Review: iFocus Adventurer - Thrills or Spills?
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel65%
Ease of Use65%
67%100Overall Score

iFocus, the folks behind the enticing FocusVape, have aroused our curiosity once again by introducing the Adventurer. This is perhaps the first portable vaporizer to contain a built-in water filtration system, which provides a unique cooling effect while retaining easy portability.

This is a huge feature for vapers looking to cool down their experience while on the go, but how much adventure can the device handle? Read on to find out…

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Product Pros

  • First unit to offer built-in water filtration
  • Cool, balanced vapor
  • Solid construction holds well to wear
  • Precise temperature control
  • Clear and bright LED screen

Product Cons

  • Water filtration requires additional setup
  • Herbs tend to cook unevenly due to oven design
  • Anxiety caused by water so close to electronics


iFocus Adventurer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The boxy outer shell of the Adventurer is fairly standard, although the construction feels solid and pleasing to the touch. The precise temperature control indicated by a clear and bright LED screen is also a significant plus for the build, enhancing overall control and convenience. However, the unique water filter also comes with the unique setup challenge; make sure to properly set up the filtration system or risk having a soggy vaping adventure in your mouth soon thereafter.

The Adventurer uses a removable 18650 battery, which is a plus for extending session life but could potentially cause long-term issues.

Also, a removable battery also means any water on top of the unit could potentially reach the plastic door to the battery chamber, and the unit could easily be kaput after. Not saying this has happened yet, but it does give us pause.

These issues did not directly affect our vaping experience, but we do recommend taking them into consideration while scoping out the Adventurer.


Vapor Quality

Despite the advanced technology of the added water filtration system, overall vapor quality from the Adventurer ran a little thin. The oven only generated best results when fully packed, which can make some sessions seem like a waste if the chamber is not quite full; otherwise, the vapor quality suffers and herbs can end up tossed around and not cooking evenly.

This is not to indicate an overall poor vapor, but it is worth noting how the Adventurer requires a fair amount of herb to get cookin’, and even then, it’s more about flavor than quantity.

iFocus Adventurer Top Chamber


Look and Feel

As mentioned in Build Quality, the Adventurer features a fairly standard box-type shape which feels secure while in use and in travel. It is slightly larger than one’s hand, but is easy to manage nonetheless and the bright and clear LED temperature display is a high-end touch.

Once the water filter is installed, there are two mouthpieces included for you to choose from: the flat “stealth” piece, or a pyrex mouthpiece similar to that of the FocusVape.



The slightly larger device size and bright LED light of the Adventurer make it a bit less than stealth, though not prohibitively so.

The overall neutral design of the Adventurer helps it resemble a general e-cigarette, though the LED lights make it look more conspicuous. As well, the water filter creates a slightly bubbling sound during draws, making the Adventurer look and sound like a bit of a curiosity while out and about.

The Zeus Smite is worth considering as an alternative, as it offers a similarly neutral shape in a less conspicuous size and without all the lights and noise.


Ease of Use

The water filtration system adds a bit of work to the overall setup of the Adventurer, so this may not be the best vaporizer for a new user to try out. The water filter must be removed prior to use and filled with enough water to cover the air intake holes. If too much water is used, be prepared for some slurp in your draw.

Once the Adventurer is set up, then ease of use is a breeze. The precise temperature flexibility is also an added benefit for both fresh users and seasoned aficionados.



The Adventurer is fairly mid-range in terms of size and heft, fitting comfortably in most pockets but making its presence known to the carrier. The removable batteries also earn portability points by allowing users to carry additional batteries and extend their sessions.

Once again, we return to the anxiety over the water filtration system. While no water leakage could be detected during our testing (including tipping the Adventurer in all possible directions)


The iFocus Adventurer certainly sets itself apart from competitors with the literally and figuratively cool water filter. By combining this unique feature with a solid body construction, flexible temperature control, and relative portability, iFocus has hit on a very appealing amalgamation of elements.

Particularly if cool vapor on the go is a priority, then the Adventurer is certainly worth checking out. However, if just cool vapor in general is your focus and not necessarily portability, it may be easier to see about pairing your device with a Zeus Iceborn for a more secure cool.

As with many new vaporizers on the market, we retain some dubiousness about the longevity of the unit, especially when water is involved. Perhaps this is just us being paranoid, but the idea of water leaking next to electronics in our pockets is NOT CHILL. The more iFocus can do to make us feel more secure in using water filtration in portable vaporizers, the more likely we will all be to enjoy them.

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