Smoant S8 Review - S8 or Die
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality72%
70%100Overall Score

Smoant is known for some of their excellent advanced mods and atomizers but as soon as the pod style vaporizers became all the hype and rage, Smoant has nothing else to do but to get on board. The Smoant S8 is their first dip into the pod system market and they did what they had to do in order to stand out from the rest.

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Product Pros

  • Stylish shape and design
  • Leak free magnetic pod
  • The pod is refillable
  • Constant voltage output

Product Cons

  • Small battery size


Smoant S8 Review: Breakdown

Smoant S8 detached


Build Quality

Build Quality

Ever since the pod system became a hit on the market, the very popular ones are those with the long and slim, kind of like a USB stick design like the Juul. Smoant wants to be different as they made the S8 thin and flat, kind of like a shell design, similar to the Smok Rolo Badge.

We have seen some pod systems that have the same shape and style but what sets the Smoant S8 apart from the rest is its design and finish.

The S8 has 5 different color options and all of it looks like what you would put in a sports car. It is elegant while being clean as it doesn’t have anything on the body aside from the Smoant logo on the front and a micro USB port on the lower side for charging. The Smoant S8 is very lightweight but it doesn’t feel cheap at all as it is made of zinc alloy which gives it a very solid feel.

Like most pod systems, the Smoant S8 has a 2 part body construction which comprises of the pod and the body. The pod has a capacity of 2 ml which is refillable and the body has a built-in battery that has a capacity of 370 mah.

The Smoant S8 is very easy to use as all you have to do is place the pod into the top slot of the body once it is filled with e liquid and you are golden. The pod has strong magnets and it slides smoothly to the body where it stays there firmly with no wiggle or movement.

Overall, the build quality of the Smoant S8 is superb and the only complain that I have is that Smoant went for a tinted plastic finish on the pod which makes it super hard to see the remaining e liquid inside.


Vapor Quality

The Smoant S8’s pod has a coil build with a resistance of 1.3 ohm. It is pretty normal for a pod system but what surprised me is that it has a constant voltage output ranging from 3.3 volts to 3.4 volts.

This is actually a game-changing feature when it comes to pod systems as a constant voltage output means that the Smoant S8 will constantly produce the same amount of power regardless of how much battery life it has left, which also means that you will be getting the same vaping experience all the time.

This is a big deal since we are talking about the most important aspect of vaping, the flavor and vapor production. Compared to most pod systems on the market that don’t have this feature, where the power drops as the battery drains, the Smoant S8 keeps a constant flavor and vapor production all throughout until the battery runs out of power.

The flavor production of the Smoant S8 is good, it is above average compared to some pod systems that I have tried. It is clean and rich, which is enough to keep the newbies from going back to smoking.

The vapor production is also very good, considering it is a low powered mouth to lung style device, which means the draw is tight and restrictive. The Smoant S8 produces an adequate amount of vapor but don’t expect it to be a cloud machine.

Smoant S8 flat display




As a pod style vaporizer, the Smoant S8 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like all advanced mods have. It doesn’t have any adjustment settings such as wattage output, temperature control and airflow control.

What it only has is its constant voltage output which is actually more than enough for a tiny device like this. It is also a plus that it has a refillable pod which gives you freedom on what e liquid you want to use.



The Smoant S8 is one of the most portable pod systems on the market. It is only 86.6mm in height, 48mm in length and 12.8mm in width.

It is a thin and lightweight device which makes it a very pocket-friendly device.

Smoant S8 in hand


I can consider the Smoant S8 as one of the better options on the market when it comes to pod systems. It is a simple device with a good build quality and a very sleek and stylish design. It has a refillable pod which is a plus but its constant voltage output feature is the biggest factor on why it can be considered better in my opinion.

It is a very big plus in my book if you can get the same vaping experience all the time without worrying about battery life. Although the battery capacity is somewhat small compared to some, it is understandable since the Smoant S8 is so small and thin. If you are looking for something a good starter vape check out the Jucee Slice and if you are just looking for the best mod unit check out the SMOK Procolor.

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