Smoant Karat Pod Kit Review - 24 Karat Vaping?
Build Quality74%
Vapor Quality75%
72%100Overall Score

The demand for pod style vaporizers are steadily increasing and we are already seeing it by the sheer amount of pod systems being released every month. The good thing is that due to the increasing demand, we know that there are more people who are making the switch. But every now and then, we see something like the Smoant Karat, a pod system that has a unique design which can easily distinguish itself from the rest. Not only that it has a cool looking design, but it also provides a good vaping experience with its new coil called the quartz coil.

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Product Pros

  • Stylish shape and design
  • Leak free magnetic pod
  • Constant voltage output

Product Cons

  • Small battery size


Smoant Karat Pod Kit Review: Breakdown

Smoant Karat side view


Build Quality

Build Quality

What makes the Smoant Karat unique is its design. As you guessed from its name “Karat”, the Smoant Karat based its design on a diamond. It has sharp edges to give it that diamond look but the cool thing is, the edges are beveled so it is still easy to hold in the hand.

The Karat is made of zinc alloy and is available in 5 different color options which are blue, black, gun metal, gradient blue, and rainbow. The coating looks good in any color options but my personal favorites are the gun metal which has a brushed metal look to it and the gradient blue which has a glossy finish.

Like most pod systems, the Smoant Karat has no buttons whatsoever as it has an automatic draw system. It only has a small diamond shaped logo on the front which has the LED indicator for the battery, a micro USB port on the side for charging and lanyard holes on the bottom.

It has a very simple and clean look which I believe will suit everyone’s taste. When it comes to using the Smoant Karat, it is as easy as any pod system can get. It has 2 separate parts which are the 2 ml pod and the body. The pod is magnetic and refillable so all you have to do is fill it with your favorite e liquid, drop it into the top slot and you are golden.

The Smoant Karat has a built-in battery that has a capacity of 370 mah which is kind of alright considering the size of the device. It definitely won’t last a day if you are a chain vaper but the good thing is it supports pass-through charging so you can enjoy vaping anytime even when charging.


Vapor Quality

The Karat uses what Smoant calls the quartz coil. It sounds new and innovative but it is just a name they made for their own vertical ceramic coil build. What they did is they baked a spaced coil in a porous ceramic material and wrapped it with organic cotton.

The beauty of a ceramic coil is that it lasts longer than normal coils and has a shorter priming time which means you won’t get that off-tasting flavor when the coil is new. It also helps with the even distribution of heat so you can get an overall cleaner flavor with every puff.

It also helps that the Smoant Karat has a stable voltage output which means it will constantly output 3.4 volts from a full battery charge all the way until it runs out. It means that the vape quality will never change unlike those that don’t have this feature where you will notice a significant drop in vapor quality when the battery drains.

While the flavor production is excellent on the Smoant Karat, the vapor production is where it is lacking which is to be expected on a pod system. It is not a sub ohm mod but it can produce an adequate amount of vapor depending on the e liquid blend you are using.

Smoant Karat flat display




Like most pod systems on the market, the Smoant Karat doesn’t offer anything other than its constant voltage output. It doesn’t have any adjustment settings such as wattage output or airflow control and it will always be a mouth to lung device.

At least Smoant made the pod refillable which is a very good thing since you can use any e liquid you want but I hope they included an extra pod in the box as you only get 1.



The Smoant Karat is one of the most portable pod systems on the market. It is only 88mm in height, 48mm in length and 12mm in width. It is a thin and lightweight device which makes it a very pocket-friendly device.

Smoant Karat detached


The Smoant Karat, in my opinion, is the best looking pod system on the market right now. It has a unique design and even though its sharp edges looks like it will make the device very uncomfortable to hold, you will be surprised with how well they made it very ergonomic.

Aside from the looks, its performance is really good as well for a pod system. The quartz coil produces a very clean flavor and an adequate amount of vapor, and its constant voltage output also makes sure that you get the same vape quality all throughout.

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