SMOK Alien 220W Vape Kit Review - Alien Abducted
Build Quality83%
Vapor Quality87%
82%100Overall Score

There really aren’t many reasons to dislike the Smok Alien 220. With it’s modern and sleek styling, and ability to pack 220 watts of raw power in a compact frame, Smok has made itself into one of the biggest manufacturers of vaping devices this past year. The release of the Alien has only cemented it’s title as one of the most ubiquitous brands around, thanks to its solid design, and complete feature set. Smok claims that they’ve sold over three million units of the Alien 220W worldwide, does it truly deserve to be one of the most popular mods in the market? Let’s find out.

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Product Pros

  • Nice streamlined design
  • Good quality firing switch
  • Excellent vapor production

Product Cons

  • Paint chips very easily


SMOK Alien 220 Review: Breakdown

Smok Alien Color Selection


Build Quality

Build Quality

With the mod measuring out to 85mm in height, 44mm in length, and 30mm in width, you could easily imagine this to be a quite compact mod. And it is; the non descript firing switch covering one entire side of the device lends to the overall sleekness of the the Alien’s design, while the mod is still able to sport a nicely sized OLED screen that covers all the information that you might look for with a single glance.

From how many volts and watts you’re currently pushing, the precise readout of the coils resistance, how many amps are being pulled from the battery, the realtime temperature of the onboard chip, and even a puff counter to keep track of how well used your mod is; the screen has everything covered, also displaying individual battery levels of each of the 2 18650 batteries that power this device up.

The top of the device features a spring loaded stainless steel 510 pin that can accommodate atomizers up to 24mm in diameter. Attaching anything larger than 24mm and the atomizer will overhang slightly. There is a considerable amount of rattling when shaking the device and I feel that Smok could’ve done a much better job in building a more solid feeling device, although the rattling does go away once the batteries are installed.

Another thing the Alien 220w is very notorious for is the poorly done paint job used on all the color variations of this mod; it simply doesn’t hold up to the test of time and within weeks the color will inevitably already begin to chip even when handling the mod carefully. On a positive note though, the mod features lots of ventilation holes which is always a great feature when safety is concerned.

The Alien 220W kit is packaged with a TFV8 Baby Tank, a pre-installed 0.4ohm dual coil, a 0.15ohm octuple coilhead that can be swappped in, USB cable for charging and upgrading your firmware (although it is always recommended to use an external charger for multiple battery mods), a replacement glass tube, standard user manual, and o-rings which thoughfully match the  accents of whichever color you decide to get the Alien in.


Vapor Quality

The TFV8 Baby Beast vapes quite phenomenally with the pre-installed 0.4ohm dual coils, but where the tank truly shines is when slapping on the octuple coil heads into the tank.

The Baby Beast is pretty much unparalled in terms of vapor production when compared to other tanks that use pre-built coils and only the most advanced custom hand wrapped coils can match the TFV8’s octuple coil head in terms of sheer vapor production.

Flavor is on point as well with the bottom airflow rivalling the best atomizers in terms of flavor.

My complaints on this tank are minimal, first off this thing chugs juice. You can absolutely fill up the tank to full capacity then blast through its entire contents within a single sitting.

Secondly, you’d think that with this tank’s extreme thirst for juice, Smok would design it to contain more than a measly 3ml of juice. But this isn’t the case unfortunately, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself refilling this tank quite frequently especially when using the octuple coil heads.

Smok Alien lyind down




The Alien 220W comes with all the features even the most advanced vapers might need. The temperature control supports coils made out of stainless steel, nickel, and titanium.

The chip also features wattage curves which can be set to “soft”, “medium”, or “hard” depending on how fast you want your coils to ramp up in heat and power. These settings can easily be switched on the fly without a computer so thats definitely a plus in my book.

The wattage of the Alien ranges from 6 to 220 watts, so whatever your preference may be whether it be a mild cool vape, or a hot, dense blast of flavor and vapor, the Alien can definitely cater to your needs.

One thing I need to mention though is despite the device fully supporting temperature control, I feel that getting a satisfying vape experience using TC is slightly more challenging compared to other TC mods. This might be due to limitations on the Alien’s ability to produce accurate and consistent results with temperature control on.



With it’s ergonomic design, the Alien definitely doesn’t feel out of place when being gripped in hand. The firing trigger is always within easy reach regardless of whether you prefer firing the device with your thumb, index finger, or even the entire palm of your hand.

The Alien’s smooth curves and lack of edges make it easy to slip in and out of pockets and make prolonged use of the device comfortable.

With the devices dual 18650 battery configuration it’s easy to get a full day’s worth of use without any need for swapping out the batteries or recharging the device which is always handy.

Smok Alien in hand


The Alien 220W kit is a definite must have for those in search of a powerful, well-featured, and great looking mod. Only the most finicky fans of temperature control might hesitate. For those hesitant to pick up the Alien due it’s paint easily chipping off, a word of advice: the mod looks even better when you strip all the paint off and give it a nice  polished stainless steel look.

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