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Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality82%
80%Overall Score

KangerTech has been around ever since vaping started and they are known to make affordable but quality devices suited for those who want to switch to vaping. This time, they are introducing a new starter kit called the Kanger Vola. This device has three different modes which are beginner, intermediate and expert. It is a kind of mod that grows with the vaper and we’ll go into that later in the review.

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Product Pros

  • Has a 1.3 inch TFT screen
  • Can fire up to 100 watts
  • Leak free tank design

Product Cons

  • Non removable 2000 mah battery
  • Fingerprint magnet


Kanger Vola Starter Kit Review: Breakdown

Kanger Vola available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Looking at the Kanger Vola mod, it kind of looks like my Samsung phone. It has a glass material on the front and back which makes it look like it is made of premium materials. The design is well made but it is a very fingerprint magnet device and you have to constantly wipe it down just to maintain its shiny look. KangerTech offers the Kanger Vola mod in 6 different color options.

You can choose from black, gray, red, orange, blue and green and anything you choose will match the color of the o rings of the Kanger Vola tank. The Kanger Vola mod features a 1.3 inch TFT screen display on the front that shows the resistance, voltage and puff counter. It will also show a 10 second cut off safety feature on the bottom of the screen every time you take a drag.

The power button, the up and down button and the USB charging port are all located on the right side of the device and has a spring loaded 510 connection on the top. If you are asking where the battery door is, there is none because it has a built in 2000 mah LiPo battery.

The Kanger Vola tank is a 25 mm diameter tank and has a 4 ml e liquid capacity. It features a basic top fill design that most tanks nowadays have to make refilling it so much easier. It also has a dual adjustable airflow on the bottom to accommodate every vapers preference, whether you want a mouth to lung style vape, or an airy vape, or somewhere in between, this tank can do it.

Most people will not notice this but even though the Kanger Vola mod and the Vola tank are both 25 mm, you will see a slight overhang, so this might be a con to those who have serious OCD. Even though I said that, the Vola tank sits flush on the Vola mod.

The overall look of the device is classy and people might mistake it for a smartphone which is a good thing.


Vapor Quality

The KangerTech Vola Starter Kit includes two coil heads, a 0.4 ohm and a 0.2 ohm. Both coil heads are rated to use between 60 watts to 80 watts and since the Vola mod is capable of firing from 7 watts to 100 watts on power mode, you will have more than enough room to tweak it to your preference.

Personally speaking, I find both coil heads perfect for beginner vapers as the 0.2 to 0.4 ohm resistances are the sweet spot for balanced flavor and vapor.

Keep in mind though, the Kanger Vola mod only has a 2000 mah battery and is non replaceable so if you are vaping at 60 watts and above, you will find yourself charging the device more often.

But since the mod can be used while charging, I guess that will be not an issue for some.

Kanger Vola detached




Now, let us talk about what this mod can do. As I mentioned earlier, this is a kind of device that grows with you. When you press and hold the power and the down button at the same time, it will take you to the mode screen. On that screen, you will be given an option to choose whether you want the beginner, intermediate or the expert mode.

So let’s say you are a new vaper and this is your first device. Of course, you want to choose the beginner mode. In this mode, all you can do is change the wattage and that is what you really need to do in order to find your sweet spot as a new vaper.

Now, you have been vaping for a few weeks, did your research and learned a few more things about the vaping world and you want to take on the next level which is the intermediate mode. In this mode, you will be given an option for temperature control.

In the intermediate mode, you can use nickel, titanium or stainless steel coil heads and set your preferred vaping temperature from 200 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees to 315 degrees Celsius.

After a few more hits, you are an experienced vaper now and knows almost everything the vaping world can offer, so what else you need to do, go change to expert mode and you will be given an option to change your power curves for a more refined and personalized vaping experience.



The Kanger Vola mod is a pocket friendly device. The mod is just barely bigger than a credit card and is 25 mm thick. Even adding the Vola tank which has the same thickness and adds a 43 mm in height, you won’t have a problem carrying this around.

Kanger Vola heating chamber


The Kanger Vola Starter Kit is a great buy for new vapers and old vapers alike. New vapers will benefit from its ease of use and the modes will help them transition into a more advanced vaping experience. Old time vapers will also benefit from its affordability and portability since it is a great mod to carry around. The overall design of the mod is simple but is classy looking due to the all glass material on the front and back and a large TFT screen display.

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  1. Michelle Lindsay Hazelbaker

    Just got this device this week. I had been using a more bulky and older molded for a couple weeks. A friend had let me use to see if I could stop cigarettes & switch to vaping before I invested my money. I chose this one & im glad I did. And your article has verified that this can be a long term vape for me even after I have been vaping for a while. Thanks for doing your research so people like me can learn.


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