Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press Review - Homemade Rosin
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Are you a dabber? Do you want to be able to make your own rosin at home? Is saving money a priority? If you answered yes to these questions, you should think about investing in the Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press. Just be aware, at $1850USD is quite an investment!

Is this powerful appliance deserving of its high price tag? In this article, we explore whether or not the Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press is worth it for you. Stay tuned if you want to start making your own Rosin.

Product Pros

  • Neat at home design
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to clean

Product Cons

  • Small Yield


Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press Review: Breakdown

Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press

Using the Rosinbomb M-50

No longer do you need butane, or other chemicals, or extremely long periods of time! This press makes all of the rosin you want in almost none of the time. It also makes wax much safer to produce. Here is how you use the Seattle-made Rosinbomb M-50.

You can literally operate the Rosin Press straight out of the box! In fact, the first step of using this all-electric herbal press is plugging it in! Then, allow the 3-inch by 5-inch dual plates to heat to your desired temperature. It will take about 10 minutes total.

Place parchment paper on the plates before laying down the rosin bag full of material. Since both sides of the press get heated, the 15 to 20 grams of flowers you place inside will get processed completely. For the absolute best quality, we recommend using 7 to 14 grams.

Now, center the rosin bag and hold the button that says PRESS.  The appliance quietly extracts the material in about 2 minutes. When you think everything has been squished out, press the button that says RELEASE. That’s how easy it is!

 Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press top part

Is the build quality worth the price?

The engineers at Rosinbomb created a simple and easy machine to create healthy, solventless rosin. Even nicer, it weighs about the same as a toaster oven at 35 pounds. That makes it decently easy to carry around. This is a huge plus with how quickly you get your results!

There is 5 tons of pressure being exerted on the herb. We were impressed with the results considering the size and overall weight of this device. However, there are a few other options available in the same price range that exhibit a stronger pressure. You can get gadgets that apply 10, 20, and 30 tons! These are typically larger and more wieldy.

Additionally, the parts are not all made of the highest quality. Fortunately, Rosinbomb includes a 5-year manufacturers warranty. Unfortunately, there is only a 1-year warranty on the electrical components. There have also been reports of safety hazards and poor customer service.

 Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press side view

Is the Rosinbomb M-50 more convenient? 

If you have ever tried to make rosin on your own, you realize what a long and painstaking process it can be. To make rosin, you need 2 primary things: pressure and heat. Luckily, you can replace the parchment paper and clothing iron with this product.

These 2 processes together extract the deliciousness without any chemical additives. All the Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press does is replicate the process on a larger scale. It also allows you to make these oils into whatever consistency you please. Wax, shatter, budder…it is all possible with this handy appliance.

In less than 30 minutes, you get a large chunk of rosin for a fraction of the time and cost. There are no air compressors to buy or manual pumps to use. The M-50 is easy to set up and requires zero physical strength or mobility to use. This is perfect for patients using botanicals for medicinal purposes!

Cleaning this press is also extremely easy. All you have to do is wait for the device to cool completely. Then, using an alcohol wipe, clean the plates. Any and all residue can be quickly wiped away and your device stored away. Or not. The appliance looks like a little popcorn machine!

Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press back side

How are the results?

The hotter you set the M-50 Press, the greater amount of rosin you will get. However, it will also be of a lower quality. If you want to get a more potent result, set the plates at a lower temperature. This preserves the quality of the wax.

How much you want to make at one time determines how well you will like the results. The Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press can make a decent amount of wax. Conversely, if you want to make a larger amount of material, think about purchasing a larger unit.


Overall, we think the Rosinbomb M-50 Rosin Press is extremely expensive. However, this purchase can be worth it for the right person. It boasts convenience, a lightweight, and delectable results.

If cost is no issue, definitely invest your money into this time-saving appliance. Just be aware that there are cheaper devices on the market that may require air compressing or pumping. If you go with a less expensive unit that is automatic, it may also weigh much more.

If you are interested in edible making machines, be sure to check out our review of the famous Magical Butter Machine. Or leave a comment letting us know what other herbal extraction devices you would like us to check out.

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