Ooze Magma E-Rig Review - A Flavorful Vapor Eruption
Build Quality84%
Vapor Quality83%
Look & Feel81%
Ease of Use77%
81%Overall Score

Today we are excited to review the Ooze Magma eRig. This unit boasts the ability to be both a portable concentrate vaporizer and a portable eNail in one! The versatility of the Ooze Magma allows for many different wax vaping options, and everyone is sure to find a combination they love. Is this the perfect portable eRig for you? Stay tuned to find out if this delicious taste eruption is right for you!

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Product Pros

  1. Compatible with other vaping devices
  2. 2900mAh E-Nail Magma battery
  3. Glass bubbler increases airflow
  4. Instruction manual included
  5. 6-in-1 adaptor for male and female joints, sizes 14mm and 18mm
  6. 20 second hold time

Product Cons

  1. Takes 6 hours to charge fully
  2. Battery cannot drop below 2% or it won’t hold a charge


Ooze Magma Review: Breakdown


Ooze Magma front profile

Build Quality

Build Quality

Since the Ooze is a bit taller and wider than other portable eRigs, it is quite stable. A base is even included for when you use the glass bubbler on the go! Overall, this device feels firm sitting on a table or other flat surface.

The 3 click-locking feature allows you to hear and feel that your vaporizer is ready to use safely. No one wants to break their glass!


Vapor Quality

Not one, but two coils are included: a dual quartz coil and a quartz nail. This allows for greater cloud control as well as variety. Furthermore, there are 4 included temperatures settings: 572°F, 662°F, 752°F, and 842°F.

Unlike some other portable E-Rigs, the precise temperature control allows for the perfect cloud quality each time you use it. At lower temperatures, long smooth draws produce delicious taste and less vapor.

On the higher end, the clouds become bigger while the taste stays even. No matter what glass, temperature, and coil combination you decide to use, the vapor quality of the Ooze Magma stays outstanding.


Ooze Magma heating chamber


Look and Feel

The look of the Ooze Magma is similar to many portable rigs. The glass bubbler is well made, and fits securely on top of the heating unit. The base feels stable and unlikely to easily tip and break.

The vaporizer itself comes in either black or silver, and features slime green “Ooze” highlights. We like the look, but it’s really a personal preference.



The fact that a stand is necessary may turn some people off. Since you have to stand your eRig on something stable for use, it is far less discreet than a hand-held portable vaporizer. Technically the 10 inch tall Ooze can be used while being held, but the chances of dropping and breaking increase.

Unfortunately, there is no mistaking this Ooze Magma product for an Ecig or a cell phone. People that see it will know what it is. Also, there is no sneaking this thing into your purse or its carrying case without notice.

Ooze Magma with waterpipe adapter


Ease of Use

To use this eNail simply it turn on, let it heat to the desired temperature, drop your wax on the coil, cover, and breath in! The LED lights indicate temperature, and the device is just as easy to use as every other portable eNail on the market. Just a few minutes of practice makes perfect!

One thing we love about the Ooze Magma is its versatility. There are two ways you can use your wax and concentrates with this unit. The included glass bubbler is great for vaping on the go.

What’s more, it easily connects with compatible vapes to make your own unique creation at home. The Ooze actually mounts inside your current water unit for a completely unique taste and cloud experience!



In terms of portability, the Ooze Magma does not win any awards. Although not heavy, it is bulky and takes up considerable room in a purse or backpack. This goes double for those willing to lug around the old-school metal case.

Furthermore, there is no compromise. You must at least use the small, portable case to carry the glass bubbler around. If portability is one of your top priorities, there are more suitable eNails on the market.


The Ooze Magma is a quality, affordable alternative when compared to other portable eRig and eNails on the market. The vapor quality is guaranteed to please, as is the look and feel of this vaporizer. Those looking for a solid 2 in 1 experience be sure to check out the Focusvape Tourist, which has separate attachments to handle both herbs and waxes.

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