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It used to take hours to make herb-infused edibles, but the future of edibles has arrived in the form of the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser. This $150 unit will transform the way you make edibles. But is it better than other units on the market like the Levo Oil Infuser? There are a lot of reasons to love this little machine, so let’s just jump into the review and talk about them.

Product Pros

  • Simple Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to clean

Product Cons

  • Need to Decarb Herbs
  • Limited Cycles




Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser Review: Breakdown

Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser detached

Using the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser

After you’ve picked your cycle, the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser goes to work. You’ll notice the blade turn on and off throughout the wait time, and that’s totally normal.

It continually grinds your weed, and it keeps the mixture stirred for even heating. This blade performs like an absolute boss. It completely eviscerates your herb, which comes out as something that can only be described as pulp.

The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser has three cycles.

  • The Mighty Fast 1 Cycle – takes 45 minutes
  • The Mighty Fast 2 Cycle – takes 90 minutes
  • Mighty Long Cycle – takes 4 hours

Each cycle does a great job, but the longest cycle will make the best oil. It’ll be more potent, and it’ll even taste a little stronger. If you have the time, I recommend the Mighty Long Cycle, but the other cycles still tend to produce oil that’s even better than oil made without an oil infuser.

No matter what cycle you choose, you’ll have a very satisfying edible experience, but for the absolute best, use the Mighty Long Cycle.

Once your oil has finished, you’ll need to pour it through the metal strainer into the included plastic cup. We love that this strainer fits perfectly over the plastic cup, as this thoughtful feature makes the entire experience even easier.

Next, pour your oil from the measuring cup into the container of your choosing, using the organic hemp filter bag to remove any residue that could’ve gotten through your metal strainer. You’re done! You now have a container filled with high-quality oil that you can use to make a variety of edibles.

 Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser upper part

Is the build quality worth the price?

The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser is built well and seems very sturdy, but the build quality could definitely be better. The inside of the unit is stainless steel, which is great to see! However, the majority of the device’s outer shell is made from plastic. Your oil shouldn’t touch the outside of the device, so this hardly affects the quality of the device’s performance.

However, the build itself would undoubtedly look and feel a lot nicer if they’d used a better kind of material. We’re still glad that the unit is made from stainless steel on the inside, where it really counts.

The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser consists of two main parts: the body and the lid. The body is simply a container, while most of the work is done by the lid.

It has a very sharp, high-speed blade that grinds your weed intermittently while simultaneously mixing the herb with your oil. The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser has a lot of accessories, and they’re all built extremely well.

This unit includes a metal strainer and an organic hemp filter bag, both of which seem to be made from durable, high-quality materials. That metal strainer fits perfectly over the included plastic measuring cup, which also seems to be made very well.

 Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser tank

Is the Mighty Fast more convenient?

As far convenience goes, this is one of the best herbal infusers on the market. You don’t have to spend time looking up times and temperatures to use, because it does all of that four you.

The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser has three preset cycles that will cook your weed and oil for just the right amount of time at just the right temperature. At the same time, the high-speed blade stirs the mixture, ensuring even cooking.

We love the fact that with the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser you don’t even need to grind your herb. You do, however, have to decarb your herb. Decarbing your herb means cooking it just enough so that the is easily absorbed by your oil.

To decarb your weed, break it up just a little. You don’t need to grind the herb at all, but if you have large nuggets, at least break them up into quarter-sized fragments. Next, place your herb on a cooking sheet with some parchment paper and cook it for 25 minutes at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser is extremely easy. In fact, it would be pretty hard to get the measurements wrong. You really only need to remember one thing. Use at least half an ounce and don’t use more than an ounce.

Once you’ve put the correct amount of herb into the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser, all you have to do is fill it with oil to the minimum capacity line indicated on the inside of the device. After that, all you need to do is pick your preferred cycle and relax.

The convenience doesn’t end there! The worst part of making edibles is the cleaning up afterward. It can be a very messy activity. The Mighty Fast Herbal Vaporizer actually has a self-cleaning cycle, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning too much.

Just add a small amount of dish soap, fill half of the container with water, and choose the Mighty Clean Cycle option. You’ll still need to clean the organic hemp filter bag, the metal strainer, and the plastic measuring cup. Still, it’s a lot less cleaning that you’d be doing without this awesome little device.

How are the results?

The results are in, and the case for the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser is pretty strong! Once you’ve cooked and strained your oil, what’s left is extremely potent oil. This unit doesn’t just make potent oil, it makes delicious oil.

The oil, if made correctly, should be totally free of residue, and it looks, smells, and tastes fantastic. The results of the oil are nothing short of what you’d expect from such an advanced device.


We can easily recommend the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser. It’s one of the easiest herbal infusers to use on the market due to its advanced mixing/heating process and its preset temperatures and heating timings. It requires very little of the user, yet it manages to produce grade A oil. It even cleans itself, which is an awesome feature to include.

When you take everything into consideration, $150 isn’t a bad price to pay for this device. After all, it’s extremely advanced, and it performs extremely well. It has a few helpful and innovative features, and it comes with several high-quality accessories. If you’re an edible enthusiast, we’re convinced that you’ll love this device.

If you are interested in edible making machines, be sure to check out our review of the famous Magical Butter Machine. Or leave a comment letting us know what other herbal extraction devices you would like us to check out.

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