Rasta Buddha Tao Milaana Review - Milaana Trumped
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality30%
Look & Feel65%
Ease of Use55%
Portability 55%
53%100Overall Score

Eagerly anticipated in mid-2015 when the unit started to ship out,  the Rasta Buddha Tao Milaana is supposedly designed to deliver desktop level performance of on-demand convection vaporizing. Featuring the RBT High Surface Area Heater technology, this log-style (read: wood) vaporizer is intended to be a sibling device to the RBT Zion, but there’s been a number of errors reported from users of both devices already. We love to dive into new, non-plastic types of vaporizers, but we’re also a finnicky bunch. If you can’t deliver the sweet, sweet vapor, then don’t even bother knockin’ on our door.

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Product Pros

  • Can be used with herbs and concentrates
  • Compact size and shape
  • Unique wood build and design

Product Cons

  • Risk of combustion
  • Fragile glass stems
  • Vapor tastes like garbage


Rasta Buddaha Tao Milaana Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

From the outset, the build quality of the hand-crafted is quite promising. Made from solid maple, stainless steel, the wood and steel elements give off a steampunk vibe. It also brings to mind a higher-tech Magic Flight Launch Box, which has already become somewhat passé by now. The thick glass stems included are of good quality as well, though they end up hurting the portability department.

Part of what makes the Milaana relatively unstable is the unregulated nature of the electonic components. A regulated device will contain a circuit board to regular the electric current powering the vaporizer. Since the Milaana is unregulated, which means there’s no circuit for controlling temperature beyond the initial heat-up.


Vapor Quality

Initial uses are fairly tasty, but it cooks the herbs fairly quickly. Vapor gets uncomfortably hot and pretty much all flavor is quickly lost before the session is over.

In the end, the herbs basically just end up tasting burnt, and this burnt taste continues into subsequent sessions. You’ll be able to get some fairly noticeable vapor after less than 30 seconds of use after getting the unit, but you’ll also be at a near constant risk of combustion, and this just isn’t kosher for us.

RBT Milaana Vaporizer Second Shot

Look and Feel

The look of the Milaana is very cool, it’s like an updated version of the dugout-style smoking devices. The maple wood used is high quality and pieces fit together quite well, so we’re glad to see at least the outer build is a quality American construction.

Unfortunately, the look and feel of the Milaana is basically where most of the appeal ends. Once you start getting into the actual operation of the device, the look and feel become increasingly irrelevant.



The wood design of the Milaana will make it look a little less discreet than the average portable vape. It looks more like the dugout style smoking devices of yesteryear, but the shape will fit easily enough in your hand to keep covered in a pinch

There’s definitely a fair amount of odor emitted from the Milaana after use, and the burnt herbs will almost certainly bait you out after enough use.


Ease of Use

There’s a specific way of using the Milaana which you’ll have to discover through the instructions on the RBT website located here. First, you insert the battery, then twist on the copper plate to secure it in place and ensure the battery is connected. Pack your herbs into the basket screen in the herb chamber; once the herb chamber is inserted into the device, the other end will act as the mouthpiece.

There’s only one button to operate, so you’ll hit this and slowly draw from the mouthpiece with a bit of suction for 3-5 seconds to preheat, then let the button go. Continue to draw for 5 to 15 seconds, but then you’ll have to stir the herbs around to keep going. Are you exhausted yet? We are.



The shape and size of the Milaana is fair for portability, if you discount the glass stems coming with it. These glass pieces need to be carried separately or you run a real risk of breaking them while on the go.

The devices uses a removable lithium-ion battery, so you can charge more batteries and keep them on the go with you. The battery voltage drops at the same rate of the temperature; overall, the battery only lasts for a bit less than an hour of consistent use. Basically, there are many other units out available which are much better for portability.


This is a promising type of design, and we’re really rooting for RBT to make the most of this style of design and build. However, the vapor quality is way below par of what we expect from even the most basic of devices. It’s not really the easiest device to get a handle on, either. There’s no real instructions included with the unit, and you will have to consult the RBT website to even get started with the Milaana.

There’s a lot to like about how the Milaana is built and designed, but unfortunately the performance is just not there yet at all. It is doubtful this will become anything more than a backup unit, at best. Combustion will remain a real risk, so it’s hard to even refer to this as a true herbal vaporizer. However, we appreciate what Rasta Buddha Tao has been trying to accomplish. If you’re looking for a wood-styled portable vaporizer, there are a few funky designs like the Vapman or even the Vapor Genie which work decently and are way simpler and cheaper to obtain.

Have you spent some time with the Milaana lately? We would love to hear your thoughts on this piece, so please feel free to leave a comment



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