LEVO Oil Infuser Review - A Must Have Kitchen Appliance
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Have you ever wished you could make your own edibles, but didn’t want to go through all the hassle? Now you can with the LEVO Oil Infuser! This unique product is the first of its kind designed specifically for use as a kitchen appliance.

Whether you want herb infused butter or oil, this sweet little gadget will help satisfy your cravings. The infuser boasts the ability to transfer flavor, scent, color, and nutrients into the carrier. We’ve decided to test these claims, and the results are in! Stay tuned!

Product Pros

  • Great Design
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to clean

Product Cons

  • Small Yield
  • Oils only


LEVO Oil Infuser Review: Breakdown

Levo Oil Infuser Review Top Open

Using the Levo Oil Infuser

If you are new to the world of infusions, here is a quick rundown of how the process works. Hint: it is so simple anyone can do it! The first thing you do is add the herb and the oil of your choosing. The manufacturers recommend filling both to the top.

Next, pick how long and at what temperature you want your plants and oils to infuse. LEVO has a useful calculator on their website if you need some help! Third, dispense your creation into a container of choice. Glass is recommended, and the device can make up to 16oz at once.

 Levo Oil Infuser Colors

Is the build quality worth the price?

The engineers and designers behind LEVO took over 5 years to create this handy dandy oil infuser. That’s why we expect nothing but the best when it comes to build quality. But will this convenient device live up to our manufacturing expectations?

We say yes! The whole unit is run on touchpad controls, making the user feel very futuristic and elegant. On top of that, the oil infuser is quiet and childproof. That last one can be very important if you have youngsters that can reach your appliances.

As an added bonus, the components are made much better than your usual kitchen appliance. LEVO created the stainless steel body and reservoir out of kitchen grade material. The rest of the inner workings were made from BPA free plastic as well as silicone.

No two kitchens look the same, and the manufacturer definitely took that into account.

We really appreciated the fact that they decided to make the LEVO in 4 different colors: avocado, black, charcoal, and rose gold. All are stunning.

 Levo Oil Infuser Parts

Is the Levo Oil Infuser more convenient? 

In terms of convenience, LEVO quite literally takes the herb-infused cake! There is no straining, no mess, no solvents, no additives, and no chemistry lesson. Even a beginner can use it! Best yet, the only clean up consists of throwing the reservoir into the dishwasher. That’s what we call an easy cleanup.

We also found the LEVO to be useful in making food that has nothing to do with botanicals. The official website lists salt scrubs, flavorful cake batters, and marinades as some of the things you can conveniently and deliciously create using basically any ingredients you choose. In fact, plenty of restaurant chefs use oil infusers to create their culinary delights!

A very convenient feature of this device has nothing to do with the LEVO itself. The official website has a ton of free resources. This includes a blog, recipes, free downloads, and tutorials. You can even sign up to receive their newsletter that includes a free beginner’s guide to infusing!

Unfortunately, this oil infuser cannot be used with ethanol. That means no tinctures for you or me. However, there are so many ways you can stay busy using this handy gadget we don’t think you will even miss the alcohol.

 Levo Oil Infuser Power

How are the results?

The pod for your herb can hold about 4 grams of ground botanicals, and the oil side will take up to 2 cups. You can play around with the amounts you use, but remember that the true purpose of the LEVO is to make oil and butter you can use in recipes. Also remember that the higher the percentage of THC, the better you will feel when you eat your goodies.

If you find this still isn’t enough for you, go ahead and purchase the Power Pod. It only costs about $10USD and can hold double the amount of the original pod! You will not have to do a double infusion, or math, or wonder if you will get the results you are looking for.

One of our favorite things about the LEVO is the opportunity to use the whole plant. We feel as though this contributed to the flavorful taste, and added even more medicinal benefit. We also loved the fact that we had complete artistic control over our creations thanks to the manually controlled time and temperature.


Overall, the LEVO oil infuser belongs in the kitchen of all botanical enthusiasts. With a price of$149.99USD, the convenience, build quality, and delectably fun results are 200% worth it. One thing is for sure. We will never go back to making our edibles the same way again!

If you are interested in other edible making machines, be sure to check out our review of the famous Magical Butter Machine. Or leave a comment letting us know what other herbal infusion devices you would like us to check out.

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