#ThisThingRips Roil R Series Gen 3 Review
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality78%
Look & Feel80%
81%100Overall Score

The Roil R Series Gen 3 is one of the newest devices from #ThisThingRips. #ThisThingRips is a company that’s relatively unknown compared to the competition, but they’re quickly making a name for themselves. Their first vaporizers were good, but they left a lot to be desired. As any great company should, they’ve listened and collected feedback. Furthermore, they’ve implemented positive changes to the designs of their newest models, and the results are honestly quite great. This is the third installment in the Roil R Series, and it’s easily one of the best vaporizers they offer. That being said, let’s jump into this review so that you can determine whether or not it’s the vaporizer for you.

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Product Pros

  1. Ceramic Heating Plate
  2. Easy to operate and load
  3. Very portable and discrete

Product Cons

  1. Designed only for waxes
  2. Disposable wax tanks – need to be replaced


Roil R Series Gen 3 Review: Breakdown


Roil R Series Gen 3 atomizers

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Roil’s build quality is pretty standard. There’s nothing particularly outstanding about it, but it manages to look nice. All the pieces fit together very well, indicating that high-quality, precision engineering was used during the manufacturing process.

It feels solid in the hand, and it feels like it could survive its fair share of drops. Its 650mah battery is pretty standard as well, offering close to a full day of use. Results will vary depending on the vaping habits of the user.


Vapor Quality

This device bears a very close resemblance to the R2 Series Gen 3. It uses the same battery and the same mouthpiece. Besides the fact that the Roil R’s logo is blue instead of green, the only significant difference is the wax chamber. The R2 used rods wrapped in Titanium, while the Roil R uses a ceramic chamber heated from the outside by a titanium heating element.

Your concentrates will only come into contact with ceramic material, and the result is extremely flavorful vapor. The vapor production isn’t as good as that of the R2, but that’s a compromise that’ll usually need to be made for superior flavor.


Roil R Series Gen 3 mouth piece detached


Look and Feel

As we stated before, this device is basically the R2 Series Gen 3 with a different wax chamber and a blue logo. That being said, this device has all the same advantages and disadvantages. It feels good in the hand, and it manages to look pretty good with the exception of the fire button.

Everything manages to look and feel pretty mid-tier, but the quality just drops as soon as you see that button. It looks and feels like it’s made of cheap, clear plastic. It’s a minor gripe, but it detracts from the overall aesthetic of the device.

Of course, this is an opinion, and some might actually like the design of the button. You can see it and decide for yourself whether or not it’s something that would bother you.



The Roil R Series Gen 3 is a pretty straightforward, easy device to use. Simply drop your concentrate in the wax chamber, and press the fire button five times to turn the device on. Cycle through your temperature options by pressing the fire button three times.

Once you’ve set your temperature, you just press and hold the fire button to vape. The ceramic wax chamber makes it particularly easy to use because you don’t have to worry about how the wax is situated on the coil. It’s totally free of coils, so you can drop it in pretty haphazardly without worrying about loss in vapor quality.

Roil R Series Gen 3 full kit



The Roil isn’t the most portable wax pen on the market by far, but it’s fairly portable. Considering the wide array of wax pens, it’s just average. It’ll fit inside your pocket without a problem, although you might notice it every now and then.

Wax pens are getting extremely small, and the Roil R Series Gen 3 isn’t competing with those ultra-portable, but it’ll be more than sufficient for most people.



The Roil R Series Gen 3 is fairly discreet, but it suffers from the same problem as the R2. The included pen cap that’s intended to make this a stealth-oriented device manages to make it look kind of like a pen. However, this device is bigger than the vast majority of actual pens.

From a distance, it’s passable, but up close, it’s a little suspicious, especially with the branding and fire button. It’s fairly discreet, but reducing the size just a little would make it a lot better.


The Roil R Series Gen 3 is an awesome little device! The flavor that you get from the ceramic wax chamber is hard to beat, and the vapor production that you get from this unit is respectable. The only real complaints lie with the design. We’d love to see that fire button change, and reducing the size of the device just a little would do it a ton of favors in terms of its discreetness.

Overall, we’d recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable wax pen that offers superior flavor. Those more focused on vapor production won’t be disappointed, because the vapor production isn’t at all bad. However, we’d sooner recommend the R2 Series Gen 3 to that particular vaper. This unit won’t appeal to those looking for the most stylish wax pen, but if you want an inexpensive device that gets the job done well, you’ve found it.

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