Marley Naturals Large Steamroller Review
Build Quality80%
Smoke Quality75%
Look & Feel77%
Ease of Maintenance73%
76%100Overall Score

Today we’re taking a look at a new piece by Marley Natural. As the name implies, this piece is the result of one of the many Marley children. As with anything stamped with the Marley name (rolling papers, posters, official t-shirts etc.) you should go into the transaction expecting to pay more than you would for a similar, but unbranded piece. As far as quality goes, they tend to be rather hit or miss. The Large Glass Steamroller Pipe by Marley Natural is priced rather high for the market, let’s dig in and determine whether the price is value or hype.

Product Pros

  1. Attractive
  2. Modular
  3. Thick Glass

Product Cons

  1. Overpriced
  2. Stand will go missing


Marley Naturals Large Steamroller Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Marley Natural Steamroller Pipe is one of a series of solid, multimedia pieces. The connections are smooth and seem to wear lightly, meaning that you should not expect any leaks or long threading problems.

They come together easily, though there is no hidden magnet to guide them together. The Steamroller has a major build flaw in that it has absolutely no roll stop technology to speak of.

Marley Natural accounts for this by including a curved stand made of the same wood as the piece.

This makes it lovely to display (if you’re planning to keep it relatively clean) but somewhat difficult to smoke in a group setting.

When you eventually lose the stand (and you will) what you’re left with is a fairly expensive modular piece whose glass component is simply waiting to be broken.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

Steamroller pipes are a great addition to any smoker’s collection, particularly those smokers who choose to indulge on a daily basis. This steam roller is designed to allow smoke to build up quickly and stack smoke upon itself, leading to thick, milky hits and very large clouds.

The mouthpiece tapers nicely, meaning that you are able to slowly inhale the large hits that you build. This flexibility belies the intensity of the “steamroller” name, and provides a pleasant and controllable experience. Dealing with the stand is an incredible pain.

This isn’t a piece that you can set down mid-session. Instead, it must be passed hand to hand, meaning that the groups you can use it in are smaller than they would be if there were some rollstop.

This lack of a rollstop is enough for me to rule this piece a risky buy.  Steamroller pipes are known for producing harsh hits, leading to choking and coughing fits. This steamroller pipe is no exception.




Look and Feel

This is a well crafted steamroller pipe. It fits snugly in the hand, without being overly large. The modular feature is quite attractive and will draw the attention of those smokers who enjoy finer accessories.

I found the bowl was reasonably sized for the type of piece that it is. Many steamrollers at this price point feature large bowls, better suited to groups of two or three than for the personal smoke sessions of a regular smoker.

This piece has a smooth, indented bowl which holds slightly more than one, large hit. This means that the user can torch the bowl and fill the chamber without reducing the hit quality of those who must continue to hit the bowl after them.

I found this incredibly tedious.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

The modular aspect of this pipe makes it easier to maintain than almost any steamroller pipe I’ve ever dealt with. The pieces come apart easily, meaning that you can clean them individually.

The glass component can be soaked in alcohol or any similar solvent, as long as it is rinsed with water and then thoroughly dried.

The wooden aspects of this piece become a downside at this point, as they can’t be cleaned thoroughly enough to sterilize them.

You can scrape the residue and buildup from them using a blunt instrument, but if you attempt to use even the most mild of solvents, you’re going to have problems.

While I enjoy the visual aspect of this modular piece, the downsides to the building materials actually outweigh the benefits of the modularity.


This piece is attractive, but overpriced, with a name that people recognize. The quality level is high, but the design sense is rather low. The fact that this piece lacks a roll stop of any sort makes it an accident waiting to happen.

The glass isn’t especially thick at 3mm, meaning that when it rolls off your table (and it will) it’s incredibly likely to break. Unfortunately, the fact that it’s made by Marley Natural means that it is also rather pricey to replace this piece. I would pass on this one. It’s almost designed to fail.

If you are looking for more of unique take on the modern pipe be sure to check out the Genius Pipe and for a more affordable glass spoon pipe check out the Jane West Spoon.

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