Pulsar Hand-E Nail Review - Vaping Hand in Hand
Build Quality76%
Vapor Quality82%
Look & Feel80%
Ease of Use90%
78%100Overall Score

Pulsar Hand-E Nail boasts a unique design and promises an authentic vaping experience for the wax/oil enthusiasts. The device looks simple on the outside and features a sophisticated mechanism that delivers high-quality vapor. The manufacturer has managed to put together the best of both worlds – ease of use and amazing vapor quality.

The overall package with its elegant design and glass pipe attachment looks impressive. Let’s look closely into the details and find out whether or not the performance matches up to the expectations raised by its awesome outer design.

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Product Pros

  • Comes with an impressive metal case
  • Compact and sleek battery
  • Full one year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Intense and rich vapor quality

Product Cons

  • Not discreet


Pulsar Hand-E Nail Review: Breakdown


Pulsar Hand-E Nail detached

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Pulsar Hand-E Nail is a colorful and uniquely designed wax/oil vaporizer. It sports a bright rig which has a one button operation. It consists of grade 2 titanium and ceramic nails that enable even heat distribution. The vape is powered by a potent 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery that can produce a temperature of up to 930 degrees.

There’s a high quality borosilicate glass pipe attachment that serves as the perfect mouthpiece and it offers high quality vapor with bigger hits. Glass used in the mouthpiece is superior quality and the overall design looks elegant.

There’s a magnetic base at the bottom, which is designed to keep the e-nail in straight upright position. We are impressed by the magnetic carb cap which comes with a removable dab tool. If you place the cap on the top, it helps in directing the vapor through the glass attachment for a more intense vaping experience.

The dab tool comes handy as you can put concentrates by simply dipping the dab tool into it. So, this saves you from a lot of mess.


Vapor Quality

When it comes to vapor quality, Pulsar e-Nail scores high with its ability to draw flavor from different types of concentrates. The vapor is generated instantly and the flavor stays consistent from the beginning till end.

You just need to use the dab tool more efficiently and enjoy the intense flavor while taking big hits. If you are a beginner then it might take you some time to get used to the dab tool.

Once you get a hang of it, you will be able to enjoy an amazing vaping experience with the Pulsar e-Nail every time.


Pulsar Hand-E Nail mouth piece


Look and Feel

The vaporizer steals the show with its elegant glass pipe attachment which not only adds to the design but also enhances the vaping experience. You simply need to click on the power button three times and when the display light turns blue, it is ready to use.

If you add some water to the glass attachment or bubbler, you can enjoy smooth filtration. Place the magnetic carb cap on to direct the vapor through the bubbler.

We felt that the best flavor was achieved when the temperature reached 750°F. For thicker waxes, you might need to increase the temperature.



With its unique design, we can’t say that you can conceal it in your palm or pocket. There are some really discreet vapes available out there. If you are looking for a highly discreet device then this might not be the right vape for you.

Pulsar Hand-E Nail heating chamber


Ease of Use

The device impresses us with the convenience of assembling the device. You just need to open the kit and put together the battery and magnetic carb cap. Once that is done, attaching the glass mouthpiece becomes extremely easy.

After the device has been completely set up, switch it on and set the preferred temperature to make it ready for use. Take the dab tool and place the right amount of concentrate into the atomizer. You can see the vapor start forming right in front of your eyes.



The Pulsar Hand-E Nail sports an amazing metal case that has all the essential components placed inside it. The well-designed case has special slots for each component so assembling them together is a child’s play.

If you need to travel with the device, you don’t have to worry about its safety.

With an amazing ability to reach 975°F, this device delivers a performance that you would expect from a traditional e-rig. Being battery powered, you can carry it with you wherever you please.


Although the Pulsar Hand-E Nail impresses us with its elegant design and ease of use, it lacks any special quality that could differentiate it from other e-nails in the market. If you are satisfied with a simple e-rig that works okay then this might be a good choice for you.

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