Marley Naturals Small Taster Review
Build Quality70%
Smoke Quality70%
Look & Feel80%
Ease of Maintenance69%
72%100Overall Score

Today we’re going to take a look at an introductory piece to the mixed media line by Marley Natural. There are many Marley children and quite a few of them produce Marley branded products. The quality level varies, but one of the few consistencies is a high price tag relative to the market. When you buy a Marley piece, you have to know going in that a component of the price is the cool factor of the producer. Some Marley branded products are extremely high quality works. Some Marley branded products are poorly made and overpriced. I took a look at the Small Glass Taster Pipe by Marley Natural to see whether it’s worth the price, or just another imposter.

Product Pros

  1. Attractive
  2. Modular
  3. Discrete

Product Cons

  1. Overpriced
  2. Hard to Clean

Marley Naturals Small Taster Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This piece has no rollstop, and that makes no sense at all. It is completely inexplicable that the makers of every cheap, unbranded one-hitter know that a rollstop is required, but the smokers at Marley Natural do not.

This piece is an incredibly expensive one-hitter, and yet it lacks the simplest of features, making it incredibly likely to break.

This lack of roll stop makes it more tedious to load and set aside than most one-hitters. That being said, the quality of the materials is reasonably high.

The wood on glass design sense of this line is an interesting combination of old-fashioned and modern.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The smoke quality of this pipe is basically what you would expect from a one-hitter. It’s definitely suitable for daily use, which is a positive. You could hit this piece for multiple sessions a day without encountering any problems.

The stem isn’t very long, so the smoke doesn’t have much of a chance to cool down. This means that your hits are going to be rather hot and rather harsh. However, the size and bore of the piece work to the user’s advantage.

The smoke seems to cool more than one would expect with a smaller one-hitter. The bowl for this one-hitter is relatively large. For many smokers, it will take 1 ½ hits to completely clear the bowl.

This means that smokers with less lung power are in for a lot of charred and unpleasant hits.




Look and Feel

This is definitely one of the most attractive one-hitters that I’ve ever reviewed. The wood is even more attractive in person, and the mixed media is a detail uncommon in lowly one-hitters. This is a one-hitter designed to be noticed, a bit of a strange concept in a piece commonly used to avoid attention.

This pipe is quite large for what it is. If a typical one-hitter is sized similarly to a cigarette, the Small Glass Taster Pipe by Marley Natural is more like a cigar, a detail that sets it firmly apart from other pieces on the market. It feels expensive. Even without looking at it, there is a marked difference between the feel of this piece and the $5 one-hitter you pick up on a whim.

This thing fits into your hand beautifully and can be passed more easily (and surprisingly, more discreetly) than almost any one hitter you’ll find.

I found this incredibly tedious.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance is the number one issue with this whole line. Mixed media is attractive, but it most certainly has a downside. One hitters are typically an extremely easy piece to clean.

All one has to do is soak it in alcohol for a few hours and the piece essentially cleans itself. A one-hitter with a wooden component is a completely different process.

I feel that the difficulty in cleaning really detracts from this line. A one-hitter is meant to be a simple piece, not only to use, but to clean and maintain.

Instead, Marley Natural has created a one-hitter which requires more care and maintenance than your average stylized pipe.

There are pieces worth long and tedious cleaning sessions, but one-hitters certainly are not among them. Cleaning a one-hitter should be mindless and effortless.

Unfortunately, cleaning the Small Glass Taster Pipe is anything but.


A one-hitter is a simple piece that should not require any thought. You load it. You hit it. It simply works. The market is entirely saturated with one-hitters. Every brand makes one, and they’re incredibly cheap. Generic, nameless versions abound, and they all tend to be around the same price.

A brand wishing to charge this much for a one-hitter should present the consumer with something incredibly impressive. Instead, Marley Natural gives us a version of lower quality than many one-hitters which sell for ⅙ of the price. It’s not a bad pipe by any means, but it is very far from being a great one. I recommend passing on this overpriced piece.

If you are looking for more of unique take on the modern pipe be sure to check out the Genius Pipe and for a more affordable glass spoon pipe check out the Jane West Spoon.

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