SMOK GX2/4 Vape Review - Roll Out
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality87%
84%100Overall Score

Today we’ll be reviewing the SMOK GX2/4 vape mod and tank system. The GX 2/4 comes from the company SMOK and is available in 7 different color variations. SMOK has been manufacturing vape mods for quite a while and with this new model they have implemented a few powerful new touches that add to their already successful vape line. In this review we will go over the build quality, vapor quality, versatility, portability, pros and cons, and our overall assessment of the SMOK GX2/4. Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Lots of power
  • Versatile with tanks/coils
  • Good vapor flavor
  • Simple to use
  • 7 different color options

Product Cons

  • More for advanced vapers
  • Heavy with the quad battery pack attached


SMOK GX2/4 Review: Breakdown

SMOK GX2/4 color selection


Build Quality

Build Quality

If you have been looking for one of the most powerful vape mods in the industry you have found it. The SMOK GX 2/4 gives you the ability to run the device off of either a 2 pack or 4 pack of 18650 batteries. The SMOK GX 2/4 mod and tank system are very well made and quite durable. The option you have to use the mod with 2 batteries or 4 batteries was an odd thought to me at first and I did not think that I was going to be particularly fond of a big clunky device in my hand, but once I received the unit and held it in my hand in both of its forms I changed my stance. Options are key, and with the GX 2/4 you get just that. The extra battery pack is integrated seamlessly into the device and attaches by snapping it into place after taking off the normale battery cover.

Following suit with the bigger battery pack, the GX 2/4 also has a pretty big screen which is located on the side of the mod and in a similar fashion so is the trigger. Bigger triggers just feel more powerful and the GX 2/4 trigger is a good feeling fire trigger – definitely one of the best aspects of this device.

On an appearance note the SMOK GX 2/4 is pretty stylish, both with the normal 2 battery pack and with the quad battery pack. The finish on the mod is metallic and smooth, the overall design is nothing over the top and is just a simple nice look.


Vapor Quality

The flavor and vapor quality that the GX 2/4 boasts is top notch, no complaints here. The option to use a magnitude of different tanks and coils allows you to find what works best for you.

The flavor ultimately comes from the tank system you use and as long as the device has a bit of flexibility in temperature settings (which the GX 2/4 does) then you should be able to achieve the vapor density and flavor you like best.

The Big Baby tank which comes with the kit is a great choice and really impressed me with its performance.

SMOK GX2/4 with baby beast tank




The SMOK GX2/4 box mod is clearly a versatile unit as it allows you to operate with either 2 18650 batteries or 4 18650 batteries. This feature alone makes this mod one of the most powerful and longest battery life units available.

If you are looking for power you can use it with the quad pack and if you’re looking for a compact device for whatever reason, perhaps you want to grab it and go than use the normal battery pack. In comparison to many devices out there the double battery pack still bumps out lots of power and more than most people need.

The GX mod is very versatile as well in the wide range of tanks and coils that it can be used to power. You are definitely not isolated with just a few options with this vape and have a lot that you can test and explore both accessory wise and temperature range wise.



Yes and no is my quick answer to the overall portability of the SMOK GX 2/4. Yes it is portable obviously and if you have room to carry all the necessary components than it is really one of the most portable units out there. With the combined 4 batteries this will last you quite a long time while keeping a high performance output. I also say no because there are much smaller mods and embedded tank systems or cartridges that you can get that make for very compact pocket vapes.

The GX 2/4 is actually noted as being the smallest vape mod that currently exists that is able to perform t 220W. When factoring in both power and portability and longevity of the device the GX 2/4 is definitely portable.

I’ll touch quickly on the size of the GX 2/4 in both of its forms. In comparison to the small size with just the 2 batteries, when you switch over to the quad pack the difference is 20% larger in device width and about 40% larger in depth. One more thing that you can do to make the unit last longer is to obviously vape on a lower temperature to save on battery life.

SMOK GX2/4 with 4 battery compartment


After having used the SMOK GX2/4 in my experience I would have to say that this is a very versatile device that has a high quality build. Pairing the device with the Big Baby tank was a smart choice and if you’re not a fan of this tank system for whatever reason the device is versatile enough to work with other great tanks.

The power and flavor that the GX2/4 boasts is impressive and may actually be a little bit too much to handle for some beginner vapers and may attract the more experienced users. It seems that regulated vape mods have reached a point where they come with an unnecessary amount of power and its more of a pissing contest then out of necessity. Either way, the SMOK GX 2/4 is a solid device and is priced very competitively.

If you are just starting out and think this may be too much vape for you be sure to check out the iStick Pico and if you are looking for one with a bit more power check out the Coolfire IV 100W.

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