Pulsar Go Series Wax/Smoker ePipe Review - Hit or Quit?
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality40%
Look & Feel65%
Ease of Use75%
67%100Overall Score

Today we are excited to review a somewhat different product. In fact, the Pulsar Go Series Wax/Smoker ePipe is relatively unique in the realm of vaporizers. It combines the ability to vape wax and combust dry herb in one tiny, portable unit. There is a reason not many manufacturers have dared to into the realm of 2-in-1 concentrate/flower ePipe’s. However, we are keeping an open mind as we dive into what promises to be an interesting device from Pulsar.

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Product Pros

  • Quick charging battery (1100mAh lithium ion)
  • 5-second heat-up times
  • 2 exchangeable atomizers
  • 1.5 hour charge time

Product Cons

  • Not compatible with APX triple quartz coil
  • Non-precise temperature controls
  • Strong Odor



Pulsar Go Series Review: Breakdown


Pulsar Go Series available colors

Build Quality

Build Quality

The wax chamber is a dual ribbon twist Kanthal wrapped triple quartz coil, and the herb chamber is a ceramic power pad. The heating chambers are pure quartz.

The glass mouthpiece is hand blown borosilicate, a quality not usually seen among larger vaporizer manufacturers. The outer shell is durable and is made of either an aluminum or steel for strength.


Vapor Quality

The first thing we observed was the lack of precise temperature control. Instead, this Pulsar product will burn anywhere from 932°F -1112°F. You never really know what you are getting, and it is rare to see a unit without accurate heating.

The temperatures on the Pulsar Go Series ePipe are a bit higher than what most are used to seeing. One reason is out of necessity to vaporize the wax. Another reason is because the Wax/Smoker ePipe uses combustion to turn dry flower into smoke.

So, if you like the vapor quality of pipes you will love this unit. However, if you are looking for flavorful herb vapor instead of smoke you will be sorely disappointed. One more note.

We found that you will only get about 1 good hit from the dry herb chamber. Therefore, we think the Smoker aspect operates more like a one-hitter than a full-sized pipe.

In terms of the concentrate vapor quality, the lack of temperature control makes burning your material quite easy. Many vapers that care about taste and smoothness will not be impressed. However, the Go Series consistently produces full clouds and gets the job done.


Pulsar Go Series front display


Look and Feel

We think this thing feels pretty good in our hands. As mentioned before, it is durable and it feels just as strong as it is! Overall, the design is minimalist, but it works for this Pulsar ePipe.

You could miss the USB port and single button if you weren’t looking for them! The Go Series ePipe comes in 6 different colors to satisfy any palette: black, blue, grey, red, white, and yellow!



This Pulsar product is a mixed bag when it comes to discreetness. No lighter is necessary to get your one-hitter rolling. This draws less attention and allows you to hide the small ePipe in your hand.

However, the smoke coming out is just that: smoke. It will smell like herb as well as produce a noticeable hit.

Pulsar Go Series mouth piece


Ease of Use

This ePipe is extremely easy to use, even for beginners! In fact, it was created in the style of many portable vaporizers. If you have previous experience, this process is completely intuitive.

All you have to do is remove the glass mouthpiece and protective collar. Then, drop in the atomizer of your choice and screw the collar back on.

At this point, it is time to load whatever chamber you have chosen. For concentrate, use the included tool to place the sticky stuff right on top of the quartz coils.

Dry herb can be loaded per usual, and the Pulsar Go Series Wax/Smoker ePipe can hold .2 grams of it!

Turning the device on requires pushing the only button 5 times in a row. Then, the vape ready light lets you know when your desired temperature has been reached. It won’t take but a few seconds.

When ready, there are two different methods to choose from. The first way is by holding down the button as you take draws, similar to the traditional eCig. Second, pulse your finger on the button. The quick bursts of heat act like a true pipe, hence the name Wax/Smoker ePipe!

For even easier use, Pulsar included a cleaning brush and even a silicone wax container to store your goodies!



The Pulsar Go Series shines in portability. You can easily slide it anywhere as long as you protect the glass mouthpiece. The 5-minute auto safety shut off lets you forget about the ePipe as you go about your business.

You will have peace of mind knowing nothing bad will happen even if it accidentally gets turned on in your backpack!


If you want a dry herb vaporizer, the Pulsar Go Series Wax/Smoker ePipe is not for you. If you are in the market for one-hitters or portable wax vaporizers, you may love this unit, but I recommend using as one or the other, not both. It is unfortunate we cannot control our own temperature. However, we found the vapor quality to be decent for anyone not concerned with flavor. With the low-cost and 1-year warranty, this ePipe will be just good enough.

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Sarah Rodgers is a professional blog writer and herb enthusiast. When she is away from the desk Sarah can be found hiking, camping, or anything outdoorsy along with her trusty vaporizer. When in nature she feels a closer connection with the Earth and with herself.

3 Responses

  1. David Ross

    I don’t know how much of a commission you got from PULSAR for giving this POS a good review, but your credibility, in my view has greatly diminished because of it. This isn’t a vaporizer, it’s a combustion chamber! The temperature range STARTS at 900+ degrees and goes to over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit! ……… My question to you is: Who in their right mind vaporizes ANYTHING at over 900 degrees? ……… EXACTLY! I bought one of these the other day for just over $80.00. I took it to my car to break it out and use it. I read the back of the box ……. You know, the part that tells you the temperature range. I couldn’t believe it! I immediately took it back inside to return it. I was told that once it leaves the store, they aren’t allowed to take it back! ……. I took it out in the parking lot and ran it over with my car …….. What a screaming piece of crap! ……… I just paid 80 some dollars “Dumbass Tax” for not researching it first. ………. Oh, WAIT! …… Wouldn’t have done me any good …… because people like YOU, paid spokes person for PULSAR, gave it a good review! Social media can be an awesome tool, and I am making it my mission to tell everyone I know not to believe a dam thing you write, not to shop with you, or the store where I bought it, and what a piece of cheap Chinese junk the unit is ………( Do you SERIOUSLY believe that 900 degrees is a good starting point when THC boils at somewhere around HALF that temperature?) I know better than to think that my comment will ever be published, and it doesn’t matter. There are more vape groups on the net than there are grains of sand on the beach. That, as well as ALL the social media sites, will serve me well getting my voice heard so people don’t make the same mistake.

    • Dan C

      I guess you didn’t actually read our article because everything you said was in the review. In the first paragraph “It combines the ability to vape wax and combust dry herb in one tiny, portable unit.” and “Instead, this Pulsar product will burn anywhere from 932°F -1112°F.” Not to mention we gave it a 67% score, hardly what anyone would call a “good review” (I wouldn’t play a video game rated below a 70%). So instead of getting angry at the sites, get angry at yourself for not actually reading or doing proper research.


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