SMOK G150 Kit Review - G Force
Build Quality87%
Vapor Quality89%
88%100Overall Score

Smok just doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up in its never-ending quest to corner every niche in the vaping market. Just when you think they have all the bases covered, here they are releasing a new device: the Smok G150 kit that comes bundled with the eponymous Big Baby Beast tank. Its unique selling point is that it hosts a massive internal 4200 mAh battery which is a great option for newbie vapers who cant be bothered by having to get their batteries separately. The question is does it perform up to par with current mods?

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Product Pros

  • Ergonomic Flask Design
  • Almost Zero Firing Delay
  • Great Battery Life

Product Cons

  • Non-User Replaceable Battery


SMOK G150 Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Built to the dimensions of 75 x 49 x 29mm (HxWxD) is definitely a compact mod considering its capacity to output 150 watts of power and the considerably sized internal battery that measures out to 4200mAh. The device weighs in at 210g so it’s definitely got some heft to it but that’s not really surprising due to its battery size. The G150 comes in a multitude of two-tone color options and it looks like Smok has massively improved the quality of their finish compared to the days of the Alien 220w wherein paint would easily chip and flake.

The G150 is shaped to mimic a flask making it easy to hold in the hand, featuring a clicky firing button on the side that is comfortable to press while the device is gripped. The Up and Down buttons are located on the front of the device right below the big informative LED screen. Speaking of the screen, it looks to be the exact same screen used in the popular Alien 220w which is a good thing. Details of every function such as coil resistance, total watts, PCB temperature, voltage and amp meter, and puff counter, are easily monitored.

Multiple battery vent holes are located at the bottom of the device, a great safety feature to prevent the mod or batteries from overheating. The front of the mod holds the micro USB port which is used to charge the device with either a wall charger or power bank and is also used to deliver firmware upgrades developed by Smok. The mod also features a reset button on the front just in case of any firmware hiccups (unlike other mods, the device cannot be reset by removing the battery) which is a great design choice by Smok in creating a user-centric device.

The top of the G150 features a stainless steel gold plated spring loaded 510 pin that can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm. The 510 pin is of great quality and has made solid connections with every atomizer I’ve thrown on top of it so far.


Vapor Quality

The Big Baby Beast that comes bundled with the G150 kit has been seen in pretty much every Smok kit ever. There’s a good reason for that; the Big Baby Beast is one of the best performing sub-ohm tanks out there touting exceptional vapor production and flavor quality.

That combined with the G150’s ability to output a solid 150 watts of raw power to the dual or octuple coil heads that come with the kit provides an exceedingly satisfying vape experience. Another great improvement over older Smok devices is the G150 is able to fire almost instantly without any delay, quickly ramping up the coils to your desired wattage upon pressing the fire button.

The Big Baby Beast tank allows up to 5ml of eLiquid to be stored in its reservoir making frequent refills a thing of the past. Refills are quick and painless as well thanks to the sliding top fill mechanism of the tank that doesn’t require any unscrewing to be done. A simple push and slide are all that’s needed to open the tank up to fill it up with the flavor of your choice.




Beneath the simplistic design of the G150 underlies a host of advanced features that rival any current device in the market: Temperature control that supports nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wire coils, pre-heat functions for wattage mode, and adjustable TCR are just some of the standard features that the G150 supports.

I also have to give special mention to the temperature control of the G150 as it definitely feels more accurate compared to Smoks older devices including the Alien. TC on this device feels buttery smooth and output is consistent without any hiccups at all.

Atomizer compatibility is great thanks to the G150’s capacity to accommodate attys up to 25mm in diameter without any overhang giving greater potential for bigger builds and thus, more flavor and vapor.



Thanks to its flask design the G150 is easily pocketable and held in hand. My complaint regarding this design choice is that when holding the mod in its most ergonomic position, chances are you’ll be obscuring the screen and any information on it while actually vaping. This is purely subjective though due to my style of holding the mod so your mileage may vary.

The internal 4200mAh battery is great as it provides enough power to last the entire day. But for users who prefer to bring spare batteries for occasions of extended vaping where external power might not be available, this might be a deal breaker since the G150 doesn’t allow for swappable batteries.

On the other hand, for newbie vapers who don’t want to go through the hassle of researching and purchasing the right kind of batteries, the G150 is an excellent choice that perfectly fills that niche.


The Smok G150 is a great choice for new vapers who are looking for a device that supplies loads of power yet provides a simple and easy to use experience. It’s sleek and compact form factor should appeal to a wide variety of vapers. Only advanced vapers who prefer to purchase their own batteries separately might not take a liking to the G150’s non-user replaceable battery.

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