Pax Era Review - The Era in our ways
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality87%
85%100Overall Score

From the same designers of the revolutionary Juul, an easy to use and extremely portable electronic cigarette device comes another new step in the right direction in the form of the Era by Pax. The Pax Era takes the same minimalistic design and operation of the Juul but delivers these concepts for those who vape concentrates.

Product Pros

  • Extremely easy to use and carry
  • Great quality vapor and flavor
  • No cleaning or maintenance required

Product Cons

  • Limited battery life
  • Proprietary pod designs can be limiting





Pax Era Review: Breakdown


Pax Era flat display

Build Quality

Build Quality

If you’ve ever seen or held a Juul in hand, you more or less know what to expect with the Era. Packing a slim and portable frame akin to the size of a standard USB stick, its probably the most compact vape you’ll ever experience, easily concealed in the palm of your hand or tiny pockets for utmost discretion where vaping is concerned.

As to the durability of the Era, it feels robust enough and although I haven’t subjected it to any drop tests, the device feels light enough that any impact on a solid surface from a reasonable height shouldn’t do any damage to the internals of the device although it might leave a few scuff marks on the chassis.

One thing to consider as well especially for those who tend to misplace their belongings is that Era is small enough for the average user to easily lose or misplace so an extra bit of attention is needed when storing the device in between vaping sessions.

While the Era doesn’t have the typical display to indicate remaining battery life, it does utilize customizable LEDs to give you a good approximation of how much longer it can go before its next recharge. All it takes is a simple shake of the device for the petal-like LEDs to come to life and give you a quick overview of the current battery life and temperature cycle of the Era.

Just like Juul, the Era utilizes a similar proprietary design that makes maintenance of the device a no-brainer. No cleaning is required between uses, just simply pop out the pod you want to replace, plug a new pod in and you’re ready to go. It has to be mentioned though that the Era doesn’t come with the pods by default and you will have to purchase them separately.


Vapor Quality

Although simple in design and use, the Era still gives you the option to set at what temperature to vape your preferred concentrate. A simple shake of the device cycles between low (green), low-medium (yellow), medium-high (orange), and high (red).

Needless to say that the expected life expectancy of each pod solely depends on your frequency of use as well as the temperature that you often vape at. Judging from my experience of using the Era two to three times a day with around 15 puffs per use, each pod lasted approximately for about a week before it required replacing and this was at the low-medium temperature setting.

Having said this it’s safe to estimate that each pod should last at about 350-450 puffs depending on your settings. And for those wondering, each pod gives you half a gram of pure concentrate, so depending on where you manage to purchase yours, it can be a pretty good value.

Vapor quality is astounding considering the size of the Era and the low power it delivers, making it an extremely efficient device all throughout. Flavor was exactly where I wanted it as well when vaping it at the low-medium temperature setting, with each puff giving a relaxed and easy draw.

In regards to the longevity of the battery, it’s difficult to expect much from the Era especially at its tiny 240mAh capacity, but it manages to get me through a single day of use without a hitch.


Pax Era mouth piece detached



Despite its minuscule footprint, the Era manages to provide a satisfying variety of temperature options to help you reach that sweet spot for each vaping session. Although while not as precise as larger or more full-fledged vaporizers, it manages to do its job just fine.

There’s no shortage of concentrates to choose from either when you decide to purchase pods, so it’s not really an issue if you cant use your personal favorite as most likely there’s a pod out there that should give you what you want.

There are quite a few more out there with a whole variety of THC and CBD ratios to choose from so its great to see Pax not limiting options in any way for their client base.



Coming in at 3 inches of length and less than an inch thick, the Era is hard to beat in terms of overall portability and discreetness. Not only is it extremely easy to pocket or store, it’s also easily confused for a USB drive for those who are unfamiliar with the device, making it very ideal for those who want to keep their vaping low-key.

While battery life might not be that great especially if you’re a heavy vaper, the Era can be quickly recharged virtually anywhere as long as there’s a USB slot available.  Charging is quick as well so there’s very minimal downtime in between uses.

Pax Era in hand


Pax knew what they were doing when naming this vaporizer as it seems to be the herald for a new era of vaping concentrates. The Pax Era is perfect for just about everyone who’s into concentrates. It’s hard to say no to a device that is easy to use and maintain, provides a great vaping experience, is extremely stealthy and portable, and doesn’t break the bank unlike the majority of other vaporizers out there in the market.

If you are interested to check out what other units are available in the prefilled market be sure to check out the Stiizy or the Dosist.

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