SMOK G-Priv 2 Review - A Welcome Sequel!
Build Quality88%
Vapor Quality87%
85%100Overall Score

Smok isn’t a company known for throwing in the towel and that’s pretty evident from the release of their latest device, the G-Priv 2. Now toting a higher resolution screen in a lighter and more compact frame, the G-Priv 2 is a massive improvement over its predecessor. Now only one question remains: Should you get one?  Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Clear and crisp color display
  • Beautiful paint finish
  • Lighter and more compact

Product Cons

  • Tanks don’t match the color of the mod perfectly




SMOK G-Priv 2 Review: Breakdown

SMOK G-Priv 2 Color Selection


Build Quality

Build Quality

No beating around the bush here, the G-Priv 2 is a beautiful device and it seems that Smok is ever so keen to put the dark days of the Alien’s shoddy paint job far behind them. Comparing the finish between the Alien and the G-Priv 2, you’d hardly believe that both devices are manufactured by the same company. Available in a wide array of 7 colors, it won’t be difficult to find a G-Priv that tickles your aesthetic bone. The finish feels high quality and gives no indication that it’s going to peel or flake off like Smok’s previous devices did.

Looking at the dimensions of the G-Priv 2, it’s quite an improvement in the overall feel and ergonomics of the device. Measuring out to 85mm* 52mm*27.3mm and with a weight of 181 grams, it’s not only smaller than the original G-Priv but lighter too. The reduced foot print makes holding the mod even more comfortable and satisfying, and the firing bar on the side still has the same reliable and tactile feel to it ensuring that each press results in an instant burst of power.

Comparing the displays of the old and new G-Priv, it looks like Smok has shrunk down the previous 2.4-inch screen to a 2-inch display. The tradeoff in size is worth it though because the colors are much more vibrant and unlike the screen on the original G-Priv, you’ll have an impossibly hard time noticing any pixelations on screen. The new 200 pixel per inch IPS display is more than just a marginal improvement over its predecessor and feels like an actual leap of technology was utilized in the construction of the G-Priv

Menu navigation is now a lot easier to deal with. The previous model while acceptable at the time of its release, now feels extremely clunky and unintuitive when directly compared to its successor. Changing wattage and temperature control settings on the go is now a lot easier and hassle-free. This also due to the increased responsiveness offered by the new IPS screen which rivals the ease of operation of modern touch screen phones.

The carbon fiber battery door is as sturdy as ever, held together by 4 strong magnets that firmly latch onto the device. There is absolutely no play or rattle when holding or even shaking the G-Priv 2 around which is a testament to how well built the mod is. The battery compartment is easy and straightforward to work with allowing for easy installation and removal of the dual 18650’s (not included) that go inside the G-Priv 2.


Vapor Quality

Another big improvement in this new generation of Smok kits is that now all their latest mods, including the G-Priv now comes with the latest TFV8 X-Baby which sports a fully top airflow design, meaning that the included sub-ohm tank is now leak proof. There’s absolutely no compromise in flavor or vapor production though thanks to the included 0.4-ohm dual coil head and 0.2-ohm sextuple coil head that comes with the kit.

The G-Priv 2 has all the power to back it up as well with a small step up from its predecessor in terms of power output, now capable of delivering a solid 230 watts, 10 watts more than the original G-Prives 220 watts. Although it would hard to imagine that the 2 batteries are capable of delivering that level of output, the onboard chip does a good enough job of pulsing the vape so that these wattages are achieved. Realistically speaking though, I’d estimate that G-Priv is able to output a consistent and stable 160 watts of power which is already more than enough for the vast majority of vapers.

The X Baby Tank holds up to 4ml of eliquid making it no slouch in that department. It also utilizes the same ultra-convenient method of topping up the tank which involves merely pushing and sliding the top cap off to the side to reveal the massive port hole to drip eliquid down on. The dual top airflow is freely adjustable allowing you to fully open up the chamber for nice and wide pulls, or dial it down to get a more restricted hit.

SMOK G-Priv 2 Tank




Given the advanced tech that went into the G-Priv, it naturally supports all modes of temperature control including stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. Adjustable pre-heat functions and customisable TCR curves are also included as part of the feature set. Configuring each and every one of these vaping modes to your liking is extremely simple thanks to the improved UI and responsiveness of the screen, making on the go changes quick and hassle-free.

The 510 connection on top supports tanks up to 24.5mm in diameter. Although 25mm is possible, there will be a slight overhang which might be visible to discerning vapers. Nevertheless, compatibility with a wide selection of atomizers is another plus, especially given the raw power of the G-Priv 2, giving you the freedom to vape any coil build you want, at any power you please.



Definitely one of the tiniest yet hardest hitting dual 18650 devices in the market. The G-Priv 2 is small enough to fit into but the tiniest of pockets and its smaller footprint is a general improvement over the overall ergonomics of the device.

The dual batteries ensure that you’ll be vaping without a care for the entire day, but if you do find yourself in a situation where the battery levels are slowly depleting, they can be easily and quickly topped up by charging via micro USB (using an external charger is always more recommended though).

SMOK G-Priv 2 lying down


The G-Priv 2 can be heralded as the 2nd coming of Smok. Every bit of the way a vast improvement over its predecessor, the G-Priv 2  is a tempting addition to any vapers collection of devices thanks to its cutting-edge technology which makes fun and easy to use. Beginners who also think they can handle a bit more oomph to their vapes should definitely contemplate getting the G-Priv 2 as well thanks to its end-game performance and overall solid design.

If you are looking for something a bit more portable be sure to check out the SMOK G150.

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    I think the tank and coils suck! I have leakage and the coils do NOT last very long!


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