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Build Quality78%
Vapor Quality83%
77%100Overall Score

Smoks last entry into the ultraportable market was relatively subpar in comparison to it’s competitors. Smok is looking to rectify all that with it’s latest entry, the Priv V8, a compact device that aims to perform just as well as its bigger brothers. Bundling in the Smok TFV8 Baby tank, the Priv v8 promises to deliver the same great vaping performance larger devices have to offer. Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use

Product Cons

  • No battery vents
  • Slow internal charging



SMOK PRIV V8 Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Upon first glance of the Priv V8 out of the box, there’s no question that the unit is an attractive little device. Offered in a wide variety of high-quality finishes, Smok didn’t cut any corners in making sure that there’s a color combination out there to appeal to just about anyone. The Priv V8 is offered in Gold/Red, Red/Black, Purple/Black/, White/Rainbow, Black/Rainbow, Silver/Black,  and Black/Red (an inverted version of the Red/Black). All color variants are done pretty well and feel like they won’t chip easily.

The Priv V8 itself measures out to 24mm * 34mm * 80mm (LxWxH) and weighs in at a mere 83.3 grams. It features a firing bar on the front which covers the entire height of the device. Pressing on the button feels adequately clicky and holds moderate tactile response. On top of the Priv V8 you’ll find the stainless steel 510 connection with smooth threading and a spring loaded 510 pin. Given the dimensions of the device it’s no surprise that the Priv V8 can only handle atomizers or tanks measuring up to 22mm in diameter before experiencing any overhang.

Also on top of the mod is an LED light used to indicate approximate battery level, and whether the device is switched on or off. Since the Priv V8 doesn’t have a display to show mod info on, it’s up to the LED to give you an idea of how much charge is left in the single 18650 battery that goes into the mod. My only complaint with this method of indicating the status of the device is that there’s no definite way to tell what’s wrong with the mod if an issue pops up. For example, the indicator for when there’s a short circuit and for when the resistance of the coils exceed the supported range of the Priv V8 are both exactly the same (LED light flashes 4 times). This might make it difficult in the future to troubleshoot the mod if it stops working as intended.

At the side of the Priv V8 is a micro USB used for charging the mod and another LED light to indicate charging status. Smok, for some reason, designed the Priv V8 to charge internally at a slow crawl of 600-700mA, a surprisingly low current which means charging your batteries inside the mod will take awhile so it might be a good idea to invest in an external charger if you get this device. Another thing I noticed is that the Priv V8 doesn’t have any battery vents all. In other devices we’ve seen, no matter how tiny or underpowered, the manufacturer always ensured that the battery compartment was properly ventilated to keep the battery/batteries as cool as possible for the sake of safety and optimum performance. It’s baffling to see such a basic feature missing in the Priv V8.


Vapor Quality

The Priv V8 includes the all-famous TFV8 Baby Beast tank measuring in at 53mm * 22mm*  holding a maximum eliquid capacity of 3ml.

Well-known for its ease of use and operation, while also allowing for a wide range of airflow options for nitpicky vapers to properly dial in their preferred airflow.

Whether you like to do MTL (mouth to lung) or DL (direct lung) hits, the TFV8 is equipped to satisfy any type of vaper.

Refilling the tank is also incredibly easy, only requiring you to push on the topcap to let it slide out and reveal the fill ports.

Included with the TFV8 tank are two 0.25 coil heads. Both perform well, providing good flavor and vapor production.

The included coils support a power range of 30-50 watts which almost coincide perfectly with the fixed 60 watts of power the Priv V8 delivers.

Although the Priv V8 overshoots the recommended coil wattage by 10 watts, I never felt that this was an issue, and every puff was always rich and brimming with flavor, never experiencing a dry or burnt hit.




It’s important to note at this point that the Priv V8 is a fixed wattage device, basically disallowing you to make your selections on how hot or cool the vape to be. The device fires at a fixed 60 watts which might sound limiting at first, but actually feels satisfactory especially for the majority of intermediate and beginner users.

Just because the Priv V8 doesn’t features such as variable wattage or temperature control doesn’t mean its a mechanical mod. The mod still employs forms of protection for the end user which help make vaping a safer choice than if you were to use a mechanical/ unregulated device. For example, the mod features short circuit protection and reverse battery protection which helps prevent any potential mishaps that might be caused by careless or uninformed users.



The Priv V8 is an extremely easy-to-pocket device, slipping in easily almost anywhere for easy storage and concealment. The firing bar when factored into the overall dimensions of the mod feel like they’re in a good position making long time usage as ergonomic and comfortable as possible.

It’s a pity to see such a slow charging rate for a device which is so portable. Luckily, the battery of the Priv V8 is easily accessed and swappable with a fresh one so I really recommend getting an external charger for this device, not only to let you quickly charge your batteries but to take full advantage of a secondary battery which can be swapped in at moments notice.


Overall the Priv V8 is an awesome little performer that does what it says it does without any issue. The sheer tiny size of the device makes it extremely easy to bring on long and busy trips and the swappable battery make it a no-brainer as long as you have spares on hand. I would just recommend keeping an eye of the battery temps as the Priv V8 has almost nonexistent venting meaning limited heat dissipation from the battery compartment.

If you are looking for something with a bit more portable check out the SMOK G150.

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