airflow control is located at the top of the device. By rotating its wheel counter-clockwise or clockwise, the vaper can decrease the volume of air or increase it.

Kanger TOGO Mini Kit


The Kanger TOGO Mini starter kit is here to offer you an ultra-portable and streamlined vaping experience. As Kangertech is now a household name, they have keenly pushed the envelope by having all kinds of powerful technologies. The TOGO Mini is however a more practical gadget designed to meet the needs of casual vapers and beginners.

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If you already have the kit, let us know what you think of it! Did you find there were any problems with the kit? Did you find it as versatile as we did? Make a comment and share your experiences with the community.


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  1. Dave Martin

    Just purchased the Togo mini after breaking my k-kiss, I absolutely love the design and the simplicity of the vape, the coil change and the filling of the tank. Massive fan of kanger have tried smoke and aspire but always come back to kanger never had a bad vape yet from them even though I’m technically a newbie to vaping after nearly 30yrs of being a smoker


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