Myle Pod Vape Review - Smiley with the Myle?
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality74%
72%100Overall Score

There are a lot of pod style vaporizers on the market but the JUUL still reigns supreme. Enter, the Myle pod system (Myle is pronounced as my-lee). The Myle is a very interesting pod device as it is very similar to the JUUL in terms of size and design. It is also a true mouth to lung device with its very restrictive airflow that also features an automatic draw activated system. But does it have what it takes to beat the JUUL from its position? We’ll find out.

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Product Pros

  • Slim and portable
  • Leak free pod
  • Has a refillable pod option

Product Cons

  • Uses a magnetic proprietary charger
  • 240 mah battery is too small for heavy vaping


Myle Pod Vape Review: Breakdown

Myle Pod Vape available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Myle has a strong resemblance to the JUUL even to the size which makes me think that they purposely designed it this way to boost their popularity much faster. It is not a bad design choice though as it has been proven that more vapers tend to go with devices that have simple aesthetics.

The Myle is built out of high-grade aluminum just like the JUUL but the Myle actually feels much better to hold in the hand due to its slightly rounded edges. The Myle’s finish is also top-notch and it doesn’t look like the paint will get chipped over time.

Just like the JUUL and basically most pod systems on the market, the Myle doesn’t have any buttons. On the front of the device, you will only see the logo and 3 small LED indicators for the battery life and a slightly larger one that lights up when it is in use.

The body has a built-in 240 mah battery and on the top sits the pod that holds 0.9ml of e liquid. On the bottom of the device is a set of magnetic connectors for charging as it uses a small proprietary USB charger, similar to the JUUL.

I don’t know why they went for a magnetic charger instead of a standard USB charger since the latter is more convenient and accessible. It will also be a problem if you lose the magnetic charger as you will have to order and wait for another one before you can use the device again.


Vapor Quality

The Myle is a traditional closed pod system but they are actually offering empty pods if you want to vape your own e-liquid. If you choose to get from their flavor selections though, you are only limited to 5 options.

They have fewer flavors to choose from than what the JUUL is offering but at least they have every base covered depending on your flavor preference. The Myle is a true mouth to lung device, which means it has a very restrictive airflow that is actually perfect for the beginners.

It features an automatic draw activation, so all you have to do is take a puff, and it will automatically produce vapors. The Myle actually hits like a truck, which is very impressive for a device of this size. Don’t expect big clouds though, as it leans more on flavor rather than vapor production.

Myle Pod Vape side view




The Myle, just like most pod systems on the market, is limited when it comes to features and capabilities. You won’t get variable wattage or temperature control on a device like this as this type of device is a real beginner’s vaporizer. But unlike the JUUL and some closed pod systems, the Myle actually offers a pack of 4 disposable empty pods if you want to have the freedom to use any e liquid.

These empty pods still have a capacity of 0.9ml and with the Myle’s fixed low power output, it will still be better if you use salt based e liquids. The Myle will also soon offer lower strength pods they are calling the step-down program. The flavors available right now have 50mg and they will soon have 26mg pods if you want to lower your intake.



The Myle is very close the JUUL in terms of size. It is only 96mm in height, 19mm in length and 7.2mm in width. It is a super lightweight device that when you put it inside your pocket, you might even forget it is even there. It has a larger battery than the JUUL and a slightly larger pod capacity so you can expect it to last longer with each pod giving you around 240 puffs.

The only issue I have with the Myle is its use of a magnetic proprietary charger. They should have gone for a standard USB charger so it can be easily charged anywhere without the need to bring and use a different charger.

Myle Pod Vape mouth piece detached


The Myle can be considered a true contender for the longtime champ of pod systems, the JUUL. They have the same function and design but the Myle is slightly better when it comes to battery life and pod capacity. The JUUL offers more flavor options but the Myle offers empty pods so you can use your own e-liquid. However, at the end of the day we still feel like the Bo One is the superior pod device.

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