Smoant Knight V2 Review
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality86%
80%100Overall Score

While Smoant is a relatively new and unknown player in the vaping world, they’ve recently been making waves.  Following up on the success of these two DNA killers, Smoant has put out a new single 18650 device: the Smoant Knight V2, considered a direct successor over its older brother the V1, the Knight V2 is looking to best its previous iteration in every way possible.

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Product Pros

  • Great build quality
  • Compact
  • Solid Performance

Product Cons

  • Battery door has issues
  • Firmware not upgradeable


Smoant Knight V2 Review: Breakdown

Smoant Knight v2 Mod


Build Quality

Build Quality

Measuring out to a meager 79mm* 50mm, the Knight V2 can be most definitely considered a tiny and handy stealth device. It’s extremely easy on the pockets as well with a paltry weight of 128 grams (mod only). The main defining feature of this mod is its recessed 510 connection which allows you to use taller tanks without affecting the overall height of the device too much, keeping the entire kit as compact as possible. A great feature of this recessed 510 is how it effectively shrouded by a cage that covers the tank protecting it from drops or falls, ensuring that whatever tank you place on this mod will be safe from shattering. The shroud has a minimalist design that doesn’t cover much of the tank at all still allowing you to easily view remaining eliquid levels in the chamber.

The front of the device showcases the protruding fire button which has a nice characteristic click whenever pressed on making it satisfyingly simple to find and press, offering great tactile feedback when operating the device. The up/down buttons are similarly constructed as well making any changes to the settings on the Knight V2 easy and intuitive. On the side of the device is the tiny yet brightly lit OLED display that effectively displays all the information you need to know about the device in operation such as current wattage or temperature settings and remaining battery life.

The back of Knight V2 holds the battery compartment shielded by a thick and robust battery door affixed to the mod with the use of  4 magnets. While the battery door was easy to remove and install with the help of an indented latch at the bottom of the mod, I felt that the magnets holding the door in place were a bit lacking in overall strength as I noticed a bit of play or wobble when gripping the device, seeing the door being able to wiggle its way and up down ever so slightly.

The battery door features large battery venting holes ensuring that your 18650 always stays cool even while vaping at high wattages. The mod also holds a micro USB port that allows for USB charging but unfortunately does not make the Knight V2 firmware upgradeable.


Vapor Quality

The Knight V2 has absolutely no problem firing up to its advertised rate of 80 watts, and while performance in this regard highly depends on the quality of 18650 battery used, the mod worked perfectly well with the single LG HG2 18650 battery I had on me. Similar to the Charon and Battlestar, the Knight V2 has no discernible firing delay guaranteeing that every press of the firing button results in an instant ramp-up of flavor and vapor.

The 0.5ohm Clapton coil head that comes bundled with the kit, unfortunately, suffers from slightly muted flavor compared to coils used in other sub-ohm tanks. While not certainly bad by any means, the standard of flavor and vapor production has risen pretty significantly in the past year. The Tolos V1 tank does support an RBA deck (purchased separately) that lets you use your own custom-made coils which should definitely result in a more satisfying vaping experience.

As for the Tolos V1 tank itself, airflow is nicely restricted even when dialing the adjustable airflow control all the way open, making it a good option for vapers who prefer a tighter draw. But for those who enjoy vaping with their tanks set wide open, the Tolos V1 is a difficult tank to recommend. To contrast this, the kit includes a 510 riser/adapter that lets you use your preferred RDA on the Smoant Knight V2. In addition, the Knight V2 can accommodate any tank atomizer that doesn’t exceed 23.5mm in diameter so you definitely won’t be restricted to just using the Toloss V1.

Toloss V1 Tank




For a such a compact device, the Smoant Knight V2 features an impressive set of functions such as temperature control for stainless steel, nickel, titanium coils. Adjustable TCR memory modes are also supported which should be a welcome addition for users who like to tinker with their vape a lot.

One thing I really appreciated is that unlike other mods featuring the same “built-in” tank form factor, the Knight V2 lets you use any other tank as long as the diameter of the said atomizer allows it to be squeezed into the barrel against the protective shroud. This is a great implementation of an already existing design and I wish other manufacturers would take heed and follow in the Knight V2’s footsteps.



There’s no question that the Smoant Knight V2’s clever design and unique form factor make it one of the most portable devices even when using taller tanks or RDA’s. Battery life isn’t bad as well, letting me vape at my preferred wattage of 45-50 watts for a good portion of the day.

The single 18650 is easily swappable making it a good option for all day vaping. For those who don’t enjoy carrying spare batteries, the micro USB port supports passthrough charging meaning you can vape on the Knight V2 even while charging the batteries internally.

Smoant Knight v2 Display


The Smoant Knight V2 could’ve been a must-buy for those who prefer small form factor devices and unique designs, but its clear at this point that Smoant has yet to master their craft of providing high-quality coil heads that deliver superb flavor and vapor production.

For those who like to experiment though, and try out the Smoant Knight V2 with the optional RBA deck, or for those who already have their own tank, the Knight V2 is definitely worth a look for the adventurous vaper.

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