Qloudup Nexus Pro Review - Next Level or Next Please
Build Quality78%
Vapor Quality75%
Look & Feel82%
77%100Overall Score

Are you vaping concentrates? Do you need a pen that’s portable? How about compact? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you might be interested in the Qloudup Nexus Pro. Priced at around $80USD, this second-generation vaporizer is a definite improvement over the original. But has it improved enough? Stay tuned for our review.

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Product Pros

  1. Magnetic technology
  2. Quick charging
  3. 2 atomizers
  4. Compact
  5. Portable
  6. Multiple temperatures settings
  7. Inexpensive

Product Cons

  1. Special magnetic charger adds one more thing to remember
  2. Glass mouthpiece with no protection
  3. Temperature range on the low side




Qloudup Nexus Pro Review: Breakdown


Qloudup Nexus Pro tank

Build Quality

Build Quality

The body is made of stainless steel, and you don’t have to worry about wicks, glues, dyes, or paints being used in the process. We love that the mouthpiece is made of glass and includes a splash guard. A glass mouthpiece is helpful because it helps keep the vapor pure and your lips cool.

This vaporizer’s chamber is deep. It can hold a full half gram of wax! That makes the Nexus Pro a great choice if you and your friends like to vape together. It’s also nice to be able to pack your unit once in the morning and use that material the whole day.

Tired of screwing and unscrewing your vape’s components? This unit’s connections are all magnetic, and so is the charging! This prevents any issues you could have with threading. It also removes the need for long, annoying cords.

In terms of battery quality, you get a 650mAh and a full lifetime warranty! That’s how confident Qloudup is in their batteries. Furthermore, the Nexus Pro charges up in under an hour, so you can make the best use of your lunch break!


Vapor Quality

One of the biggest determinants of the vapor quality is the atomizer. The Nexus Pro includes 2. You have the choice of using a dual quartz or ceramic atomizer.

Those looking for a more intense session should use the dual quartz chamber. The ceramic is better for anyone that prioritizes flavor. It’s also easier to clean!

Another factor that affects the cloud quality is temperatures setting. The Nexus Pro is affordable, so we didn’t expect full power over the heat.

However, what we got was actually better than what we expected. There are 4 distinct temperatures settings: 330°F, 390°F, 420°F, and 480°F.


Qloudup Nexus Pro detached


Look and Feel

The stainless steel body feels strong. You definitely won’t have to worry about dropping it. If you enjoyed the wide range of colors in the first-generation Nexus, you might be disappointed by the Pro.

It only comes in a stainless steel color. However, we think it looks classy.



The Nexus Pro is extremely portable. It’s only 4.5 inches tall, and ½ inch wide! You can carry it around with you all day and easily forget it’s there.

In fact, this pen will fit inside the palm of pretty much any hand. It makes it easier to be discreet in a public area.

Qloudup Nexus Pro charging


Ease of Use

If you’ve ever used a vaporizer pen before, you probably won’t have any issues with this one. Even if you mainly vape dry herb, you will quickly catch onto this unit. The only difference is dabbing the wax onto the atomizer instead of loading the dry herb.

To turn the Pro on, simply click the button 5 times. Then, press the button 3 times quickly to go into temperature mode. After this, you can cycle between the 4 heat levels.

When you have chosen your desired temperature, wait briefly while the unit heats up. Finally, take a draw from the mouthpiece and relax. Job well done!



You can take this pen with you anywhere. It will fit in pretty much anything, and it weighs next to nothing. Since the vaporizer is so narrow it isn’t very noticeable, even in tighter pockets.

Although the Pro is a sort of pen, we think it could easily be mistaken for the kind of pen that writes! The only thing that hampers portability is the need to carry an extra USB charger.


We recommend the Qloudup Nexus Pro to beginner and intermediate concentrate vapers. If you are more advanced, you may want a pen that allows you to choose your exact temperature. Additionally, not everyone will appreciate the lower than average heat settings. Anyone that prioritizes cloud size and likes a harsh draw should look elsewhere.

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