SMOK QBox Review - Q*Bert
Manufacturing Quality77%
Vapor Quality85%
81%100Overall Score

Smok’s Qbox is probably one of the lightest and most compact mods available in the market to this day, which is no small feat especially considering how tiny the Smok AL85 and Eleaf Pico are. The ultra-compact form factor does come at a price though, which in this case is the internal non-swappable battery with a limited capacity of 1600mAh. Packaged with the Baby Beast tank it does present an overall enticing package to stealth vapers or fans of ultra-compact and portable form factor devices.

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Product Pros

  • Very compact
  • Same great screen from the Alien

Product Cons

  • Limited battery life
  • Paint quality isn’t the best


SMOK QBox Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Qbox is undeniably one of the smallest mods to be released. Measuring out at a tiny 54.8 x 33.57 x 25mm (HxWxD) it trumps the Eleaf Pico and its slightly larger brother the Smok AL85 in terms of how tiny the device is. It’s got some weight to it surprisingly enough at 119 grams, something that I didn’t expect from a device this small. The main body of the device is constructed from zinc alloy which is a good sign for durability.

The front of the device sports the same screen found on the Alien 220W and G150 both from Smok which is very impressive considering how Smok managed to cram such a huge informative display into a limited space.

Details of the Qbox’s functions such as current vaping mode, puff counter, voltage and amp meter, internal temperature, and battery life are all displayed on the screen which is a big plus for vapers who like to know everything that goes on inside this tiny little mod. The bottom of the Qbox houses the micro USB port used for charging and upgrading the firmware. Also located at the bottom are the vent holes for the purpose of keeping the device cool.

The side of the Qbox features a barely protruding fire button and the standard up/down buttons for adjusting wattage or temperature. I cant say I’m impressed with the quality of the firing button as it feels slightly mushy and doesn’t offer much tactile feedback.

It doesn’t sit level with the side of the mod as well and is tilted at a slight angle. Although it’s hard to determine at this point if this is an intentional design choice by Smok or a lapse in quality control, its a detail only the nitpickiest of vapers might care about and doesn’t affect the performance of the device at all. Fortunately, the wattage control buttons don’t exhibit the same issues and feel comfortable and clicky to press. Lastly, a reset button can be found on the side just in case the firmware decides to go belly up, though I’ve yet to experience this on the Qbox or on Smok’s other devices.

The stainless steel spring loaded 510 on the top of the device feels sturdy enough, though I did experience some issues with getting the threads to catch with the positive end of the included Baby Beast tank. Regardless, the Baby Beast eventually screws all the way down and sits flush with the Qbox making a secure connection. Unfortunately, threading the atomizer all the way down multiple times exposes a problem with the paint job used on the Qbox; after only screwing the tank down a couple of times, I’ve already noticed the paint begin to chip which might be a deal breaker for particular vapers.


Vapor Quality

The included Baby Beast tank offers great performance when it comes to flavor and vapor production. The two 0.25 coil heads that come with the kit are quite durable and last an average of around 3-4 days from my experience which is about par for the course.

The tank holds a maximum of 3ml of eLiquid, and while this is just about average in terms of juice capacity, the Baby Beast is incredibly easy to refill thanks to its top fill sliding mechanism keeping time between refills extremely low and hassle-free.

While the Qbox goes up to a maximum of 50 watts, it doesn’t stay maintain that performance very long due to the tiny battery, so I wish Smok would’ve included coil heads that have higher resistance readings such as their 0.6 ohm coil heads which perform well within 20-40 watts: A better fit for the Qbox.

This is something to take into consideration when getting the mod and purchasing separate coils for future use.




The Qbox comes with the standard gamut of options that most regulated mods offer these days such as temperature control for nickel, stainless steel, and titanium wire coils.

The tech specs don’t have any mention of adjustable TCR or preheat functions and I’m unable to find these features on the Qbox though I suspect that these options might come in a future firmware upgrade from Smok.

Despite its size, the Qbox amazingly supports atomizers up to 24mm wide, a worthy point of consideration for those who might choose to bigger tanks or RDAs with this device.

On the other hand, due to the small 1600mAh battery, you’ll be inevitably limited in scope when it comes to selecting a proper coil for the Qbox, especially if you want the battery to last as long as possible.



Nothing quite beats the Qbox when it comes to size comparisons. It’s extremely tiny, fits easily into the palm of your hand, and won’t have any problem finding space or room to fit in any bag, even besting the already small Smok AL85 and iStick Pico.

The big issue here is it’s difficult to recommend the Qbox as an all day vape due to the battery lasting only around 3-4 hours if you’re being conservative with the wattage.

And since there’s no way to swap batteries, and the micro USB port is located at the bottom of the device, even charging the Qbox might pose some problems due to being unable to charge the device standing up.


Smok has definitely earned some big brownie points for being able to engineer and manufacture this extremely compact mod. Unfortunately, that size comes at a price, and you really can’t expect this device to last you the entire day unless you bring a power bank along (which defeats the purpose of owning an ultra-compact mod in the first place). It’s definitely a great mod for short and quick trips out of the house, but not a device I’m comfortable taking to work or going on extended outdoor trips.

If you are looking for something portable with a removable battery be sure to check out the iStick Pico and if you are looking for one with a bit more power check out the SMOK GX2/4.

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