The Loto Lux – which used to be called the Evoke Vaporizer – is a newly released device that is capable of vaping 3 mediums of material and uses induction heating. The Lux is the first ever induction heating vaporizer that uses electro magnetism to heat your dry herbs, liquids, nd concentrates. The Lux has been in the works for quite a long time and it is now finally available for purchase. In this article we will speculate on what we know and what we have seen in regards to the Lux vaporizer.

Product Pros

  1. Portable
  2. Quality build
  3. Simple to use
  4. App connected
  5. Electromagnetism vaping

Product Cons

  1. High cost
  2. Appears best for liquids, ok for dry herbs

Loto Lux Review: Breakdown


Why’s the Lux Different?

The big draw and the thing that has most people interested in the Lux vaporizer is the induction heating technology and the fancy magnets that heat up the rod and in turn your material. Some people believe that this device will give the industry leading vaporizers such as the Mighty and Crafty a run for their money.

One of the most budget friendly premium vaporizers is the Utillian 721 which will also be a device that the Lux will attempt to compete with. These devices all use convection style heating (forced air) opposed to conduction (surface heat) to vaporize materials. The electromagnetic induction heating is very interesting and new and we are intrigued to see how it will perform. I have some comments on what I think of how it will perform below.

The Lux uses Bluetooth technology to connect the functionality of the device to your smart phone. This is something that only a handful of devices currently offers and is something that makes your vaporizer much more powerful and personal. Apps such as the ones that work with vaporizers can record your sessions and maintain data on what works and what doesn’t and the settings that are preferred by the user. The Lux app is mentioned to be one of the most functional vaporizer apps currently available.

Build Quality

The Lux device is made with top quality materials and components – the body itself is made of wood and aluminum parts. The 3 different cartridges that come with the Lux which are designed to vape concentrates, liquids and dry herbs are made of glass.

These glass cartridges get slid into the vaporizer and the mouthpiece gets positioned into place over these glass stems. Inside the glass cartridges there is a metal insert which is what gets heated to vape your materials. Inside the Lux vaporizer is a computer chip that helps to run the device and the Bluetooth technology.


Who Makes the Lux?

It was quite a while ago that the idea of the Lux vaporizer came to be. It was in 2014 that a silicon valley startup first introduced the concept of an electromagnetic vaporizer that used conduction heating.

Loto Labs has filed a couple patents for their technology that exists in their new vaporizer. Loto Labs has now begun shipping their vaporizer in small quantities to those who backed them at the early stages of development. Loto Labs received funding by crowdfunding and receiving some great exposure early on the company’s development stages.

Look and Feel

The Lux has a very modern look to it and the grip has been designed to be ergonomic in your hand. There is just one button on the device and the version that we have seen has a wood finish with aluminum lines.

The Lux is a little bit bigger than other popular industry device such as the PAX, the Crafty and the Da Vinci vaporizers. The Lux is designed to vape all 3 materials and will be one of the most advanced portable vaporizers on the market in 2017.


Thoughts on the Lux

We will have to wait and see what the vapor quality and performance of the Lux is but I will give my two cents on what I think. I think that the induction heating is being a bit overplayed and the vapor quality will be really similar to current vaporizers on the market.

The way the Lux works is that the electromagnetism heats the metal insert, which in turn heats your material. This to me does not seem like to much of a difference from conduction heating since it will still be surface heat that heats the material. I may be wrong on this as it is a new concept but this is just what I believe as of now.

Convection vaporizers in my opinion will still have an advantage over how it heats materials. Convection heats materials with forced air which heats materials evenly and lowers the chance material will combust. The Lux as far as I can tell is more closely related to conduction heating than convection.

For concentrates and e-juice, I think the Lux will perform well though. The heat up time is supose to be very quick, pretty much instant and this will give fast big hits similar to a powerful battery mod. It is because of this that I think the Lux may actually cater more to the nicotine e-liquid crowd than the cannabis crowd.

Again I could be wrong and I will correct myself in an updated article if I am, but this is just my current stance and what I think will happen in my experience reviewing new vaporizers.



Since this is a speculation article I cannot really give you a yes or no answer on whether or not to spend $399 on this new device. What I do suggest is that you wait until you start to see some real use reviews or our updated review on the Lux to be more certain. The Lux is one of the most expensive portable vaporizers and it is using never before used untested methods to vape 3 different materials.

We’ll try our best to quickly get some hands on experience with the Lux so that we can share more details with you. I hope this new device performs well and that I am wrong with the performance speculation with dry herbs. It should not be to much longer and we will have a more detailed article for you to read and understand the Lux in full detail.

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