Micro Vaped FOB Review - Unlocked!
Build Quality56%
Vapor Quality42%
Look & Feel70%
56%100Overall Score

Like a lot of other novelty nonsense in the vape market, the FOB (this really shouldn’t be capitalized, but for the sake of consistency we’ll roll with it) by Micro Vaped is being sold as perhaps the most compact and discreet vaporizer ever. As evidenced by the manufacturer name, Micro Vaped specializes in creating the best quality vape they can in the smallest packages. The thing with all these super small and compact vaporizers is that the manufacturing and vapor quality almost always end up being compromised. So, with this in mind, we were pretty curious to see if the FOB can unlock some sweet, stealthy vapor.

Seeing as this looks to be a cute and fun starter vape, check out the Ultimate Vaporizer Buyers’ Guide on Vapesterdam to see how the FOB by Vaped stacks up against other portable vape options.

Product Pros

  • Fast heat-up time
  • Can be used while charging
  • 1 year warranty
  • Super discreet and unique design

Product Cons

  • Vapor can get quite warm
  • Loose mouthpiece can fall out


Micro Vaped FOB Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Manufacturing quality of the FOB is as decent as you could expect from such a small device. This convection-style vaporizer has a stainless steel heating chamber which is bottom-loading magnetic oven holds into place pretty well.

The charger hole is close to the heating chamber, so make sure not to overpack your bowl or you may have some unfortunate spillage. The FOB comes with both stainless steel and silicone mouthpieces, but both of them end up getting quite warm during use, a common predicament of such tiny vapes.


Vapor Quality

6 heat settings is pretty decent for a vape this small. The first few draws should get some pretty decent flavor, if not particularly big clouds. Subsequent draws get a bit more robust, but then vapor definitely gets harsher on the higher settings, as there is not much airflow to distribute.


The silicon mouthpiece is similar to that of the DaVinci Ascent, and didn’t give any additional unwanted flavor. Or you can just hit it straight out of the mouthpiece hole, though Vaped doesn’t really recommend this due to how hot the unit gets in general. Overall, vapor quality was just decent with the FOB, and you can get anywhere from 7 to 10 sessions out of the battery.

Micro Vaped FOB Chamber & Oven

Look and Feel

Super small and compact, shorter and only a little wider than the Pax 2, it kind of looks like a harmonica at first but there is no denying how much this looks like an average key fob. Even the charger alone is bigger than the unit itself.

The stainless steel accents on the body add some welcome texture to the grip and give it a bit of heft, though we didn’t necessarily get the feeling the FOB would be lasting longer than its 1-year warranty would allow.



This might actually be one of the most discreet vaporizer models out there right now; it looks just like a standard vehicle key fob, with the power and temperature buttons styled with the image of a car and lock.

The Vaped logo is even styled like a high-end vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz or BMW. Don’t be surprised if you end up trying to start your car with it at some point.


Ease of Use

As this guy is definitely meant to look as much as possible like a traditional key fob, you’ll have to remember the stealthy settings. The trunk open button is actually the power button, and has to be pressed five times to turn on. The unlock button turns down the heat, and the lock button turns it up. You’ll also have to remember the color coordination for the heat settings: turquoise – 360°F, blue – 380°F, green – 390°F, purple – 400°F, yellow – 410°F, red – 420°F.

Battery life is also indicated through by the lights: green means fully charged, purple means 70%, orange is 40%, and when the bottom light shows red, then you’re ready to charge. The unit is ready to use when the light stops flashing; the unit will then stay on in 3 minute intervals to keep the battery life strong and not worry if it somehow turns on in your pocket. It gets quite hot once heated, so once the heat is up, it’s best to gradually turn it down throughout your session and not turn it back up until you reset the chamber. Also, it’s not the easiest chamber to load due to how small it is, but overall the FOB is pretty simple to use and shouldn’t give much of an issue for operation.



Super portability is the MO of the FOB; it rolls around in your pocket like it’s barely even there, fits snugly in your hand, has a decent battery life (around 7-10 sessions worth), and is well-positioned as a vape for people on the move.

Also, the  build quality also seems strong enough to hold up to some travel time. Really, the only knock against portability is how small the heating chamber is, and the difficulty which can come with loading such a small chamber on the go. Otherwise, it is difficult to imagine a more portable vaporizer.


The problem with super small and compact vapes like this is how the chamber will almost always get super warm and end up making your vapor harsh. As cool as the design novelty of the FOB is, the vapor and build quality are just not quite good enough to make our upper echelon of vapes. With a price tag starting around $139.99 USD, it’s not quite as much of a deal as we would like from such a unit.

If you’re looking for a really high-quality vaporizer that also retains discreetness and portability, the Vapir Prima may be more up your alley, or perhaps the Firefly 2; both these units have higher price tags, but perform much better while giving you the same level of portability and discreetness. This would make a really cute gift for people just getting into vaporizing and want to keep things on the super down low but otherwise, there are other doors to be unlocked here.

As always, thanks so much for reading our review! Have you used the FOB yet? Are you still trying to unlock your car doors with it? Let us know in the comments!

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