QloudUp Nexus Wax Pen Review - Q Branch
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality72%
Look & Feel73%
Ease of Use75%
72%100Overall Score

Today we are going to be checking out a new versatile wax pen that you can get for pretty cheap. The new device comes from a company called QLoudUp and the device is called Nexus. In this review article we will be touching on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and our overall assessment of the Nexus vaporizer pen to see if it’s worth buying or not.

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Product Pros

  • Compact size
  • Simple to use
  • 3 Atomizers
  • 3 temperature settings

Product Cons

  • Weak battery




QloudUp Wax Pen Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of the Nexus is pretty good considering the device costs under 80 dollars (US). The package comes with 3 heating chambers/atomizers which is also surprising consider the low price of this kit. The battery is only a 650 mAh which is on the lower end but does the job and concentrate wax pens are able to go longer in between charges than dry herb devices.

The Nexus uses a 510 thread and the pen was made without any wicks, glues or dyes. One of the biggest features of the Nexus is that it comes with a lifetime warranty for the battery.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality and airflow are decent and you have some versatility with the Nexus. Some wax pens have auto shutoff timers that only allow you to take around 10 second draws, but with the Nexus you are able to take 20 second draws which is more than enough time to get a solid hit.

The Nexus comes with 3 different heating chambers/atomizers – there is an all ceramic heating chamber good for flavor, a quartz crystal single titanium coil atomizer, and also a dual quartz crystal titanium coil atomizer.

The Nexus has three preset temperatures that combined with the 3 heating chambers gives you some options to choose from for each session. If you prefer more taste you can use the medium or lower temp with the ceramic chamber and if you want more dense vapor you can use the medium or high temp with either of the coil atomizers.



Look and Feel

The Nexus vape pen is available in a several different colors. You are able to get it in matte blaq, ruby red, pearl white, and gun-metal. All the colors look pretty good and the matte finish makes the device appear clean even after being used.

Some vaporizers have a more polished finish which like your touch screen mobile phone requires constant maintenance to keep clean and fingerprint free.



The Nexus is a discrete vaporizer pen and if you really want to be more discrete than you should go with the matte black color option. The shape of this vape is closely related to a pen and it’s not obvious that it is  vape pen.

To expand on this devices potential to be discrete you can use the lowest temperature setting and the ceramic oven chamber to produce the smallest amount of visible vapor. The ceramic oven takes a bit longer to heat up and the two coil atomizers are instant. The slow heating is what allows the material to be ‘slow cooked’ and the flavor to be better.


Ease of Use

The Nexus is very easy to use and is designed with a one button system. The device turns on and off by pressing the button a few times quickly. To change the temperature you click 3 times and it will go to the next highest unless you are on the highest in which in will cycle back to the lowest temperature.

The oven chamber is easy to keep clean and there are no wicks to worry about. The oven chambers are simple to twist on and off and the device delivers instant heat with the two coil atomizers and heats up pretty fast with the all ceramic oven chamber.

It is recommended to charge the device fully before first use and to also run it through the high heat cycle with each atomizer just to give it an extra clean. The Nexus was made without any wicks, glues or dyes so it is already pretty clean but to get the cleanest purest hit you should run it through anyways. Once you are have done both of these it’s as simple as placing some wax concentrate into the chamber and firing it up.



The Nexus is small and portable. The package that you get includes the pen itself which is compact enough to fit into your pocket for on the go use, it comes with a travel case which allows you to carry the 3 oven components, dab tool, and charging cable. Everything you need to quickly get up and go.

Its nice to see that the Nexus comes with a travel kit that is well made and protects the device. Some pens comes with a cloth like carrying case which does not do the trick. Something I would have liked to see with the travel kit is a small concentrate container spot that allows you to bring some wax with you as part of the kit. As it stands you need to bring to things opposed to just one.


The Nexus vaporizer is one of the better new options that has been released in 2017 in the low end price category for wax pens. The 3 temperature lifetime warranty on the battery, the 3 temperature options, the overall build quality, the 3 oven chambers/atomizers and the overall look and feel is all very impressive for the low price tag attached to this unit. The one downfall I would like to point out is that it uses a small 650 mAh battery which works well but in comparison to some ofthe other wax pens on the market is on the lower side of things.

If you are going to be vaping concentrates than I would say this is a great little wax device to purchase. Having said that there are a few other great pen options such as the Thunder 2.

If you are looking for a unit that will give you a rig like experience for waxes and water filtration for dry herb, we recommend checking out the Focusvape Tourist 2-in-1 vaporizer.

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