Pax 3 Vaporizer Review - New but improved?
Build Quality82%
Vapor Quality85%
Look and Feel80%
83%100Overall Score

Welcome to our review of the Pax 3!

We’re excited to be reviewing this because the pretty Pax has been a heavy hitter in the vaporizer world ever since they launched their original vaporizer. The Pax 2 was a crowd pleaser especially with the ladies, but we’ve heard some mixed reviews about this newest model. Today we’ll be going over all the details to help you figure out if this is worth buying.

From the outside, you’ll probably immediately notice that the Pax 3 looks identical to the Pax 2, aside of the finish, which makes it look more like a beauty product. The differences lie under the hood, including special heating styles and an improved battery.

Lets see how it performs…

Product Pros

  • Stealthy and portable
  • Good battery (and bigger than Pax 2)
  • Unique heating modes
  • Good vapor production

Product Cons

  • Gloss finish easily scratches and shows fingerprints
  • Nothing revolutionary


Pax 3 Vaporizer: Breakdown 


Build Quality

Build Quality

The overall manufacturing quality of the Pax 3 is good, though all of the most important components seem to be exactly the same as those on the Pax 2. These include the heating chamber, vapor pathway, and mouthpiece. Some small changes may have been made, but nothing worth mentioning.

This is a bit of a let down. There was room for improvements with the screen setup, and a blended heating style would have been better than straight conduction.

That’s not to say that changes weren’t made. The two best changes involved upgrading the battery to a 3500mAh 18650 and giving the device special heating styles. The battery life is a full 500mAh more than the Pax 2, but the heating modes are the real star of the show.

The general idea of the heating modes is that the vaporizer will automatically change the temperature throughout your session based on how you are using it and the results you want to achieve. The modes include standard, flavor, boost, efficiency, and stealth.

One change that I’m not a fan of is the exterior. I’ll discuss this more in the Look and Feel section, but I’ll save you the suspense and let you know that this glossy finish will give you a great idea of what your fingerprint looks like, in case you were wondering. It shows scratches easily too.

You also get a new half-pack fixture for the heating chamber cover, which allows the device to perform better when used with less herb. You also get an concentrate cannister, but the vaporizer doesn’t reach hot enough temperatures to vaporize waxes well.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Pax 3 is good. The clouds are a nice size if you want that, and the flavor is pleasant. It really isn’t much different than the vapor from the Pax 2 though. Vaporizers can have all the features in the world, but at the end of the day, the only metric that really matters is vapor quality. I would have like to see this improved from one model to the next.

To be fair, the heating modes do help customize your experience to your preferences.

The standard mode bumps temperatures up by 5 degrees while you draw to offset the airflow. The flavor mode keeps it cooler in between draws, while boost mode keeps it warmer and heats it more aggressively during draws. Efficiency mode simply increases the temperature throughout, and stealth mode keeps the temperature lower in between draws like the flavor setting (it also dims the light).

Pax 3 Heating Chamber and Oven Lids


Look and Feel

This looks exactly like the Pax 2, but it has a glossy finish. This could have gone either way, but the nice shiny finish gets ruined as soon as you touch it for the first time.

It is very hard to keep fingerprints off of this, and to make matters worse, it’s also very easy to scratch.

I’ll personally take the brushed finish of the Pax 2 over this any day.



Back to positives. You should have no problem staying discreet with this. The unit is very small, so it is easy to keep it concealed in your hand and not attract attention.

More importantly, this has the built in stealth mode that I mentioned earlier. This will automatically dim the lights and it also features a quick cooldown in between draws. The dimmed light should help keep visual attention down, while the cooler standby temps will keep odors to a minimum.

Use stealth mode with the lowest temperature setting, and you should be good to go.


Ease of Use

The first two Pax vaporizers were very easy to use, and this one is no different. The oven cover is magnetic and easy to remove, and the power button is designed as part of the mouthpiece. This same button is used to set the temperature, and aside from that everything happens automatically when it is on.

There is also an app that can be used with the Pax 3. It can be a bit confusing to use at first, but if you are going to get this vaporizer, you should plan on using the app. You don’t actually need to, but you can’t access the heating modes without it. Without them, you really should just buy the Pax 2.



This is also very portable. For one, its extremely small and fits nicely in a pocket. This makes carrying it very convenient.

It also boasts a big battery for the size. At 3500mAh, you’ll have plenty of power to get you through a day or two of moderate usage, if not more. This is one of the best features of this vaporizer.


The Pax 3 is a very pretty vaporizer, but it isn’t really a new model. This seems a lot more like a souped-up Pax 2 than its own vaporizer. And on that note, I’d rather have the original exterior than this new one, so my unit doesn’t look like lipstick!

Aside from the exterior, the Pax 3 is obviously better than the Pax 2, especially if you make use of the heating modes. The extra battery life is great, and I also enjoy that they included a stealth mode. Pax’s portability is still unrivaled.

There are plenty of counterfeits out there so be sure to get your Pax from an authorized retailer like Tools420.

If you are considering this, I’d also take a look at the Utillian 721 or the Firefly 2. Like the Pax 3, these are new models from popular manufacturers, but they’re a bit more innovative than this one.

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  1. JP

    The biggest advantage is that it heats up in 15 seconds as opposed to 45. Worthwhile mention.

    • Victor

      Don’t know that the roughly 15 second heat up time is the biggest advantage but it’s definitely a lot faster than the previous models. Still, it’s not the near-instant heat up time that the new Firefly has, which is pretty much ridiculously fast. But anyways, the biggest advantage is probably the dual-use thanks to the concentrate insert, just my two cents.


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