Pulsar Sirius+ - Sirius about wax
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality75%
Look and Feel63%
68%100Overall Score

If you’re looking for a good, low-cost way to vape concentrates, then we’ve got a great review for you today because we’ll be taking a look at the Pulsar Sirius Plus Wax Pen.

We’ve reviewed other Pulsar products in the past, including the APX Wax and the Barb Fire. Neither were award winning, but they did deliver surprising performance for the cost.

You can count on the Sirius Plus to do the same. You’re not going to get the most features or the best vapor quality, but you will get an efficient device that delivers good vapor at a fraction of the cost of most other units.

Product Pros

  • Low-cost
  • Good vapor quality
  • Ceramic donut atomizer
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Built in strorage

Product Cons

  • Cheap construction
  • Wax easily splashes along sides of mouthpiece


Pulsar Sirius+ Review: Breakdown 


Build Quality

Build Quality

The base of the Pulsar Sirius Plus is well made, but you can still tell that it’s a cheap pen. This really isn’t that big of a strike against it, because it’s not exactly billed as a top-of-the-line option. If you are getting this, you’re looking for efficient vapor production and should be willing to sacrifice a bit in other areas.

With that being said, Pulsar did do a pretty good job in making sure good materials were used where it counts most. The donut-style atomizer is made out of ceramic, and the mouthpiece is made from glass. Both of these are great choices because they help to preserve the flavor of your vapor.


Vapor Quality

As mentioned above, Pulsar did a great job in creating an environment that allows for the production of good vapor. The donut-style atomizer is a nice touch, as these do a better job of evenly heating concentrates than wicks and coils do.

The flavor was amazing. The ceramic atomizer and glass mouthpiece make sure that it remains pure, and the splatter guard inside the mouthpiece ensures that you aren’t getting a mouthful of hot wax while you inhale.

One small complaint: it’s pretty easy to end up with wax splashed up all over the side of the mouthpiece. Combat this with lighter, slower draws.

Pulsar Sirius Heating Chamber


Look and Feel

The look is pretty average. There isn’t anything special about this vaporizer, but there isn’t really anything wrong with it either. Same thing goes for the feel of it. Does it feel like an expensive, high-quality concentrate pen? No. But it doesn’t feel like it will break easily either.

On the plus side, you get to choose between six different color options for the base. In my opinion, the black and silver options look the best and help give it a higher-quality look than the other options do.



The total height of this unit is 5 inches. This means that you can hide the bulk of it in your hand, but you’ll still have an inch or two exposed. If you want to use this in public without drawing much attention, err on the side of smaller draws.

Longer draws will allow the unit to heat more, and you’ll have bigger clouds by the end. Short ones will still get the job done, but if done well you’ll barely notice anything when you exhale.


Ease of Use

This is extremely easy to use. There’s just one button, and you click it 5 times to cycle the power. When it is one, you simply click the button to engage the power. From my experience, you’ll probably want to let it heat up for a second or two before taking your first draw.

Remember, take slow draws if you want to avoid your wax splashing up along the sides. The airflow isn’t very restricted, so it is very easy for this to happen if you aren’t careful.



This is an awesome unit to get if you want an easy to use pen that is also portable. The 1500 mAh battery is plenty powerful to last you through several sessions, though you can remove it. Once its dead, you’ll have to wait for it to charge before you can use it again.

There is one small but very cool feature that I haven’t told you about yet. The bottom of this wax pen actually as a silicone container that you can use to store extra concentrate. This is extremely convenient because it allows you to grab one item and be able to enjoy wax all day.


This is another win for Pulsar. The Sirius Plus is a really great option on the low-cost end of the wax pen market. If you are a beginner, this is definitely a good, cheap way to start trying concentrates.

Even if you are more experienced, the low-cost of this makes it an awesome vaporizer to keep for use while on the go. The storage container makes it super convenient, and the size makes it easy to carry. This would be a great back-up pen to use when you are out hiking or enjoying nature.

The Pulsar Sirius Plus is pretty much the cheapest wax pen that you will find that delivers any kind of notable performance, but there are a few other options that you may want to consider. The ZEUS Thunder 2 only costs a bit more, but offers a slightly upgraded experience in just about every category. If you are interested in trying units with multiple atomizer styles, then take a look at the Dr. Dabber Aurora.

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