LITL 1 Vaporizer Review - Little Vape, Big Value
Build Quality63%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel70%
65%100Overall Score

The LITL 1 is a pretty simplistic little vaporizer. It only has one temperature setting, and it isn’t boasting a long list of features. That’s absolutely fine. After all, this vaporizer wasn’t made for those that want the best in the industry. For only $50, the LITL 1 exists to provide an entry-level device to those with a tight budget as well as those that are new to herb-vaporizers.

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Product Pros

  • Uber-Portable
  • Isolated Airpath
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Airflow Control
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Great Value

Product Cons

  • One temperature setting
  • No mouthpiece cap



LITL 1 Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


LITL 1 front display

Build Quality

Build Quality

Obviously, the LITL 1 isn’t offering the best build quality available in the industry. At this low price point, no one should expect it to do that. Still, for $50, its build quality is pretty impressive.

With the LITL 1, you get a pretty compact, sturdy design with a glass mouthpiece as well a ceramic herb chamber and even haptic feedback. There are definitely less-impressive herb vaporizers out there, and they typically cost more than the LITL 1.


Vapor Quality

The LITL 1 supplies good-tasting flavor, and we have the ceramic herb chamber, glass mouthpiece, and isolated airpath to thank for that. Vapor production is slightly above average for what you’d expect from a $50 herb vaporizer.

This is most likely because of the LITL 1’s single temperature setting which is a bit higher for increased vapor production. Obviously having more temperature settings would be nice but at such a low price, having one solid temperature that produces vapor is all you really need.


LITL 1 side view


Look and Feel

The LITL 1 looks pretty good for any vaporizer. It looks especially good when you take its low price into account. Matte black is a go-to, and this vaporizer’s look will appeal to a lot of people for that reason.

The stylish, modern font used for the unit’s front-facing logo compliments this vaporizer’s aesthetic very well, and the tapered edges make it pretty comfortable to hold. Because it is so tiny and lightweight it will easily disappear in your pocket.



Considering it only operates at one temperature and has no unnecessary features, it would be pretty surprising if the LITL 1 wasn’t extremely easy to use. I can say with confidence that almost anyone could effortlessly operate this herb vaporizer.

It’s as simple as loading the herb chamber, replacing the mouthpiece, and giving the unit’s only button a press. Once the LITL 1’s light turns solid green, it’s ready to vape! It really doesn’t get easier than this and is a great introductory to vaporizers.

LITL 1 in hand



This is a very small, lightweight vaporizer, but its glass mouthpiece may pose a few problems. Most people don’t want to put a vaporizer with an exposed glass mouthpiece into their pocket for fear that the mouthpiece will break.

A lot of vaporizers get around this caveat by including a cap that covers the glass mouthpiece, but, sadly, this isn’t the case with the LITL 1. It’s pretty portable otherwise, easily slipping into a pocket to take with you for the day and its so small and lightweight you won’t even notice it.



The LITL 1’s matte black design is ideal for discreet vaping, but the green light on the front isn’t. Luckily, this vaporizer is so small that your hand will usually cover the light.

We like the fact that the LITL 1’s design isn’t blatantly obvious. This vape could easily pass as an all-in-one e-liquid vaporizer. All things considered, this is a pretty discreet herb vaporizer.


For $50, you’re not going to do much better than the LITL 1. The vapor production is adequate for the price, with the single temperature set on the higher side to produce good vapor with a glass mouthpiece to preserve flavor. You don’t get a lot of features or options, but for $50, you can’t expect much more. If you do want a unit with a bit more features that is still affordable check out the Utillian 420.

The flavor is good, and the LITL 1’s design is ergonomic, compact, and discreet. If you’re only willing to spend $50, this is one of the only vaporizers that I’d suggest. It offers a lot for very little, and it’s a surprisingly decent vaporizer considering its price.

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