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Build Quality86%
Vapor Quality89%
83%100Overall Score

It was only a matter of time before Smok wised up and decided to capitalize on the growing trend of resin and carbon fibre mods. Their latest release, the Smok Majesty just does that, featuring a variety of stunning resin and carbon fiber panels inlaid into the body of the device. Bundled with Smok’s newest sub-ohm tank, the X-Baby Beast, the Smok Majesty is a dual 18650 device that fires up to a maximum of 220 watts. Is the Majesty an all-around performer? Let’s find out in the review below.

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Product Pros

  • Beautiful inlaid designs
  • Crisp and colourful display
  • Fast firing

Product Cons

  • Weak battery door
  • A bit heavy


Smok Majesty Review: Breakdown


Smok majesty colors

Build Quality

Build Quality

One of the greatest strengths of the Smok Majesty is the sheer quality of the materials used in constructing the outer shell. Unlike other carbon fibre themed devices where a simple carbon fibre sticker is glued to the shell, the Majesty makes use of actual carbon fibre which is quite rare at this price point. Compared to typical paint or stainless steel finishes, the carbon fibre exterior is remarkably corrosion resistant, meaning it’s going to be a long time before you see the aesthetics of this device fade and spoil thanks to the constant contact with the oils coming from your hand and from everyday wear and tear.

The carbon fiber aesthetic only positively lends to the superb hand feel experienced when holding on to the Majesty. The construction feels rock solid without any loose bits and rattling experienced when moving the device about. My only complaint is that the trapdoor battery mechanism found on the bottom which houses the two required 18650 batteries in series, isn’t the best quality and has a very small tendency to pop open which is especially likely if the mod is dropped on the floor, or at least when subject to any hard impact.

Complementing the variety of vivid finishes is the same great screen used in the Smok ProColor. Colorful, crisp, and impressively detailed, the onboard display has no issues with legibility even in brightly lit areas and is a joy to simply look at thanks to the abundance of colour options that the display offers which are all customizable within the easy to navigate menu. The screen also features a dual battery life indicator which monitors the individual battery levels of each of the dual 18650 batteries.

All buttons on the Majesty are clicky and responsive, with special mention to the firing bar that covers the entire side of the mod. The tactile feedback on the bar is above par and ensures that the device is less prone to misfires when vaping on the Majesty. The stainless steel 510 connection on top adheres to the strict tolerances required of such a mod, letting all atomizers sit perfectly flush on its wide surface. Capable of accommodating atomizers up to 26mm in diameter without overhang, its good to see a device of this size make proper use of the space its been given.


Vapor Quality

One of the most compelling reasons to pick up the Majesty kit by Smok is that it’s one of the latest bundles that include the all-new X Baby sub-ohm tank. Utilizing a new and unique top airflow system which helps the tank bring in more airflow while making the tank essentially leak proof. The unique airflow design also ensures that no flavor is sacrificed which is a usual ailment suffered by top airflow designs.

Utilizing two large airflow slots on a fully adjustable airflow ring on top, the X-Baby allows for full customisability to let you get that proper draw that you’re looking for.

The X-Baby comes with a pre-installed 0.4-ohm dual coil head and a 0.2-ohm sextuple coil head as a spare. I found the dual coil head to strike a good balance between flavor and vapor production with the 0.2ohm sextuple coil head leaning towards more vapor production with a slightly diminished flavor intensity. Both coil heads have a similar lifespan lasting up to about 5-7 days depending on the type of e-liquid you’re using, so while it’s not necessarily great in terms of longevity, it’s definitely not below par either.

The X-Baby holds up to a maximum of 4ml of eliquid and can be easily topped up with Smok’s signature top fill system found on all their Baby Beast tanks. Simply push the top cap to let it swivel out to reveal the portholes used for refilling eliquid.

The Majesty uses the same chipset as the Smok ProColor which means it fires fast and fires hard. Wattage ramp up on the device is quick and almost nonexistent. And while I doubt that the Majesty can achieve a true 225 watts of consistent vaping output with just two 18650’s, I find it’s more realistic 150-160 watts of wattage to be more than adequate for 99% of vapers out there.


smok majesty tank



The Majesty has all the advanced features expected for a device of its caliber. Temperature control for nickel, stainless steel, and titanium are supported and well implemented within the mods firmware.

Switching between different modes and saving your desired settings a breeze with the help of memory modes that store your preferred settings. Pre-heat curves in wattage mode work extremely well especially when paired with larger coils that take longer to fire up. Customisable TCR settings come standard with the kit as well and are easy to set and store in the device’s memory.



Measuring out to an ergonomic 85mm * 46mm * 30mm, the Smok Majesty is one of the easier mods to hold and use even during extended vaping sessions. It’s not the most pocketable devices though thanks to its girth, and will definitely have issues slipping in and out slimmer pockets.

It also leans towards the heavy side of the spectrum with the mod by itself already weighing in at 162 grams without the tank or batteries installed. So if you’re constantly on the go and like to pack light, you might have to think twice before considering the Majesty as your go-to mod.

smok majesty detached


The Smok Majesty is definitely one of the more refined yet outstanding devices released by Smok. It’s exceptional aesthetics and solid flavor and vapor output should make it an instant buy for anyone looking for a high-performance device which looks great at the same time.

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