Keymaker Wax Pen Review - Keys Open Doors
Build Quality51%
Vapor Quality49%
Look & Feel52%
Portability 54%
53%100Overall Score

Mig Vapor is usually known for their e-juice vaporizers, but here they make a bold foray into herbal extract vaporization with their Keymaker wax pen. The Keymaker is advertised as a “personal” mini concentrate and has been named by a number of vaporizer critics as one of the best vape pens under $100.

Another day, another wax pen claiming to be the smallest, the best deal, the cleanest, blah blah blah, but we’re never gonna stop reviewing every vaporizer we can get our mitts on, so haters can go straight to da back.

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Product Pros

  • Super-quick heat-up time
  • Convenient wax container included
  • Very low price

Product Cons

  • Fairly generic design
  • Thin vapor
  • Only works with concentrates

Keymaker Wax Pen Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of the Keymaker is fairly acceptable for such a low-cost device. The Keymaker uses a 360mAh micro battery which charges in just one hour and should give at least a day or so of consistent use. Size-wise, the Keymaker is measured at only three quarters of an inch by four and a half inches, making it one of the smallest portable vaporizers available at the moment.

This supposedly the world’s first wax pen to feature a built-in jar for safely handling the herbal extracts used in the Keymaker. Most of the pieces used in the manufacturing are some sort of plastic, which takes things down a notch for us. Nonetheless, this is a decent enough build considering how light the price tag is.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the Keymaker is decent, if unspectacular. There’s a low-resistance ceramic coil located within the ceramic baking plate, making for an overall pleasing build for vapor quality. Heat can go as high as 455°F in 2-3 seconds but generally starts around 400°F, allowing you to either get fairly wispy, low visibility draws.

Generally, this is a fairly low-heat vaporizer designed to avoid combustion risks. This makes it a bit harder to get big cloud action, but flavor should be strong enough for most users nonetheless.


Look and Feel

The Keymaker Wax Pen is a decent enough device to look at and handle. There’s a few cool colors to choose from, including a bright green, “Spanish” silver, or a stealthy black. It’s a very small size as well, fitting well in the hand

The elliptical shape of the Keymaker is reminiscent of the many KandyPens designs, most notably the Elite and the Galaxy. However, the Keymaker doesn’t quite have as much personality or slickness of those designs, though it doesn’t really handle any worse either. A device like the Dr. Dabber Aurora is also similar but feels way heftier and more solid.



The Keymaker is relatively discreet, with only a few bits of neon green on the button and trim to give it away. Otherwise, the design of the Keymaker is not particularly eye-catching, which gives it some boost in the discreetness department.

Clouds can get relatively large with the Keymaker so make sure to taper your draws while out and about. However, there are no lights or noises emitted from the device, which helps to keep it low-key in the presence of others.


Ease of Use

Like most wax pens, the Keymaker uses one button to control the power and heating. 5 clicks of the button turns the Keymaker off and on, and holding the button will cycle through the available temperatures. There are three temperatures offered, though the levels are not listed with the package materials so we don’t necessarily know exactly what these will be. Draw resistance is fairly low as well, making the Keymaker relatively easy for a novice to use



The Keymaker is as decent as pretty much any other wax pen vaporizer when it comes to portability. It is quite small and light, and charging time should take an hour or less to get at least a day’s worth of relatively consistent use There are a few things which set it apart, however. 4 silicon mouthpieces are included in case you’re a germaphobe, and there’s a non-stick silicone jar included for conveniently taking wax on the go.

Overall, the Keymaker should fit decently in a pocket or bag and hold up to a decent amount of travel.


The Keymaker Wax Pen is very reasonably priced, at $39.95 USD making it one of the cheapest deals out there for a vaporizer of any sort. This also makes it a very low-cost investment, so even though the performance isn’t exactly stellar, there’s not really a lot to lose, either. For a bit more dough, however, one could get a stronger-performing device like the Zeus Thunder 2, which uses a pure ceramic plate for a much more flavorful low-temperature vaporizing experience.

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