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Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality90%
84%100Overall Score

The new Mag kit from Smok features a unique gun grip style for all the vaping aficionados with a finger itchy for the firing button. Bundled with the all-new TF-V12 Prince Sub-Ohm tank by Smok, this 225-watt mod seeks to deliver stellar performance in a sleek and ergonomic frame. Can the Smok Mag be considered a serious vaping device? Or is it just one of those novelty kits which are all flair and no function? Let’s find out in the review below.

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Product Pros

  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Excellent Paint Finish
  • Sturdy Build Quality

Product Cons

  • Atomizers don’t sit perfectly flush on top
  • A bit on the large side


Smok Mag Kit Review: Breakdown

smok mag kit colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

One would think that a mod fashioned to resemble the feel and look of a gun isn’t exactly an original idea and you’d be correct. The Vaporesso Target uses a similar yet smaller form factor, housing a single 18650 battery. That doesn’t mean that the Smok Mag isn’t a unique device by its own standards. Setting it apart from the Target is a much larger, and clearer color display, a unique and admittedly fun battery ejection system, and the capacity to fire up to 225 watts.

Unlike the Target, the Mag is also available in a wide variety of beautiful finishes which include a navy blue, green, purple, black/red, silver/black, pink, pure red, gold, and rainbow edition.

Just like the more recent releases by Smok, the Mag is finished with a beautiful and sturdy coat of paint which is resistant to nicks and chipping, ensuring that your good looking mod continues to look good even with constant use. The gun grip form factor isn’t just for show either as it lends a nice amount of ergonomics to the Mag, making it surprisingly comfortable to use and hold for long periods of time.

The trigger which acts as a firing button feels nice and clicky, making firing of the device easy and satisfying. The construction of the device is rock solid, offering no creaks, wobbles, or rattles when handling or moving the mod about.

My biggest gripe about the Mag is the slightly angled top surface of the mod which houses the stainless spring loaded 510 connection. Due to the angle, the 510 connection doesn’t sit perfectly flush with the top of the mod. While it’s not a major issue, more particular or finicky vapers might take that as a point against the Mag. This problem aside, the 510 connection makes perfect contact with any atomizer used and supports attys up to 30mm wide without any overhang.

The battery compartment can be considered one of the highlights of the Mag thanks to its fun and unique implementation on the mod. A switch ejects the battery compartment out from the bottom of the handle which you then slide out. Swapping out batteries is simple and quite fun thanks, this feature especially if you’re into firearms as it somewhat simulates the feel to a certain degree.

The LED screen is the same model seen from the Smok ProColor and features the same crisp resolution and vivid colors. All information relating to the status and performance of the Mag is easily visible from a simple glance, even under direct sunlight. The up and down menu buttons are nice and clicky as well making menu navigation simple and far from cumbersome.


Vapor Quality

One of the great things about the SMOK Mag kit is seeing Smok’s decision to mix things up a bit in their choice of bundled sub-ohm tank. Instead of the standard Baby Beast tank which usually comes with all their offerings, the SMOK Mag kit comes with the TF-V12 Prince tank. Capable of housing a whopping 8ml of e-liquid, its definitely no lightweight. As per Smok standard, the bundled tank comes in a colorway nicely matching the finish of the mod itself which is always a nice touch on Smok’s part.

Aside from the tank, the kit also comes with two coil heads out of the box. A V12 0.4-ohm coil head (pre-installed) with quadruple coils, and a V12 0.12-ohm coil head with a mind-blowing decuple coil setup built-in. That’s ten coils folks. While the quadruple coil head was already pushing it in terms of vaping horsepower, the decuple coil head just blows everything else out of the park in terms of vapor and flavor production.

I’ll have to admit that it’s my first time using a multi-coil setup with this many coils and while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea its an experience that’s a definite must try for vaping aficionados out there.

smok mag kit flat




The 225-watt output of the SMOK Mag gives it the capacity to power pretty much any build you can throw at it with ease. The full suite of vaping modes are also available on this chipset with the standard offerings of temperature control, pre-heat wattage, and customisable TCR which are often seen on variable wattage devices of this calibre.

The temperature control does a good job of providing a satisfactory vape and its accuracy even comes close to high-end DNA devices which are known for their accurate and consistent output. This is a godsend considering how wonky the chips on previous Smok kits were and it looks like Smok has found a reliable daily driver with this chipset.



The SMOK Mag definitely isn’t one of the more pocketable devices available even when considering its a dual 18650 device. It’s a fair bit larger than most devices with similar specs, and its safe to assume most of the added size can be attributed to Smok giving some allowance in regards to the aesthetics of the mod so that it could properly emulate the sensation of a pistol grip.

The battery life is at par, lasting for a full day or two when using the quadruple coils, but tapers off quickly as soon as the decuple coils are in play. I cant take points away from Mag for this as its simply the nature of using extremely low resistance builds. While the mod does sport a USB port for charging the dual batteries internally, its always recommended using an external charger for multiple battery setups to ensure both batteries are charged evenly.

smok mag kit display


The Smok Mag is a pretty nifty kit with above par vaping performance. The build quality is excellent and while the aesthetics might not cater to everyone’s tastes, it’s sure to attract the attention of vapers who are into firearms and similar hobbies. While the decreased portability is somewhat of a bummer, it’s understandable as it’s apparent that Smok wanted to craft a unique and sturdy mod which offers a hand feel like no other.

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