Smok I-Priv Kit Review - I Am I-Priv
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Have you ever imagined a vape mod with an artificial intelligence or AI like Jarvis in the Iron Man movies? I didn’t until the Smok decided to bring this concept to life. The Smok I-Priv is the first ever vape mod with an AI-like feature, it listens, it responds and it follows your commands! How cool is that?! Of course, it isn’t too advanced like Jarvis where it can solve the mysteries of the world or assemble the Avengers, but nonetheless, this is a super cool new feature and I’m pretty sure other companies will follow suit.

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Product Pros

  • Can output 230 watts of power
  • Voice activated commands
  • Supports dual 21700, 20700 and 18650 batteries
  • Easy top fill design with a locking mechanism

Product Cons

  • Bulkier than most mods


Smok I-Priv Kit Review: Breakdown

Smok I-Priv inclined view


Build Quality

Build Quality

Looking at the Smok I-Priv, the design looks very similar to Tony Stark’s favorite suit. To those who don’t know who Tony Stark is, he is Marvel’s Iron Man and the Smok I-Priv looks very much like his body armor suit. The whole body looks like an exoskeleton suit and the round TFT screen display on the front looks like an arc reactor.

You can really tell what Smok’s inspiration is when looking at the I-Priv especially with the red color and gold accents. The Smok I-Priv comes in 8 different color options. You can get it black, red, prism gold, prism blue, prism chrome, green, purple and rainbow.

Just like the other Priv products, the I-Priv has a firebar on the side and there is also an up and down button below the screen. On the back is the battery door and on the bottom is a micro USB port for charging and firmware upgrade. The I-Priv has a max firing output of 230 watts and can support dual 21700, dual 20700 and dual 18650 batteries.

The kit includes a sleeve for the 18650 batteries so it can fit in the mod perfectly. Now, let’s talk about the cool part and its AI feature. The I-Priv has an AI technology feature which works like Siri on iPhones. It’s really not a full AI feature, but rather, a voice-activated command feature.

There are a total of 16 command codes you can use to control the I-Priv and you can activate it by saying “Hello I-Priv”. The cool thing is, Smok programmed the chip inside the I-Priv to respond to your commands before executing such commands. You can, for example, say “best power”, and the I-Priv will say “mission complete”, which will set the most optimal wattage depending on the resistance of the coil you are using.

Most of the commands available are the essential ones that vapers need like, power up, power down, power off, wattage mode, TC mode, lock device and unlock device. There are also commands that change the light settings, screen colors and etc. I honestly think that this is a cool new feature and will most likely be adopted by other vape companies to their future products.

The kit comes with the TFV12 Prince tank atomizer which is one of the best atomizers Smok has made and uses 2 brand new coil heads that uses a mesh and what they call a strip build.


Vapor Quality

The TFV12 Prince tank atomizer comes with 2 new coil heads. Pre-installed is the V12 Prince Strip and the other included is the V12 Prince Mesh. The V12 Prince Strip has a resistance of 0.15 ohm and is rated to use between 40 watts to 100 watts while the V12 Prince Mesh has a resistance of 0.15 ohm and is rated to use between 40 watts to 80 watts.

The V12 Prince Strip is just like a whole kanthal panel with tiny holes and the V12 Prince Mesh is just like a normal mesh coil that other coil heads have. Compared to traditional coils, these 2 new coils make a larger heating area and is more stable to withstand higher power. These type of coils gives better flavor and can produce a much denser and more massive vapor than ordinary coil heads, and are better in longevity too.

Smok I-Priv mouth piece detached




Aside from the cool AI feature, you can still set and adjust the I-Priv using the buttons below the screen which gives you a more traditional way of operating the device if you are not in the mood to say your commands. The I-Priv can use 3 different battery sizes from 21700 down to 18650, so it’s good that you will be able to use your old batteries on it.

The I-Priv also supports temperature control for a more personalized vaping experience and has an extra 2 ml spare glass tube if you want your tank to be a more low profile.



The Smok I-Priv is one of the bulkiest devices on the market since it supports dual 21700 batteries. The mod alone has a height of 95.5 mm, a width of 56 mm, it is 35 mm thick and weighs 188.6 grams without batteries.

Add to that the TFV12 Prince which has a height of 63 mm. This kit can still fit your pocket, but it will be very bulky and it is better if you just store it in a bag.

Smok I-Priv tank


The Smok I-Priv is a device that has a revolutionary new feature that will most likely be a trendsetter for future vape mods. Not only it is super cool to give your vape mod commands but the I-Priv is a very powerful and capable mod combined with the awesome TFV12 Prince tank and its 2 new coils, this kit will surely satisfy all your vaping needs.

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