Kanger XLUM Review - Is Kanger Back?
Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality83%
78%100Overall Score

The Kanger XLUM sports a modern and hip design with bold colors that are crafted with quality in mind. Accessibility is one of KangerTech’s strengths as a vape company and by knowing them all these years, it is not surprising for them to produce a mod like the XLUM which can provide the best vaping experience possible while keeping it affordable for everyone.

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Product Pros

  • Hip and modern design
  • 200 watts maximum power output
  • 4.5 ml tank capacity
  • Mesh coil

Product Cons

  • No coil included for temperature control
  • Limited temperature control options


Kanger XLUM Review: Breakdown

Kanger XLUM available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Kanger XLUM can be considered as one of the most unique mods on the market right now in terms of the design. Being a unique product in a very saturated market can be a make or break situation in terms of popularity and demand but the XLUM has a certain appeal that is very hard to explain.

I guess it has something to do with its design symmetry and how its curves and lines blend together forming this solidly-built device. I would be lying if I said I was not intimidated by its looks when I first saw it but when you hold it in your hand is when you will appreciate its build quality.

The XLUM has 5 fun color options available and each of them has an anodized aluminum finish with a rubberized texture on the sides which feels very good in the hand. The device also feels heavy which lets you know that the materials they used are not cheap.

The key elements of the XLUM mod are its use of interesting shapes for its display and very colorful LED light effects. On the front, you will see a criss-cross design which reminds me of the X-men’s logo and on the middle is a perfectly placed up and down circular button.

Its LED screen display has a triangle or more like a trapezoid shape while below it is what KangerTech calls a horse-race lamp that shows an array of lighting patterns when you turn on the device and when you vape. The horse-race lamp can be turned off if you want to be more discreet which can also save battery life when vaping on the XLUM.

Speaking of battery, the XLUM is powered by 2 18650 batteries which are very appropriate since it has a maximum power output of 200 watts. The brain of the XLUM is its most advanced chip to date that provides a very fast and responsive firing and heating rate which is very consistent and stable.

The tank included in the kit has an e liquid capacity of 4.5 ml and while this is not new, it also features a push to open filling system that makes refilling very convenient.


Vapor Quality

The XLUM kit comes with 2 coil heads called the NR Mesh coil. These coil heads have a mesh coil build inside that has a resistance of 0.18 ohm and are rated to use between 20 watts to 60 watts. I am happy that they decided to use a mesh coil with the XLUM as it has a larger heating area that enables it to produce a more consistent flavor due to the even distribution of heat.

Since the e liquid is being heated evenly all through the duration of a drag, it provides a cleaner taste and produces more vapor while avoiding dry hits.

Kanger XLUM tank detached




The XLUM also has temperature control but it seems to be a half-baked feature. You can set it for nickel, stainless steel, and titanium, and you can also change the actual temperature but there is no way to change the wattage while in temperature mode.

I am not sure if there will be a firmware update for it so if you are a big fan of temperature control, you might get disappointed. They also didn’t include a coil head suitable for temperature control as the NR Mesh coil is made of nichrome which is only used for wattage mode.



The Kanger XLUM with the tank installed is 125 mm in height, 48 mm in length, and 30 mm in width. It is not a small mod by any means but it is not as big as some dual 18650 mods on the market.

It is an ideal vaping companion when you are out and about especially with its long battery life thanks to the dual 18650 battery setup and in case you need a quick charge, you can easily do so since it has a micro USB port.

Kanger XLUM inclined view


The Kanger XLUM is not a perfect mod but no mod is perfect. In my opinion, it has a unique style and design that is not for everyone but some vapers love flashy and hip looking mods like the XLUM. The only problem I can see with the Kanger XLUM is its incomplete temperature control feature which can be easily rectified by a simple firmware upgrade.

But if you are a wattage only vaper and you are looking for an affordable and solidly built dual 18650 mod that sports a good chip and a tank that utilizes the benefits of using a mesh coil, then the Kanger XLUM might be the mod you are looking for.

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