Linx Blaze Review - Setting your wax ablaze
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality83%
Look & Feel80%
82%100Overall Score

Linx is a company best-known for its Hypnos Zero vaporizer. Its premium, ultra-portable design made waves in the world of vaping when it was originally released. The Linx Blaze is a lot like its predecessor in many ways, but its a larger model with more of an emphasis on performance. The Linx Blaze is a wax pen that performs like an absolute boss, and it has a few hidden features that Linx fans are sure to love. Will the Linx Blaze live up to the high standard set by the Linx Hypnos Zero? Read our full review to find out.

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Product Pros

  • Great flavor
  • Easy to load
  • Simple to use
  • USB Charging

Product Cons

  • Larger than most pens
  • No battery indicator



Linx Blaze Review: Breakdown


Linx Blaze detached

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Linx Blaze features an attractive, stainless steel design. I wouldn’t test this theory, but the Linx Blaze looks like a vape that could handle a few drops.

It’s a sturdy little vaporizer, and it uses high-quality materials that’ll keep your vapor cool and flavorful.

For instance, the Linx Blaze has a glass mouthpiece that does a great job preserving your vapor’s flavor, and it comes with two high-quality, interchangeable atomizers. Both atomizers utilize coilless designs, and they both produce some of the purest, most-flavorful clouds of vapor.


Vapor Quality

Coiless atomizers typically produce the best-tasting vapor, but these atomizers tend to result in underwhelming vapor production. That’s the case with both of these atomizers. The vapor’s flavor is second to none, but the vapor production leaves something to be desired.

The Ace quartz atomizer and the Zero ceramic atomizer work a little differently, despite all of their similarities. The Ace quartz atomizer tends to heat up more slowly than the Zero ceramic atomizer, making it the better atomizer for flavor.

The Ace quartz atomizer’s slow heat-up time makes it the ideal atomizer for flavor, but the Zero ceramic atomizer’s faster heat-up time favors vapor production more than the Ace quartz atomizer. If you are looking for a wax device that can chuck clouds and rival your rig, something like the Utillian 5, may be more up your alley.


Linx Blaze tank


Look and Feel

The Linx Blaze has a premium aesthetic that screams quality. The stainless steel body has a glimmering finish that looks great, and the unit feels sturdy and well-built in the hand. The glass mouthpiece adds to the Blaze’s premium aesthetic, and the magnetic cap gives it an unignorable, luxurious quality.

To summarize, the Linx blaze looks and feels just about as good as a vape pen can. Linx went out of its way to provide its users with a luxurious vaping experience, and it’s an experience that would be difficult to improve upon.



The Linx Blaze is definitely one of the easiest wax pens to use right now. Both of its atomizers utilize a coilless design that makes loading your wax a breeze. Just drop your wax into the atomizer of your choice and screw the atomizer onto your Linx Blaze.

Turn the unit on by pressing its single button five times, and click the button three more times to cycle through the Blaze’s four temperature settings. Once the pen reaches its assigned temperature, you’re ready to vape! It’s that easy.

Linx Blaze atomizers



At a mere four inches tall, the Linx Blaze is a highly-portable wax vaporizer. Vaporizers with glass mouthpieces often take a hit in the portability department due to the possibility of the mouthpiece breaking in your pocket. The Blaze actually gets around the mouthpiece dilemma with a magnetic, stainless steel cap.

The unit’s superb vapor quality is due, in most part, to the Blaze’s high-quality materials, including its glass mouthpiece. It’s awesome that you can enjoy that kind of quality without it negatively impacting the unit’s portability. This unit is certainly portable. What’s better is that its portability doesn’t come at the cost of quality.



The Blaze’s stainless steel body doesn’t stand out too much, but it could definitely be more discreet. Remember, the Blaze is only four inches tall, so it’ll nearly disappear inside the palm of the average hand.

The unit’s shape and style don’t immediately give away the fact that this a wax vaporizer. Upon first glance, many would assume that the Linx Blaze is just your average, run-of-the-mill, e-liquid vaporizer. Upon closer inspection, it isn’t hard to tell that the Linx Blaze is much, much more.

In terms of discretion, the Blaze’s glimmering finish doesn’t help. However, its compact size and unassuming shape do wonder for its overall discretion.


The Blaze is yet another fantastic unit from Linx, the same company that brought you the beloved Hypnos Zero. It isn’t perfect, but it gets a lot right. The Linx Blaze probably won’t satisfy cloud-chasers due to its underwhelming vapor production. Its vapor is thin and whispy, but it’s also very smooth and flavorful.

This isn’t a cloud machine. Rather, this is a vaporizer that offers long, drawn-out sessions. These sessions are very pleasant, offering unparalleled flavor, but they’re not what you would call “intense.” If you’re looking for a pen that’ll give you massive, potent hits, this isn’t it and we would suggest checking out the Utillian 5.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a high-quality wax pen that you can leisurely sip, you just found it. I can easily recommend the Linx Blaze. I just can’t recommend it to cloud-chasers. This unit will appeal more to flavor-chasers and stealth-oriented vapers.

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