Smok Priv One Review - One More Time
Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality85%
81%100Overall Score

Fans of ultra-compact and portable mods will have more reason to celebrate the new and upcoming release of Smok’s latest device, the Priv One. Featuring an all in one tank design that uses the same and convenient top fill mechanism seen in all their Baby Beast tanks, it’s looking to be a solid choice for on-the-go vapers. But how does it compare to similar form factor mods in the market? Let’s find out in the review below.

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Product Pros

  • Attractive and eye-catching design
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Leak-proof all in one tank

Product Cons

  • Quality of finish doesn’t last
  • No proper battery life indicator
  • Poor battery life


Smok Priv One Review: Breakdown

Smok Priv One Colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Judging from the box, first impressions are quite good thanks to Smok’s simple and neat packaging scheme which presents the mod right away as soon as the box is opened. Bundled with the kit is the actual Priv One mod, 2 Stick AIO Core 0.6 coil heads (one pre-installed), a micro USB cable for charging the device, a user manual, and some spare parts consisting of o-rings and a lanyard.

Available in 4 color options all featuring a beautiful mother of pearl paper panel, the Priv One is available in yellow, purple, green, and a blue/stainless steel finish. While design-wise Priv One is definitely a looker, I’m not too impressed with the actual quality of materials used. Within a week, the mother of pearl paper had already begun to show signs of peeling and the paint was already chipping around the corners of the mod.

It’s odd to see Smok take a step back in terms of overall build quality as they’ve been slowly improving in this regard with other recent releases such as the new ProColor

As to the mod itself, it uses a firing bar that covers the entire side of the device which is pretty neat considering the dimensions of the Priv One. Measuring out to a tiny 74.2 mm in height, 44.4 mm in width, and a thin 24.4 mm in depth, it’s easily one of the more compact mods Smok has built. The low weight makes it easy to hold as well, weighing out to only 85 grams in total.

Despite the initial misgivings regarding the quality of finish of the device, the Priv One feels quite sturdy thanks to a solid stainless steel construction. There isn’t any rattle when holding or moving the device about.

Instead of a regular sub-ohm tank that threads on top of the mod, the Priv One’s e-liquid chamber is housed within the device itself. With a small transparent window off to the side which lets you peek and monitor the remaining e-liquid left in the tank.

Due to the small size, the Priv One doesn’t have any sort of display and only makes use of a tiny LED indicator located on top of the firing bar to show when the device is firing. Unfortunately, the LED light doesn’t indicate specific battery levels of the mod and only lets you know when the battery needs recharging which feels like a poor design choice.


Vapor Quality

Powered by the internal 920mAh LiPo battery, the Priv One manages to reach a maximum output of 18-25 watts depending on the resistance of the coil heads used. And while the maximum e-liquid capacity of 2ml might seem low to those used to vaping at higher watts, it feels just right when paired with the lower output of the Priv One.

Filling the internal tank is easy as well thanks to Smok using the same swivel top fill mechanism that’s used on all their Baby Beast tanks, requiring no threading or screwing on or off of the top cap.

The included Stick AIO Core coil heads manage to produce a decent amount of flavor, and while its no cloud machine, the vapor production should satisfy many beginners to vaping. If you’re looking for a serious cloud chucker though, the Priv One just isn’t capable of producing the thick voluminous clouds that some vapers are looking for.

Another con of the Priv One is the lack of an unadjustable airflow ring on the tank which limits the possible options for users to fine-tune the vaping experience to their liking. Other AIOs such as the Cubox feature adjustable airflow options so it’s unfortunate that Smok decided to omit that from the list of possible features the Priv One could have.

Smok Priv One exploded




The Priv One, being a device geared towards beginners, doesn’t have much going for it in terms of added on features. Advanced vaping modes such as variable wattage, temperature control, customisable TCR, and pre-heat are a no-go on this device.

If you’re looking to pick this device up, it important to know that its a simple and straightforward mod: Just click the firing bar and vape. While this will make it less appealing to more advanced vapers, its a perfect and ideal setup for the budding newbie.

Like all non-mechanical mods though, the Priv One comes outfitted with a variety of features to make the beginners’ vaping experience safe and hassle-free. Standard short circuit protection and an 8 second cut off, along with a low resistance protection should prevent any mishaps when operating the Priv One.



Given its extremely small form factor and light weight, the Priv One is definitely an attractive buy for anyone looking to get a portable device. The tiny contoured shape easily fits in the palm of your hand, while the lack of height makes slipping the device into your pocket an easy fair.

Unfortunately, the extreme portability comes with a price. The battery life on the Priv One is less than satisfactory for anyone expecting it to last for a full day’s worth of moderate to heavy use.

If you plan on using the Priv One as a device on the side when going on short trips to the grocery, then it might be a viable option, but if you plan on making this mod your daily driver, it might be a good idea to invest in a power bank so you can keep the battery topped up wherever you go (which kinds of defeat the purpose of having a small device in the first place).

Smok Priv One display


The Priv One brings its attractive good looks and adequate performance to the table. Unfortunately, its abysmal battery life severely hampers its ability to be used on a day to day basis. Even if you’re buying the mod just for the looks, don’t expect the aesthetics to hold up over time.

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