Smok Infinix Starter Kit Review - To Infinix & Beyond
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality77%
71%Overall Score

Smok is back with another pod style vaporizer with their new Smok Infinix starter kit. Just like the Smok Fit, the Infinix is perfect for those who want to switch to vaping. The Smok Infinix has the same DNA that the Fit has but the body design was changed into a much more ergonomic shape and design. The Smok Infinix also has no buttons, no LED screen display, and no adjustment settings, you just have to take a puff and it will produce vapors just like any pod style vaporizers.

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Product Pros

  • Slim and portable
  • Leak free pod
  • Convenient e liquid filling design

Product Cons

  • 250 mah battery is not suitable for heavy vapers


Smok Infinix Starter Kit Review: Breakdown

Smok Infinix available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Compared to the Smok Fit, the Infinix has a much sleeker and sexier design. They made the Smok Infinix more ergonomic with its cube body design to make it easier to hold. The Smok Infinix is made of a premium aluminum alloy and is available in 3 different color options.

You can get the Smok Infinix in gunmetal, red and blue. There is no LED screen display on the Infinix and there are no buttons for firing and adjustment. Just like the Smok Fit, what you get is just a battery LED indicator on the front of the device and a USB port on the bottom for battery charging.

The battery has also a capacity of 250 mah and it is still not removable. The pod that sits on top of the device still has a 2 ml e-liquid capacity. The Smok Infinix’s pod can be refilled with e-liquid too, which is what I like about Smok’s pod style vaporizers. With the easy pod refilling design, you don’t have to worry about changing the pods frequently.

The pod has the same rubber plug on the side of the fill slot just like the pod on the Fit so you don’t have to worry about leakage. The kit also comes with a 10 ml e-liquid injection bottle so you can bring your favorite e-liquid anywhere and refill the pod with it.

The Smok Infinix also has various safety protections like low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and an 8-second cutoff to prolong the battery life and to make sure you can vape at ease. As you can expect from Smok, they always make sure that you are safe when vaping with their products.


Vapor Quality

The Smok Infinix is a perfect starting kit for smokers who want to quit and switch to vaping. The Smok Infinix is air driven, just like the Smok Fit.

If you are asking what air driven means, it means that as long as the battery is full or has enough power, you just have to take a drag and it will produce vapors just like a normal methods, pretty cool right? The Smok Infinix can output from 10 watts to 16 watts, which is the right amount of power for a beginner vaporizer.

With that power output combined with the tight air hole design, every puff you take will give you a nice and tight drag. That is why if you are a long time smoker and wants to switch to vaping, the Smok Infinix is the perfect starting kit to make it easier for you to transition into the world of vaping.

The Smok Infinix, despite its size and power, can also produce a big nice cloud which is unexpected from a pod-style vaporizer.

Smok Infinix mouth piece detached




Just like the Smok Fit or any other pod style vaporizer, the Smok Infinix has no LED screen display, it has no buttons and it has no adjustable airflow. The Smok Infinix is made to be a very simple device. You won’t be able to change how it vapes.

The way Smok Infinix is designed is you will always get a tight drag off it, which is perfect for new vapers since most of them are transitioning and are looking for that mouth to lung kind of a drag. The Smok Infinix is not for those who are looking for an airy drag or wants to blow massive and dense clouds.

I also just want to point out that its battery capacity of 250 mah can be an issue if you are the type of person who chain-vapes as it will not last even half a day for you. The Infinix is perfect for casual vapers or those who only vapes on their break time, or even on casual gatherings.

The Infinix can be charged as long as you have access to a USB port and if you are a casual vaper, it will last at least half a day or even a full day which is good.



The Smok Infinix is a very portable device. This is one of the most portable vaporizers on the market right now alongside the Smok Fit and other pod style vaporizers. The Infinix is just a tad bigger and heavier than the Smok Fit.

Its dimensions are 110 mm x 19.5 mm x 11 mm and it only weighs 22 grams. The Smok Infinix is a very stealthy vaporizer. You will have no problems bringing it anywhere as it is just like bringing a pen or a USB stick.

Smok Infinix inclined view


The Smok Infinix is the perfect starter kit for long time smokers who want to switch to vaping. It is also perfect for long time vapers who want a very sleek and stealthy vaping companion that they can bring anywhere. It is the perfect grab and go vaporizer.

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