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Build Quality86%
Vapor Quality87%
77%100Overall Score

Smok has always been one of the bigger manufacturers out there popular for pushing the envelope in creating devices with the most outlandish designs, just take a look at their T-Priv, ProColor, or Alien series, and you’d assume that Smok caters to the type of vaper that likes their devices to stand out. With the release of their latest creation, the Smok Osub king, Smok aims to shatter that image by creating a sleek, classy, and minimalist designed mod that doesn’t come with all the gimmicky bells and whistles that have nothing to with the actual vaping experience.

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Product Pros

  • Nice clicky firing bar
  • Beautiful paint finish

Product Cons

  • Up/Down buttons are a bit tiny


SMOK OSUB King Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Osub king, despite its name is definitely not a king-sized device. Measuring out to a compact 81.5 x 57.8 x 25mm it still manages to fit dual 18650 batteries which is an impressive feat by itself. For fans of matching colors, Smok has been kind enough to include tanks that match the color of the mod itself, regardless of what color you decide on.

On the side of the device is a nice clicky firing bar that covers the entire height of the mod. It feels great to press on and allows you to fire the device easily regardless of how you prefer to hold the mod.

The front features a rather minuscule OLED display which is a stark contrast to their recent releases such as the ProColor. Despite its size, it still manages to be fairly easy to read while displaying all important information required. The minimalist design extends to the up and down buttons located next to the screen.

While fairly responsive and offers good tactile feedback, I wish the buttons could have been placed a bit further apart. Next to the buttons is a  micro USB port used to charge the device or upgrade the firmware for whatever extra improvements or added functions Smok decides to implement in the near future.

The bottom of the device sports a magnetic trapdoor lid which is used to install or remove batteries. The lid is easy to open when needed yet stays securely closed. It feels rigid and not loose at all which gives the user more security that the lid won’t open on its own, allowing the batteries to fall right off. Plenty of venting holes can be found at the bottom as well which is always a great design feature to look for as to increase overall safety as far as batteries are concerned.

The device is sleek with its smoothly rounded edges, allowing for a comfortable grip at all times. This also helps in keeping the mod looking extra pristine even with rough use since it lacks any sharp edges that would easily get dinged or bumped, easily marring the aesthetic of the mod.


Vapor Quality

The Osub King kit comes packaged with the Big Baby Beast tank which has established itself as a mainstay in Smok’s lineup of kits. Along with the package is a spare glass tank in case you lose or break the preinstalled glass.

A vaping band is also included which serves as added protection for the glass tank just in case the device is dropped or tipped over, decreasing the chances of the glass breaking when subjected to shock.

The Osub King vapes great with its advertised power rating that goes up to 220 watts. The kit supplies two sets of coil heads: a Baby Q2 core which is a 0.4-ohm dual coil (pre-installed) and a Baby T8 core which is essentially an octuple(!) coil head that has a resistance of 0.15 ohms.

While both coils produce great flavor and vapor production, I feel that the T8 octuple coils let the coils shine especially when firing it at higher wattages, truly producing rich and dense clouds that overwhelm with flavor.

The tank holds a maximum juice capacity of 5ml, and thanks to its easy sliding mechanism is a breeze to refill. For the size conscious, the Big Baby Beast tank measures out to 56mm in height, and 24.5mm in diameter making it a perfect fit for the Osub King.




Contrary to its simplistic design, the Osub King is hardly minimalist in function. Featuring the entire set of options for vaping in temperature control mode, regardless you prefer stainless steel, nickel or titanium, this mod can handle it all.

The mod also hosts a plethora of safety features that make the device friendly even for the most careless of vapers with its short circuit protection, overheating protection, and 12 second cut-off time.

The device can handle atomizers up to 25mm in diameter making it a great option for vapers who prefer to use bigger attys so that they can use massive coils to fully unleash this mods full potential.

The spring-loaded found on top is of high quality as well establishing a solid connection with whatever atomizer you might choose to slap on top of it.



It’s hard to beat the Osub King in this criteria given its slew of features and capacity to run at a full 200 watts. Given the devices small size, it fits easily into the palm of any hand and doesn’t feel awkward in most pockets.

The two 18650 batteries ensure that battery life is nothing to sneeze at as well, making all day vaping away from an outlet or charger very much possible.


The Osub is an all around great performer especially for vapers who might want to steer away from the flashier and boxier style of vaping devices, opting to go for a sleek and powerful mod that is compact and ergonomic. The multitude of safety features included also make it a great choice for newbie vapers.

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