SMOK Procolor 225W Kit Review - Alien Killer?
Build Quality93%
Vapor Quality91%
90%100Overall Score

Smok fans will need to get their wallets ready as the popular and prolific company gears up to release their newest mod the Smok ProColor 220W. While not marketed as a successor to the widely acclaimed and hugely popular Smok Alien 220W, in essence it feels like Smok took everything great about the Alien and gave it a little extra “oomph” in terms of design and features, most noticeable of which is the nice new interface and LED lights that the ProColor sports. Is it worth the cost of an upgrade? Let’s find out in the review below.

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Product Pros

  • Improved UI with hi-res screen
  • Haptic feedback feels satisfying

Product Cons

  • Firing bar tends to attract dirt


SMOK Procolor Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Upon taking the Smok ProColor out of the box, the first impression I had was just how girthy the device is. It’s definitely got some heft and meat in it, with the design weighing out at 151 grams, and dimensions of 85 x 46 x 29.5mm (height, width, and thickness respectively) it doesn’t feel small in the hand at all. A nice plus though is the ergonomic form which allows it to be gripped comfortably especially when compared to some of Smok’s other mods such as the T-Priv or the G-Priv which are on the boxier side.

Build quality is on point, the mod feels very premium and solid which is evident from the lack of rattle heard when shaking or moving the device about. Recently Smok has also updated the paint on their newer models, the ProColor included. This means that unlike the Smok Alien which was plagued by paint chipping issues, you can expect the Smok ProColor to stay pretty even after extended use.

The spring loaded 510 pin located on top of the mod is high quality as well, making sure that the TFV8 or any other atomizer used will sit flush and connect properly with the device without any issues. One complaint about the design though is that while the firing bar on the side is very responsive, it features a gap underneath it that might act as a magnet for dirt and dust which might prove a challenge to clean.

One of the crown achievements of the ProColor is the big, beautiful display it houses that showcases a resolution higher than any other mod I’ve ever seen. Although Smok didn’t give specs as to the exact resolution, it definitely looks much clearer, and more vibrant than the screen’s of other mods available, not to mention its a colored display as well. Thanks to the informative UI, the menu is intuitive and easy to navigate.


Vapor Quality

Just like many of Smok’s other vape kits, the ProColor comes packaged with the ol’ trusty TFV8, which is a great performer all in all. Vapor and flavor production is definitely on point. I just wish that since the ProColor is one of Smok’s newer releases, they would’ve included the new X-Baby tank with it as well.

But that isn’t me saying that the TFV8 Big Baby tank is a mediocre tank, far from it actually. With the 0.4ohm dual coils the kit comes bundled with, the Big Baby tank delivers a ton of flavor and vapor, especially when properly utilizing the full range of power that the device can deliver.

The kit comes with a spare glass cylinder for the tank, just in case you ever lose or break the one preinstalled. The tank also houses an impressive 5ml of juice which is great for those who hate taking time to refill the device. Refilling the TFV8 Big Baby is a simple affair as well thanks to its top fill design wherein the lid is simply slid open, allowing eLiquid to be dripped in from the top, removing any need for you to unscrew the top of the tank.

My main complaint about the TFV8 Big Baby tank that comes with the ProColor is that the colors don’t exactly match up with the color of the mod. They’re usually a touch lighter or darker, depending on the color you get the ProColor in, but for our test model which came in violet, the tank came in a distinctly different shade of violet from the Smok ProColor. Your mileage may vary though depending which color you end up choosing.




The Smok ProColor is one of the biggest winners in the market in terms of feature set. It’s capable of temperature control with the standard gamut of TC coils (stainless steel, nickel, and titanium) and also allows customizable TCR curves and pre-heat curves.

The pre-heat curves work phenomenally well for those who prefer the no frills method of vaping in wattage mode wherein you can set how fast or slow the vape ramps up in temperature from the moment you press the firing bar.

The biggest selling point of the ProColor is possibly the wide range of LED color options available which is easily customisable from the menu even while on the go.

The device allows you set when the LED lights turn on, whether you want them light up only when you fire the mod, or only when the screen is on, and even lets you keep the lights on or off the entire time depending on your preference.



Given the huge set of features that the Smok ProColor supports, it is quite a beefy mod. It might have trouble fitting into tight pockets and might compete for space in small purses, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a comfortable device to hold.

It’s rounded edges make for a pleasant grip that won’t feel cumbersome even for extended vaping sessions.

The battery life of the ProColor is excellent thanks to the dual 18650 batteries it supports which can be easily removed via the trapdoor mechanism found underneath the device, so taking it out for long outdoor trips, or extended vaping sessions shouldn’t be a problem.

The device also supports microUSB support for charging just in case the need arises.


Anyone looking for their first mod should find a winner in the Smok ProColor. It’s quite unparalleled when compared to other devices in the market thanks to its great range of features and powerful performance. Those who prefer simpler, more minimalistic designs might not take to the ProColor’s looks, but for the rest, it’s definitely one of the strongest contenders out there.

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